Additional Resources

  • National Maritime Digital Library. “The overall mission of the Digital Library is to collect, preserve and make accessible maritime resources in electronic format, thereby promoting maritime cultural heritage scholarship.”
  • Connecticut History Illustrated “…brings together the Connecticut history-related digital resources of libraries, archives, museums, galleries, historical societies and other cultural heritage institutions in Connecticut. It contains material as varied as the history of the state, from documents to images, from maps to audio and video covering the entire spectrum of work, play, and life in Connecticut.”
  • Searchable Sea Literature “…is devoted to works by North American authors, including fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and plays. ‘Literature of the sea’ or ‘maritime literature’ is here loosely defined as works in which oceans, large rivers, or expansive lakes are critical to the story.”
  • Reference Resources including databases for magazines, newspapers, genealogical research and more provided through the CT State Library