American Canoe Association Collection

Manuscripts Collection 291

Overview of the Records

Repository: G. W. Blunt White Library, Mystic Seaport
Title: American Canoe Association Collection
Dates: 1881-1997
Extent: 43 boxes; 8 vol.
Abstract: Papers associated with the American Canoe Association including circulars, correspondence, ledgers, membership lists, minutes, minute books, newsletters, pamphlets and record books. Also includes business papers of clubs, the United States Olympic Committee and the International Canoe Federation.
Identification: Coll. 291

History of the American Canoe Association

In 1961, Commodore Roger I. Wilkinson wrote an essay about the history of the American Canoe Association.

In 1870 Mr. William L. Alden, a member of the editorial staff of the NEW YORK TIMES, became interested in canoeing reports from England. The TIMES published several articles on the subject and awakened considerable interest. In the same year Mr. Alden was the leading spirit in founding the New York Canoe Club, the first of its kind in America In response to a circular sent by Nathaniel Bishop, author of the classic “Voyage of the Paper Canoe,” to all known canoeists in the United States, twenty-three responded and journeyed to Crosbyside, Lake George, New York, where on August 3, 1880 the American Canoe Association was formed. William Alden was unanimously elected Commodore, and Nathaniel Bishop, Secretary-Treasurer.” Other notable founding members include boat designers W. P. Stephens, and J. H. Rushton, publisher, Arthur Brentano, and Judge Nicholas Longworth.

The original objectives were little different from those of today’s organization, namely to ‘unite all persons interested in the use of canoes and kayaks for the purpose of pleasure, health, or exploration, by means of meetings for business; by camping, paddling, sailing and racing; by keeping details, drawings and dimensions of hulls and rigs, collection of maps, charts, books and photographs; and by cooperating with other organizations sponsoring canoeing programs and water sports.’

An Annual Meet and Encampment was agreed upon at the founding meeting, and this has continued to be a feature of the American Canoe Association’s program. Both paddling and sailing races were to be held. The early meets, which ran from a few days to several weeks, moved from year to year, visiting Lake George, Long Island, the Hudson River, Lake Champlain, Cape Cod, the Thousand Islands and other points in Canada.

In 1903 the Association purchased Sugar Island (officially St. Lawrence Island), a 38-acre island in the Thousand Islands three miles offshore from Gananoque, Ontario, Canada, and with only one exception the Annual Meets have been held there continuously ever since.

The ACA is organized regionally into nine divisions, the ninth comprising Canada. Each division is headed by a Vice-Commodore, and he with his Executive Committee is responsible for developing interest in, and furthering all branches of the canoeing sport in his region.

Five branches of the canoeing sport are currently recognized: canoe sailing, racing-paddling, slalom and white water racing, cruising and conservation. By far the largest numbers of canoeists in the United States are cruising enthusiasts; they provide the natural source of contestants for the slalom and white water competitive events.

Flatwater racing and sailing, which require somewhat more specialized skills and equipment, are extensions of the sport appealing to those who wish to devote more time to their perfection.

Each of the five activities of the American Canoe Association is organized under the leadership of a national chairman; with him the corresponding divisional chairmen in each activity comprise the national committee. They promulgate local divisional and national championship races in each competitive branch of the sport and take the leadership in expanding participation therein by demonstrations, instruction, and various informational and publicity endeavors.

The American Canoe Association is a member of the International Canoe Federation and is recognized by the latter as governing the competitive branches of the sport in the United States. The ACA is also affiliated with the Amateur Athletic Union of the United States, and is a member of the United States Olympic Committee.

R. I. Wilkinson, December 8, 1961

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Sources of the Collection

The ACA collection is comprised of the collected papers of three men, Walwin Barr, William Beute and Roger I. Wilkinson. It would then be beneficial to know a little background about each man to get an understanding of their connection with the American Canoe Association and canoeing in general.

Walwin “Charlie” Barr, a member of the Atlantic Division, was Commodore of the American Canoe Association in 1929. Following that position, he also served as Chairman of the Board of Governors.

