Records of the bark Marques

Manuscripts Collection 244

Overview of the Records

Repository: G. W. Blunt White Library, Mystic Seaport
Creator: Marques (Bark)
Title: Records of the bark Marques
Dates: 1983-1994, (bulk 1983-1987)
Extent: ca. 2000 items
Abstract: Materials, collected by Don Treworgy, of Mystic Seaport Museum, relating to the loss of the sail training vessel and the subsequent reaction of ASTA, the media, next-of-kin, and the sailing community. Includes documents of ASTA, chiefly relating to the MARQUES accident, including official statement by Henry H. Anderson, Jr. and copies of court depositions and decisions in the various resulting lawsuits; papers of Treworgy, including his correspondence with ASTA, attorneys, Bermuda authorities, survivors, and next-of-kin, crew photo, and memorial service programs; newspaper articles and published reports; and log of the MARQUES and other vessels, either related sail training vessels or those involved in the search. Persons represented include Susan Peterson Howell and Andrea Lee, employees of the museum who were lost during the disaster.
Identification: Coll. 244

History of the bark Marques

The Brigantine MARQUES was built in 1917 near Valencia, Spain, and was employed in the fruit trade between the Canary Islands and Northern Europe. The vessel was severely damaged during World War II, but was rebuilt in 1947 for use in the Mediterranean trade.

In 1971 MARQUES was purchased by Robin Cecil-Wright, who took her to Southampton, England for extensive restoration and re-rigging. Five years later she sailed into prominence with appearances in numerous television programs and series, including: “The Onedin Line”, “Poldark”, “The Fight Against Slavery”, and “Dracula.” In 1977 a 1/2 share in the MARQUES was bought by Mark Litchfield, who then became co-owner and co-skipper along with Cecil-Wright, a partnership which eventually evolved into ownership by the China Clipper Society, a full-fledged corporation. That same year the vessel acquired her unusual rig, basically a brig with a small spankermast stepped far aft, making her a bark. This was done as part of her roll as the BEAGLE in a BBC television series about Charles Darwin.

Since 1983 the American Sail Training Association had been working with the China Clipper Society to place trainees aboard the MARQUES for the 1984 Sail Training Races. In preparation for the summer’s program she sailed from Bristol, England to Antigua in mid-winter, and spent the remainder of the cold months doing charter work and making day sails from a base in the Caribbean.

The first leg of the :”Tall Ships” races began in Puerto Rico on Sunday, May 20th, 1984, and finished five days later in Bermuda. MARQUES raced against five other ships and won trophies for first overall and first in her class. The next leg of the race was from Hamilton, Bermuda to Halifax, Nova Scotia, with the start on Saturday, June 2nd, at 1400 hours. However, in the early morning of June 3rd, MARQUES was lost during a squall, along with 19 members of her 28-member sail-training crew. Two of the victims, Susan Peterson Howell, and Andrea Lee, were employees of Mystic Seaport Museum.

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Scope and Contents

This collection contains information on the loss of the sail training Bark MARQUES and the subsequent reaction of the American Sail Training Association, media, next-of-kin, and the sailing community. All papers were collected by Don Treworgy; Mystic Seaport Museum Planetarium Director and ASTA member.

Papers regarding the American Sail Training Association are contained in Box 1. While some materials are generic printed pamphlets and memos produced by ASTA, most relate specifically to the MARQUES accident. These documents include correspondence, an official statement of the “Sail Training Loss,” by Henry H. Anderson, and copies of court depositions and decisions in the various resulting lawsuits.

Box 2, “Don Treworgy – General Papers and Correspondence” also contains court depositions; those made by Don Treworgy, and correspondence: between Treworgy and ASTA, Attorneys, Bermuda authorities, survivors and next-of-kin. The last folder in this box holds a crew photo and Memorial Service Programs.

