Oystering Collection

Manuscripts Collection 121

Overview of the Records

Repository: G. W. Blunt White Library, Mystic Seaport
Title: Oystering Collection
Dates: 1866-1963
Extent: ca. 334 items
Abstract: The collection contains miscellaneous receipts, deeds, franchises, leases, licenses, transfers, bills of sale, tax notices and returns, broadsides, correspondence, etc., involving oystering, primarily in the New Haven and Bridgeport, Connecticut, area. Oyster men featured are H. C. Rowe, A. E. Hamilton, Charles E. Hamilton, and Edwin Thompson. The collection also includes numerous pamphlets and articles relating to the oyster industry in general.
Identification: Coll. 121


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Hamilton, A. E.
Hamilton, Charles E.
Rowe, H. C.
Thompson, Edwin


Oyster fisheries–United States
Oyster industry–Connecticut–Bridgeport
Oyster industry–Connecticut–New Haven
Oyster industry–United States

Document Types:

Bills of sale


Oyster fishers–Connecticut

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Coll. 121, Manuscripts Collection, G. W. Blunt White Library, Mystic Seaport Museum, Inc.

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Detailed Description of the Records

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.


Papers; 1834-1954
Box Folder
1 1 Bills; 1881-1903
2 Arbitrators Award and map of oysters grounds; 1881-1886
3 Agreements; 1881
4 Application and Designations; 1866-1911
5 Bank Statement, cancelled checks, and adding machine tapes of the Thomas Oyster Co., Inc. of New Haven, Connecticut; 1925
6 Bill of Sale of the Steamer WILLIAM H. LOCKWOOD; 1897
7 Broadsides; undated
8 Certifications; 1881-1950
9 Correspondence; 1832-1950
10 Deeds and maps; 1882-1923
11 Franchises; 1885-1903
12 Harvest Permits; 1943-1954
13 Leases; 1927-1939
14 Licenses; 1894 and undated
15 Tax notices; 1909-1935
16 Transfers; 1883-1906
17 Writs; 1944
18 Misc. material pertaining to oystering, donated by Jack Kochiss. These include: magazine articles, pamphlets, Certificate of Enrollment for MARY E. CUFF (photocopy), recipes, odds and ends
19 Drawings and printed information on various types of fishing boats 17
Volumes; 1892-1963
1 Scrapbook No. 1 (Henry C. Rowe, New Haven, Connecticut) “Contains extracts concerning oyster, legislative and personal matters, principally. From 1872 to 1886” 160
2 Trapping the Oyster Drill; 1931
3 New Advances in the Study of Bivalve Larvae; 1954
4 Oysters: An Important Health Food; 1925
5 The Oyster: Modern Science Comes to the Support of an Ancient Food; 1932
6 Oyster Cultivation in Britain; 1956
7 Nutritive Value of Fish and Shellfish; 1926
8 Report of Experimental Shellfish Station; 1927
9 The Quahog Fishery of Massachusetts; ca. 1930
10 Report of the Department of Biology of the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station; 1916
11 Report of the Department of Biology of the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station; 1917
12 Report of the Department of Biology of the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station; 1924
13 Report of the Department of Biology of the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station; 1928
14 Annual Report of the Rhode Island Commissioners of Shellfisheries; 1909
15 8th Annual Report of the Florida Shell Fish Division; 1927-1928
16 Growth and Setting of Larvae of “Venus Mercenaria” in Relation to Temperance; 1951
17 The Story of Oysters; 1936
18 Improved Methods for the Collection of Seed Oysters; 1930
19 Aids to Successful Oysters Culture; 1921
20 Natural History and Methods of Controlling the Common Oyster Drills; 1937
21 Oyster Pests Control Studies in Long Island Sound; 1935-1936