William Beute, also a member of the Atlantic Division, held a variety of positions including secretary of United States Olympic Canoeing Committee, member of the U. S. Olympic Canoe and Kayak Committee, chairmen of National Paddling Committee of A.C.A., member of the U. S. Olympic Trials for Canoeing Organizing Committee as well as Editor of “American Canoeist” (1964-1965).

The largest portion of papers in this collection were collected by Roger Wilkinson (RIW). A member of the Atlantic Division, Wilkinson also served as Rear Commodore (1941) and Vice Commodore (1942-1943) of the Atlantic Division. Within the American Canoe Association he served as associated editor of the “American Canoeist,” Chairman of the A.C.A. Archives Committee, member of the General Sailing Committee (1938-1939), and Commodore (1960-1961). Outside A.C.A., he was an organizer of the Associated Canoe Clubs of Sheepshead Bay and their first commodore (1932), as well as commodore of the Holmdel Boating Club. Wilkinson was an employee at Bell Telephone Laboratories and served in the Air Force in the Pacific during World War II.

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This collection has been accessioned from various sources and processed over an extensive period of time. The two prominent sources for the collection came from American Canoe Association members Roger Wilkinson and William Beute. Whenever possible there was an attempt to maintain original organization, but where organization was lacking, the papers were integrated into chronological and or alphabetical subject order. Therefore the arrangement of the collection varies. The description following describes the logic behind the arrangement for each main series.


The correspondence of this collection that is not readily associated with another subject can be found in the first six boxes of the collection. The correspondence is arranged according to the prominent correspondent and or collector. The correspondents can be found in overall chronological order; Walwin Barr correspondence (1900-1978), Roger Wilkinson (1932-1983), Edward Bean (1935-1938), and William Beute (1955-1970). The correspondence of Walwin Barr, Roger Wilkinson, and Edward Bean are arranged chronologically and are of general correspondence except for a few folders that correspond to a specific subject matter. Original organization has been maintained for William Beute’s correspondence; therefore it is arranged alphabetically by correspondent. Although all of these papers are primarily about the American Canoe Association, or some discussion of canoeing, it may also contain more personal correspondence of the correspondents.

General Business papers

The general business papers of the A.C.A., which can be found in boxes 7 through 11, include any papers associated with the Board of Governors, the Executive Committee, and the annual meetings (sometimes referred to as Congress). The papers associated with these subjects are fully integrated, except for the first two folders in this series which has previously been in a three ring binder as well as a few folders which were previously been separated either in the original organization or over the extensive processing time. These papers are arranged chronologically and include a separate undated miscellaneous folder depending on if the material had been collected by either the William Beute or the Roger Wilkinson. Maintaining original organization, folders associated with the period of A.C.A. reorganization (1968-1971) and other important miscellaneous material such as applications, revisions to the constitution and by-laws, published minutes and other reports and the A.C.A. yearbooks are separated further into two sub series; A.C.A. reorganization and miscellaneous. The reorganization papers are arranged chronologically where as the miscellaneous is arranged alphabetically by subject matter.


The American Canoe Association is organized regionally into divisions. Each division is headed by a Vice-Commodore, who works along side with his Executive Committee. The divisions are responsible for developing and furthering the various types of canoeing: sailing, paddling, and slalom, in their region. The boarders of the divisions of the A.C.A. have evolved over time. For example due to the definition of the Central Division, which includes all the states in the United States that are not included in another division whenever a new division is added or redefined, the Central Division is also reorganized. The papers in this section have been divided according to division but since they cover such an extensive period of time the boarders of the divisions might have changed. For a rough example of what geographical regions are included in the divisions see tables below.

