Marine Jurisprudence Collection

Manuscripts Collection 98

Overview of the Records

Repository: G. W. Blunt White Library, Mystic Seaport
Creator: Corporate Name
Title: Marine Jurisprudence Collection
Dates: 1798-1809
Extent: 72 pieces
Abstract: Items in this collection pertain to 28 cases of marine jurisprudence involving litigation at Portland, Cumberland County, Massachusetts (now Maine), during an 11 year period between 1798 and 1809. Organization is by specific case, usually identified by the name of the vessel involved. The names of shipmasters and shipowners, insurance companies, charterers, shipwrights, and other individuals and firms involved in these cases appear throughout the collection.
Identification: Coll. 98


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Available for use in the Manuscripts Division.

Restrictions on Use

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Index Terms

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Maritime law–Maine–Portland–Cases

Document Types:

Legal documents–Maine–Portland

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Coll. 98, Manuscripts Collection, G. W. Blunt White Library, Mystic Seaport Museum, Inc.

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Detailed Description of the Records

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.


Papers from marine jurisprudence cases; 1798-1809
Box Folder
1 1 John Given; 1806
2 Haley & Emery, account with Shaw, Duncan, & Co.; 1805
3 Jesse Hobrooks; 1808
4 Soloman Sands; 1807
5 Ebenezer Storer; 1807
6 Lynde Walter; 1808
7 Lemvel Weeks & Son; 1809
8 Thomas Cross, Ship ORIOIN, Brigantine ABEONA; 1807
9 Brigantine ALBERT; 1806
10 Schooner ANNE, charter party, Jacob Adams, agent, Benjamin Delano, master, Paker & Tarbell, charterer; 1805
11 Insurance policy & claim, ship COMMERCE, Stephen Stephenson, master; 1805
12 Ship COMMERCE; 1807-1809
13 Sloop DIANNA, Jacob Strembeck & Co.; 198
14 Schooner DOLLY, Jabez Merchant, master, Barneville & Prishard, shippers; 1806
15 Brig ENDEAVOUR, John Deering, Cammet & Haynes, Blockmasters; 1807
16 Schooners FAVORITE, insurance polices & claims, Rowland Jones; 1800
17 Schooner FOX; 1800
18 Brig GENERAL WARREN, Nathaniel Jones, Jacob Knight, shipwright; 1806
19 Schooner HAMILTON, Freeport, Todd & Worthy; 1806-1807
20 Brig HARRIET, Samuel Storer, account with the Marine Fire & Marine Insurance Co.; 1807
21 Brig HARRIET, Capt. John Babson; 1802-1805
22 Ship HETTY, Jabez B. Fletcher, master; 1802-1804
23 Schooner INDEPENDENCE, William Simpson, master, cargo mortgage of Thomas Lewis to Walter Hatch; 1805
24 Schooner JOHN VINING, Thomas Addington, master, insurance policy claim, John Mussey; 1804
25 Ship MARS, Joseph H. Ingraham, account with Warder & Sons; 1807
26 Sloop NANCY, Martin Magher, master, deposition of Daniel Blaisdel; 1807
27 Brigantine OCEAN, Thomas Roach, master, John Stanford’s deposition; 1803
28 Schooner PHEBE; 1807
29 Sloop PIANE, Thomas Myrick, master, Thomas Snow’s deposition; 1804
30 Schooner POLLY, Francis Hart, master, Richard Haggerty’s deposition, Joseph Perry’s deposition; 1801
31 Schooner RANGER; 1804
32 Ship RESOLUTION; 1807
33 Sloop RETRIEVE; 1805
34 Schooner ROSE BUD; 1797
35 Schooner RUBY, Andrew Howard, master, Nahum Warren’s deposition; 1807
36 Schooner SALLY; undated
37 Sloop SALLY, article of agreement – charter party, William Buckman, William Thomas, charter; 1801
38 Schooner SARAH, William Williams, litigation of charter party; 1807 May 25
39 Brig STEPHEN, Benjamin Gage; 1805
40 Litigation Schooner SUSAN, Clement Jordon, master, Israel Woodbury; 1804
41 Brigantine TRITON, Leonard S. Merrill, master, insurance policy & claim; undated
42 Schooner VENUS; 1805-1808
43 Brig WILLIAM; 1805

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