Eric T. Ball Papers

Manuscripts Collection 73

Overview of the Collection

Repository: G. W. Blunt White Library, Mystic Seaport
Creator: Ball, Eric T.
Title: Eric T. Ball Papers
Dates: 1927-1963
Extent: ca 1000 pieces
Abstract: This is a collection contains minutes of the commission and pamphlets, clippings, maps, other papers relating to tax collection, leasing, and harvesting of oyster grounds. It also includes information regarding shellfish in the Mystic River.
Identification: Coll.73

Biography of Eric T. Ball

Eric T. Ball was an oyster planter, of Fair Haven (New Haven), Conn.; member and chairman, Connecticut Shellfish Commission; also local historian and genealogist.

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Restrictions on Access

Available for use in the Manuscripts Division

Restrictions on Use

Various copying restriction apply. Guidelines are available from the Manuscripts Division.

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Index Terms

This collection is indexed under the following headings in the catalog of the G. W. Blunt White Library. Researchers desiring materials about related topics, persons or places should search the catalog using these headings.

Corporate Bodies:

Connecticut. Shellfish Commission.


Fair Haven (New Haven, Conn.)
Mystic River (Conn. : River)


Oyster fisheries
Oyster industry–Connecticut
Shellfish trade–Connecticut
Tax collection–Connecticut

Document Types:



Businessmen–Connecticut–New Haven

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Coll. 73, Manuscripts Collection, G. W. Blunt White Library, Mystic Seaport Museum, Inc.

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Index to Personal, Corporate and Vessel Names

NOTE: The fraction(s) indicate the Box and Folder numbers where that particular reference can be found. For example, the researcher will find information about Mildred P. Allen in Box 1, Folder 1 of the collection.
Allen, Mildred P. 1/1
Almquist, Fredrick O.A. 1/1
American Malacological Union 1/1
Amman & Whitney 1/1
Argraves, Newman E. 1/1
Atlantic Gulf & Pacific Co. 1/1
Baldwin, Clarence F. 1/1
Barske, Philip 1/1
Beckley, O.E. 1/1
Bender, Charles D. 1/9
Bontya, Ernest J. 1/1
Boyce, Russ 1/9
Boykin, Frank W. /19
Bush, Prescott 1/1, 1/9, 2/4
Carini, Earl 1/1
Claffey, Robert F. 1/1
Connecticut Oyster Growers Association 1/9
Coyle, Mathew J. 1/1
Darling, Louis 1/1
Dodd, Thomas J. 1/9
Draper, Oscar S. 1/1, 1/9
Ensinger, Eric 1/9
F. Mansfield & Sons Co. 1/1
Ferland, Maurice J. 1/1
Fettig, Bruce 1/1
Fish & Wildlife Biological Laboratory 1/1
Gallup, Corinn 1/1
Gentile, Frank 1/1
Giaimo, Robert N. 1/9
Gill, Joseph N. 1/1
Goodkind & O’Dea 1/1
Gosselin, ? 1/1
Hawley, W.P. 1/9
Hirshfield, J.A. 1/9
Hoyt, Joseph B. 1/1
Imperati, Mary R. 1/1
Jeffries, Harry P. 2/6
King, Henry 1/1
L.G. Felice & Son, Inc. 1/1
Langley, R.A. 1/1
Lee, Richard 1/1
Lefler, Ross 2/4
Leonard, Stewart J. 1/1
Lossanoff, V.L. 1/1
Loughlin, Joseph M. 1/1
Mack, Robert G. 1.1
Mackensie, Grenville C. 1/1
Mathews, Donald C. 1/1
Munson, James E. 1/1
Nelson, J.R. 1/1
Oyster Instiute of North America 1/1
Parson, Brinkerhoff, Hall & MacDonald 1/1
Plock, John L. 2/4
Porter, Urquhart & Beavin 1/1
Rankin, John S. 1/1, 2/6
Ribicoff, Abraham 1/1
Richmond, A.C. 1/9
Schuler, W.T. 1/1
Sea Coast Oyster Co. 1/1
Sealship Oyster Co. 1/9
SHANGWHEELER (Research vessel) 1/1
Shelter Island Oyster Co. 2/4
Smith, W. Flanders 1/1
Thorpe, Lyle M. 1/1, 2/6
Tippetts, Abbett, McCarthy & Stratton 1/1
Turner, Ruth 1/1
Usiger, Emil W. 1/9
Wainwright, Stuyvesant 2/4
Walker, George J. 1/
Wallace, David H. 1/1, 2/4
Whyte, William L. 1/1
Wise, William S. 1/1

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Detailed Description of the Collection

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.


Papers 1927-1963
Box Folder
1 1 Correspondence; State of Connecticut, and Connecticut Shell Fish Commission; 1955-1962
2 Minutes of Connecticut Shell Fish Commission; 1955 Nov – 1958 Dec
3 Minutes of Connecticut Shell Fish Commission; 1954 Jan -1963 Apr
4 Minutes of Connecticut Council on Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources; 1960-1962
5 Papers presented at National Shell Fisheries Association; 1958-1962
6 Minutes, Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission; 1959
7 Papers, Connecticut Shell Fish Commission- Milford, CT.; 1960-1962
8 Papers, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; 1956-1962
9 General Correspondence, U.S. Congress; 1959-1961
Box Folder
2 1 Papers, Oyster Crowers and Dealers Association; 1933-1955
2 Papers, Oyster Institute of North America; 1959
3 Newsletter and papers, Oyster Institute of North America; 1958-1960
4 House Bills, letters, and bulletins, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, etc; 1959
5 Miscellaneous papers, adverses, etc, regarding shell fish industry; ca 1961
6 Letters regarding effects of oil pollution; 1963
7 Maps of Oyster grounds, etc; ca 1950
8 Papers regarding starfish and their effect on oysters; ca 1950
9 Pamphlets, articles, bulletins, etc., regarding oyster industry; 1927-1950
10 Newspaper and magazine clippings regarding oysters; 1931-1974
11 Information regarding shell fish in Mystic River; 1961-1962
12 Miscellaneous material including copies of Senate Bills, reports, articles, clippings, etc.; 1955-1960

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