Based from June 1955 A.C.A. constitution revision (changing some of the definitions of the boarders to state regions rather than use of extensive description of bodies of water)

Atlantic Division Southern New York State, Northern New Jersey, and areas close to New York City
Central Division All of the U.S. less the areas included in the Atlantic, Dixie, Eastern, Middle States, Pacific, Rocky Mountain and Western Divisions
Dixie Division Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama and Tennessee
Eastern Division Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts, except for Berkshire County, Massachusetts
Middle States Division Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, and Washington D. C.
Northern Division All of Canada
Pacific Division Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona
Rocky Mountain Division New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana
Western Division Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Kentucky, Nebraska, Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

Based of the A.C.A. website in 2003 the current divisions are as follows. (

Abroad All members who reside outside the United States (exempt Canada)
Atlantic Southern New York and Northern New Jersey
Delaware Valley Portions of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania forming the Delaware River Watershed
Dixie Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee and Kentucky
Hawaii Hawaii
Middle States Eastern Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C. and Delaware
Midwest Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Michigan, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin
New England Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhodes Island, and New Hampshire
Northern All of Canada
Northern New York All of New York, except extreme southeastern portion
Northwest Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington
Ohio-Penn Western Pennsylvania, and Ohio
Pacific Arizona, California, and Nevada
Red River Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Texas
Rocky Mountain Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming

Papers found in this section, found in boxes 12 through 14, include divisional minutes, correspondence, newsletters and bulletins. The majority of papers in this series can be found in the Atlantic Division due to the fact that both Roger Wilkinson and William Beute were members of this division. There is also a collection of papers, (1888-1903) primarily of correspondence but also contains membership cards, receipts and newspaper articles, that are related to the Atlantic Division Purser, William R. Haviland.

National Paddling Committee

Two of the largest national committees of the A.C.A., are paddling and sailing. Based from the papers in the collection, originally the two committees were joined under the name of the Racing Board, each with it own division; Paddling and Sailing. Due to the fact that the collection contains more papers related to the Sailing Division, all of the Racing Board papers can be found in the next series; National Sailing Committee, which might contain some Paddling Division papers. Some time in the summer of 1939, the two committees became the National Paddling and National Sailing Committees. The National Paddling Committee series, boxes 15 through 18, is arranged chronologically beginning with the committee’s news bulletins, papers which includes some folders of correspondence, and other miscellaneous related material. The directly related miscellaneous material contains papers on the National Paddling Championships, National Canoe Racing Championships, North American Canoe Racing Championships, schedule and races from various races, as well as the Olympic Development Program. Any other papers associated with canoe paddling may be found in the general paddling papers series.

National Sailing Committee

The National Sailing Committee, which has evolved from the Racing Board, Sailing Division, and the General Sailing Committee (ca. 1929-1939), promotes sailing activities on the national level. The National Sailing Committee series, boxes 19 through 21, begins with all Racing Board papers, which as mentioned above may include some Paddling Division papers as well as Sailing Division; following with papers of the General and National Sailing Committee papers; the National Sailing Championships papers and miscellaneous Sailing Committee papers. The National Sailing Committee series is arranged chronologically. Any other papers related to canoe sailing, such as notes or articles, can be found in the general sailing papers series.


The American Canoe Association over the years has been dedicated to the spread of knowledge about their sport. To that end, numerous published materials have been spread by the hands of the A.C.A. to members and nonmembers alike. The Publication series, box 22, contains papers related to the publications of the American Canoeist, and “Canoe” Magazine, as well as general canoeing information that the American Canoe Association either sold or used in educational programs, including constructional drawings of canoes and monographs of a variety of canoeing subjects such as camping, cooking, good canoeing trails and new canoe rigs as well as A.C.A. publicity pamphlets. Due to the fact that most of the papers in this series are not dated, this series is arranged alphabetically by subject.

Sugar Island and the Annual Meet

A.C.A. has hosted an annual meet since its conception, for camping, competition and camaraderie between canoeists. Starting in 1903 that meet has been held on Sugar Island, officially known as St. Lawrence Island in the Thousand Islands three miles offshore from Gananoque, Ontario, Canada. The camp is usually held, on the 38-acre island, in August for up to two weeks. This series, boxes 23, is arranged alphabetically by genre and where possible chronologically beginning with charts of Sugar Island, circulars of the annual meets, papers and then distinctive miscellaneous papers such as the Fire Protection Report for Sugar Island and an article about A.C.A.’s National Encampment.

