George W. Noyes II Collection

Manuscripts Collection 195

Overview of the Collection

Repository: G. W. Blunt White Library, Mystic Seaport
Creator: Noyes, George W., 1801-1866
Title: George W. Noyes II Collection
Dates: 1824-1844
Extent: 15 items
Abstract: The collection contains 14 pieces in one box. The pieces range from the military appointment of Noyes as Sergeant Major in the Infantry in 1824 to Bills of Sale of shares in whaling and other vessels from 1840 to 1844.
Identification: coll 195

Biography of George W. Noyes (1801-1866)

George W. Noyes II (1801 Sep 30-1866 Feb 26) of the Stonington side of Mystic was the great, great grandson of the Rev. James Noyes who was called to be the first Pastor of the Congregational Church (known as the Road Church) of Stonington in 1684. Down through the years the Noyes family married into nearly every prominent family in the Mystic – Stonington area. They were related to the Stantons, Gallups, Denisons, Wheelers, Cheesebroughs, Browns, Holmes, and Tifts to name a few.

George W. Noyes II grew up in the Road Church area of Stonington, which was then the commercial center of Stonington outside of the Borough. Although he joined the 8th Regiment of Infantry of the Connecticut and rose to be Adjutant in the 1820’s, he seems to have spent a quiet life in Mystic, starting a small mercantile business, marrying three times, fathering nine children, and taking small shares in whaling and other vessels. He served a stint as Selectman of Stonington in 1838, and was best known as cashier for thirty years until his death, first of the Mystic Bank and then of the Mystic River Bank. He was also an incorporator, trustee and secretary/treasurer of the Groton Savings Bank.

He was probably typical of the many good citizens of Mystic at that time. As his obituary in the “Mystic Pioneer” of March 3, 1866 reads: “An active worker for the welfare of the village”… A man of “genial nature and sterling qualities of heart who gathered round him a large circle of friends.” No leader of men, but a man who could be trusted and counted on.

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Corporate Bodies (Including Vessels):

Atlantic (Ship)
Connecticut.– Militia
Coriolanus (Ship)
Leander (Bark)
Shepherdess (Bark)
Tortugas (Sloop)
Vermont (Ship)


Stonington (Conn.)



Document Types:

Bills of sale

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Coll. 195, Manuscripts Collection, G. W. Blunt White Library, Mystic Seaport Museum, Inc.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.

Papers and Documents; 1824-1839
Box Folder
1 1 Warrant appointing George W. Noyes Sergeant Major in the 8th Regiment of Infantry in the Connecticut Militia; signed by Joseph D. Mason; 1824 Sep 24
2 Warrant appointing George W. Noyes Adjutant of the 8th Regiment, Connecticut Militia, signed by Joseph D. Mason; 1826 Aug 25
3 Memo regarding a “small house standing at the corner of the road leading to the shipyard said to be on the town [Mystic?] landing” owned by P. Denison; ca. 1830
4 Contract Geo. W. Noyes II & Enoch Burrows for partnership in “mercantile business” to be known as George W. Noyes II & Co.; 1830 Mar 29
5 Contract George W. Noyes II & Elias Brown; for partnership in a “mercantile & manufacturing business at Stonington”, known as Geo. W. Noyes II & Co. (Brown purchased Enoch Burrows interest in the Co.); 1832 Mar 9
6 Complaint from Stonington selectmen to George W. Noyes II regarding a house and barn encroaching on public highway “near the head of Mystic River”; 1838 Aug 17
7 Agreement establishing the salary of George W. Noyes II, cashier of the Mystic Bank; 1839 Jul 9
Bills of Sale; 1840-1844
Box Folder
1 8 Bill of Sale, sloop TORTUGAS of Mystic, John W. Case to Geo. W. Noyes II, 1/16 share for $150.00; 1840 Aug 29
9 Bill of Sale, bark LEANDER of Mystic, Ransford Ashbey to George W. Noyes II, 1/64 share for $215.85; 1841 aug 10
10 Bill of Sale, bark SHEPHERDESS of Mystic, James & William P. Randall to Geo. W. Noyes II, 1/32 share for $201.94; also a receipt for $39.06 on account for 1/32 share of bark SHEPHERDESS from J. & W. P. Randall to George W. Noyes II; 1842 Mar 10, Mar 21
11 Bill of Sale, ship VERMONT of Mystic, Silas Beebe to Geo. W. Noyes II, 1/64 share for $62.50; 1843 Oct
12 Bill of Sale, bark LEANDER of Mystic, George, Clark & Thomas Greenman to George W. Noyes II, 1/32 share for $421.87; 1843 Nov 17
13 Bill of Sale, ship ATLANTIC of Mystic; Charles Mallory to George W. Noyes II, 1/64 share for $62.50; 1844 May 25
14 Bill of Sale, ship CORIOLANUS of Mystic, Charles Mallory to George W. Noyes II, 1/32 share for $156.25; 1844 Sep 2

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