Records of the Plymouth Cordage Company

Manuscripts Collection 133

Overview of the Collection

Repository: G. W. Blunt White Library, Mystic Seaport
Creator: Plymouth Cordage Company
Title: Records of the Plymouth Cordage Company
Dates: 1824-1957
Extent: 260 items
Abstract: Correspondence, memoranda, production and employment summaries, photographs, and other business records. Includes reports on early company activity compiled during the 1930s and 1940s.
Identification: Coll. 133

History of the Plymouth Cordage Company

Established 1824 in Plymouth, Mass.; purchased Consumers Cordage Co., Dartmouth, N.S., 1938; merged into Columbian Rope Company in 1965.

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Restrictions on Access

Available for use in the Manuscripts Division.

Restrictions on Use

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Corporate Entities:

Consumers Cordage Co.


Dartmouth (Nova Scotia)
Plymouth (Mass.)


Rope trade–Massachusetts–Plymouth
Rope trade–Nova Scotia–Dartmouth

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Coll. 133, Manuscripts Collection, G. W. Blunt White Library, Mystic Seaport Museum, Inc.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.


Box 1: Papers; 1824-1957
Folder Page
1 Summaries of the founding, capitalization, and first ten years of business activity of the Plymouth Cordage Company; 1824-1835
1 Founding and capitalization
2 “Debts Due for Sales of Cord”; 1825 Jun – 1826 Jan
3 “Cordage Estimates”; 1827
4 First consignments; 1825-1826
5 Inventory of profits of Plymouth Cordage Co.; 1826 Aug – 1827 Aug
6 Cost analysis of first year and a half of operations; 1826 Jul 31
7 Cordage manufactured by Plymouth Cordage Co. (apparently in connection with tariff question); 1827-1831
8 Sales; 1828 Feb – Jul
9 Letter: Boston, revealing current conditions of Plymouth Cordage Co.; 1828 Sept 16
10 Net sales; 1828 Aug – 1829 Jan
11 Sales in calendar year; 1828
12 Cordage delivered; 1828 Aug – 1829 Aug
13 Notes used in preparation of summary of year ending July 31, 1829; 1829
14 Statement showing why the gain of cordage factory is less in 1829 than in 1828; 1829
15 Review of Company’s operations; 1830 Jul 31
16 Total deliveries; 1831 Aug 1
17 Summary of year ending July 31, 1834; 1834 Jul 31
18 Summary: July 1834-July 1835; 1835
19 Summary tables A. Details of capital stock issued: 1824-1922. B. Capital stock and dividends: 1825-1948. C. Available information as to number of Stockholders: 1824-1949. D. Note on dividends.; 1824-1948
20 Financial results – Earnings and losses; 1824-1894
21 Figures for pool; 1883-1901
22 Dividends; Profit and Losses; 1832-1899
23 Stockholders in Plymouth Cordage Co.; 1832 Dec 1
Folder Page
2 Production and sales figures; 1916-1938
1 “Old Production Figures”; a graph showing weekly rope and twine production, number of employees, flow of help, labor costs, etc.,; 1916-1926
2 “Strapping”; 1925 Aug – 1926 Mar
3 Probably production figures for rope walk and mills at the Plymouth Plant; 1926 Oct – 1927 Oct
4 Rope sales; 1927-1937
5 Three monthly sales charts; 1936-1938
Folder Page
3 Product information; 1938
1 Correspondence relative to a strength test of ropes produced by Consumers Cordage Co., and those made at Plymouth; 1938 Jul – Sep
2 License agreement for “Inventories relating to Improvements in Rope Structure”, patent no.’s 232, 394, 271, 027; Canadian: 283, 108, between Consumers Cordage Co. and the Whitlock Cordage Co.; 1938 Aug 1
3 “Comparison of Davao I with Regular Thread Rope Mixture” (Report #3304); 1938 Aug 24
4 “Comparison of Special Fiber Mixture with Common Manila: (Report #3310); 1938 Sep 6
5 Consumers yarn list; 1938 Dec 1
Folder Page
4 Activity concerning the Consumers Cordage Co., Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, a firm purchased by Plymouth Cordage Co.; 1938-1941
1 Material related to the transfer of machinery from Plymouth to Dartmouth plant; 1938 Mar – May
2 Correspondence concerning Mr. Reed’s visit to Plymouth plant, and the settlement of his position and salary; 1938 Apr – May
3 Memorandum concerning Mr. Weaver’s responsibilities as Industrial Engineer at the Dartmouth plant; 1938 May 4
4 Correspondence regarding a proposed inventory of the Dartmouth plant; 1938 May 9-13
5 Inventory summary of the Consumers Cordage Go., Ltd, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia; 1938 May 28
6 Dartmouth plant survey; 1940 Nov 18
7 Three sheets of floor plans, Consumers Cordage Co., showing placement of machines and operators; ca. 1940
8 Memorandum on Dartmouth plant fire; 1941 Jan 17
9 Report on the Consumers Cordage Co. and its relationship to the general wartime employment and production situation in Canada; 1941 Feb
Folder Page
5 Employees and wages; 1938-1943
1 Evidently a list of people employed at the Consumers Cordage Co. of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia (Note: The Consumers Cordage Co. was purchased by the Plymouth Cordage Co. at about this time.); ca 1938
2 Memorandum – Dept. Classifications; 1938 Feb 10
3 “Dartmouth Rate Table” showing current wage and possible adjusted wage in line with Plymouth plant; 1939 Jul 21
4 Employee payroll data; 1939 Oct – 1940 Sep
5 Material related to 1941 wage adjustments; 1941 May 26
6 Material related to wage adjustments with respect to the Regional War Labor Board and the Wartime Wages Act; 1942 Jun – Oct
7 Material concerning employee representation at the recently purchased Consumers Cordage Co., Ltd.; 1942 Oct – 1943 Feb
8 Personnel data (ie name, job title, rate, length of employment, and date of birth); 1943 Dec 7
Folder Page
6 Miscellaneous unrelated material pertinent to the collection; 1871-1957
1 Letter, Plymouth Cordage Co. to W. Fessenden & Son, Townsend, Massachusetts; 1871 Nov 9
2 Correspondence involving settlement of a $250,000 fee for legal services from Clement R. Lamson, Atty, at law; 1923 Mar
3 Memorandum written by Mr. Weaver concerning his attendance at the Maritime Conference on Industrial Relations; 1940
4 Material regarding proposed sale of tenement building owned by the company; 1941 Jun – Aug
5 Material concerning a position filled by George J. Annis; 1941 Apr-Nov
6 Material concerning the drowning of Charles Marshall, an employee of the company in Nova Scotia; 1942 Sept – Oct
7 “The Victory Parade of Spotlight Bands”, a radio program script broadcast from Plymouth Cordage Co. on the Blue Network; 1944 Nov 23
8 Company envelopes (2) and stationary (2); nd
9 Material relating to Plymouth Cordage Co. archives and vault; 1957
7 Stationary for Plymouth Cordage Co., Position Analysis; n.d
8 Map reproduction of Plymouth, Mass., including layout of Plymouth Cordage Co.; n.d.
9 Volume 1: Diary of E.W. Brewster; 13 Dec 1917 – 30 May 1927
10 Volume 2: Scrapbook, “National Industrial Recovery Act,” compiled by Charles Mackinnon; 1935
11 OV Plymouth Cordage News; Jan 1954, Jan 1955

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