Official published reports of the sinking, and newspaper and magazine articles are contained in Box 3. The newspaper articles report the tragedy as details of the accident unfolded. The “Related Newspaper Articles” folders contain primarily commentary, speculation and recounts of the event by survivors.

The log of the MARQUES ( a recreation) and logs of other vessels; either related sail training vessels or those involved in the search for the MARQUES are contained in Box 4.

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Index Terms

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Anderson, Henry H.
Howell, Susan Peterson, d. 1984
Lee, Andrea, d. 1984
Treworgy, Don

Corporate Bodies (Including Vessels):

American Sail Training Association
Mystic Seaport Museum


Bermuda Islands


Actions and defenses
International Sail Training Races
Liability for marine accidents
Marine accidents
Sailing ships

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Coll. 244, Manuscripts Collection, G. W. Blunt White Library, Mystic Seaport Museum, Inc.

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Detailed Description of the Records

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.


American Sail Training Association (ASTA)-General Papers and Correspondence; 1983-1994
Box Folder
1 1 Correspondence-Susan Howell; 1983-1984
2 Correspondence-General; 1984
3 Printed Materials; 1983
4 Printed Materials; 1984
5 Printed Materials; 1985
6 Booklets; 1983-1985
7 Running Free; 1984, 1986
8 Twelfth Annual Sail Training Conference; 1984 Oct 18-19
9 “Sail Training Loss”, by Henry H. Anderson, Jr.; 1984
10 Lebel VS ASTA, with Exhibit Copies and Notes; 1985 Feb 5
11 Lee VS ASTA; 1986 Jun 3
12 Bruce A. Heath, et al VS ASTA, Deposition of David Howell; 1986 Jun 9
13 Report of the Court-London; 1987 Apr 23
14 McAleer and LeBel VS ASTA, Decision and Order; 1994 Aug 16
Don Treworgy-General Papers and Correspondence; 1983-1986
Box Folder
2 1 Correspondence-ASTA; 1983-1986
2 Correspondence and Notes-ASTA/PROVIDENCE Cruise; 1983
3 Correspondence-Karen Davidson; 1984-1987
4 Correspondence-Capt. J.C.L. deCoverly; 1984-1985
5 Correspondence-MARQUES survivors; 1984
6 Correspondence-MARQUES next of kin; 1984-1985
7 Inter-Office Correspondence-Mystic Seaport Museum; 1986
8 Notes following sinking; 1984
9 Notes and Clippings re. Court Cases; 1984-1985
10 Deposition taken at Mystic Seaport; 1985 Sep 25
11 Deposition at Court Case; 1986 Sep 12
12 Crew Memorials and Photos; 1984
Official Published Reports: Newspaper and Magazine Articles; 1984-1994
Box Folder
3 1 YANKEE; MOTORBOATING & SAILING; 1985 May; 1984 Aug
2 THE SUN; 1984 Jun 4
3 THE DAY; 1984 Jun 4-1985 Oct 24
4 THE ROYAL GAZETTE; 1984 Jun 5-12
5 MID-OCEAN NEWS; 1984 Jun 8
6 Related Newspaper Articles; 1984
7 Related Newspaper Articles; 1985
8 Related Newspaper Articles; 1986-1987, 1994
9 Misc. Articles Re: Safety at Sea; 1984-1985
10 Papers re: B.B.C. Documentary
11 Xerox copies: National Weather Service, Offshore Waters Forecast for “West Central North Atlantic: June 1-3, 1984”
Logs: MARQUES and related vessels; 1984
Box Folder
4 1 MARQUES Navigation Log and Notes, San Juan to Bermuda; 1984
2 MARQUES Log (copy of final log, recreated by survivors); 1984
3 USCG Search and Rescue Log, copy; 1984 Jun
4 EAGLE Log, copy; 1984 May 24-Jun 24
5 SHENANDOAH Log, copy; 1984 Jun 10-16
6 BRILLIANT Log, copy; 1984 Jul 1-6

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