22 Report of Observations Respecting the Oyster Resources and Oyster Fishery of the Pacific Coast of the U.S.; 1893
23 The Sex-Ratio in Alternational Hermaphrodites, etc.; 1937
24 Sewage-Polluted Oysters as a Cause of Typhoid and other Gastrointestinal Disturbances; 1912
25 Introduction of Japanese Oysters into the U. S.; 1932
26 The Oyster and the Oyster Industry of Maryland; 1931
27 The Louisiana Oyster; 1931
28 Survey of the Oyster Regions of St. Vincent Sound, Apalachicola Bay, and St. George Sound, Florida; 1897
29 Report of the Investigation of Oyster Properties; 1910
30 Oysters and Methods of Oyster-Culture with Notes on Clam-Culture; 1897
31 The Oyster and the Oyster Industry of the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts; 1920
32 Growth of Oysters with Damaged Shell-Edges; 1955
33 On Development of Early Stages of Urosalpinx Cinerea (Say) at Constant Temperature and their Tolerance to Low Temperatures; 1958
34 The Rate of Feeding of the Common Oyster Drill, at Controlled Water Temperature; 1957
35 Accumulation and Discharge of Spawn by Oysters Living at Different Depths; 1942
36 Temperature Requirements for Maturation of Gonads of Northern Oysters; 1852
37 Relative Intensity of Oyster Setting in Different Years in the Same Areas of Long Island Sound; 1956
38 Aspects of Behavior of Oysters at Different Temperatures; 1958
39 Survival and Growth of Clam and Oyster Larvae at Different Salinities; 1958
40 Sex in the Louisiana Oyster; 1931
41 Mechanization of Oyster Cultivation; 1948
42 Science Tackles Oyster Problems; 1956
43 Use of Plastic for Collecting Oyster Set; 1958
44 Use of Plastic Sheets for Conversion of Soft, Muddy Bottoms into Oyster Beds; 1959
45 Annual Report of the Delaware Commission of Shell Fisheries; 1955-1956
46 Feeding and Fattening of Oysters; 1944
47 Report on European Methods of Oyster-Culture; 1893
48 Oyster Possibilities in Louisiana Waters; 1947
49 Use of Chemical Barriers to Protect Shellfish Beds from Predators/Production of Clam and Oyster Seed; 1960
50 Holland Fish Trade; 1955
51 Differences in Intensity of Setting of Oyster and Starfish; 1955
52 Behavior of Oysters in Water of Low Salinities; 1952
53 Burial as a Method for Control of the Common Oyster Drill; 1958
54 Mortality of Olympia Oysters at Low Temperatures; 1955
55 Survival of Some Juvenile Bivalves in Water of Low Salinity; 1958
56 Food Requirements of Some Bivalve Larvae; 1955
57 Utilization of Salt Water Ponds for Shellfish Culture; 1955
58 Oysters and Oyster Farming; 1938
59 Some Handy Formulae; 1955
60 Report on the Present Methods of Oyster Culture in France; 1892
61 Japanese Oyster Culture; 1903
62 Studies of the Oyster Drill; 1931
63 An Experimental Study in Production and Collection of Seed Oysters; 1930
64 Investigation of the Physical Conditions Controlling Spawning of Oysters and the Occurrence, Distribution, and Setting of Oyster Larvae in Milford Harbor, Connecticut; 1928
65 Oyster Production in the Rivers Crouch and Roach, Essex, from 1950 to 1954; 1957
66 Scientific Methods of Oyster Farming; 1934
67 Oyster Farming; 1927
68 Relation of Spawning of the Oyster to Temperature; 1928
69 Oyster Conservation in Connecticut: Past and Present; 1941
70 Oyster Farming in Eastern Canada; 1941
71 Spawning and Setting of American Oyster, in Relation to Lunar Phases; 1951
72 The Role of Copper in the Setting, Metamorphosis, and Distribution of the American Oyster; 1934
73 Advantages of Producing Seed Oysters Inshore; 1954
74 New Oyster Dredging Methods; 1949
75 Shellfish Hatcheries and Their Future; 1963
76 How to Cook Oysters; 1953
77 The Wholesomeness of Oysters as Food; 1908

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