The rest of the collection has been arranged by subject matter. This includes subjects include amateurism, canoe types, clubs, the International Canoe Federation, the Olympics and U. S. Olympic committee, youth training programs and miscellaneous. The following subjects are in alphabetical order.


This box of material, which had been set apart from other materials either by one of the donors or during processing, contains papers regarding the subject of defining amateurism. The papers are arranged chronologically and are primarily about specific subjects, for instance the question of amateurism vs. professionalism for the individuals Clyde Jones and Tom Johnson as well as the report of the National Advisory Committee regarding the subject of amateurs.

Canoe types


This series, found in box 25, includes papers related to paddling but not necessarily to the National Paddling Committee. The papers are arranged chronologically and include the President’s Cup Regatta, Christmas Paddling Clinic as well as miscellaneous paddling papers.


General sailing papers can be found in boxes 25 and 26. The papers include sailing canoe sketches and notes, general sailing papers, and chronological miscellaneous papers such as articles or papers regarding class “C” canoes.

Slalom/white water

This series, found in boxes 26 and 27, includes all papers related to Slalom/white water canoeing. It is arranged chronologically except for one folder in which had been separated apart, again by either its donor or in the collection’s extensive arrangement period, as the National Slalom Committee papers. This does not mean however that this folder is the only source for the National Slalom Committee papers. Other papers regarding this subject might be found in the general Slalom/white water papers.

General canoeing

This series, in box 27, contains papers that are not readily associated with one type of canoeing. Subjects included in this series include canoe tilting, Kayel canoe designs, and war canoes. The series is arranged alphabetically.


Associated Canoe Clubs of Sheepshead Bay

The Associated Canoe Clubs of Sheepshead Bay (A.C.C.S.B.) has its own series, out of alphabetical order, do to the fact that Roger Wilkinson had preserved many of its documents. This material can be found in box 28. Originally most of this material found in this box had been kept in three ring binders. Although the papers have been removed from these binders for better preservation, the original order was maintained. This explains why many of the folders overlap each other in description, content and chronology. The only instance where the material was changed from its original order is in folders 8 and 9. The bulkiness of the material was too much to house in one folder so it has been divided in half.

General Clubs

One of the important aspects of the A.C.A. is its canoe clubs. As of 2002, over 200 local paddling clubs are associated with the A.C.A. Boxes 29 through 31, is dedicated to all papers associated with canoe clubs or associations, except for A.C.C.S.B. These papers include newsletters, ephemera, and papers related to regattas and competitions held by various clubs. The clubs are arranged in alphabetical order.

International Canoe Federation

The popularity of canoeing did not just remain in Britain and the United States. On January 20, 1924 Austrian, Danish, German and Swedish Canoe Associations founded the Internationale Reprsentantschaft Fr Kanusport (I. R. K.) in Copenhagen. The organization continued to expand, with new country members joining, including the American Canoe Association. The Congress held in Stockholm from 7th to 10th June, 1946 decided that the Federation be called the International Canoe Federation (I.C.F.). I.C.F. has similar goals to the A.C.A. but on an international level. Its main goals were to 1. To form a link between the Canoeing Associations of the various countries. 2. As far as possible, to organize international competitions in paddling and sailing, once a year, and alternately in the various countries. 3. To promote and foster foreign touring through production of appropriate river guides, and through the provision of in programs about the possibilities of finding accommodation and places of interest. 4. To introduce on maps, internationally recognized symbols for rivers, in order to facilitate touring. 5. To exchange Canoeing in programs by mutually making available the various national publications on Canoeing: through the preparation of lectures and speakers, films and photographs, as well as through correspondence.

The I.C.F. is recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the General Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF), and the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF), as the sole controlling body for international canoeing.

The I.C.F. series can be found boxes 32 through 37 and is comprised of I.C.F. bulletins, correspondence, and papers of the Board of Management and Congress. Following the general papers of the I.C.F. are papers related to specific committees such as Paddling, Sailing, Slalom, Sports Medicine, and Touring. All of these papers are arranged chronologically.

Olympics and United States Olympic Committee

The American Canoe Association is a member of the United States Olympic Committee in which they help plan for canoeing, kayaking, and slalom events for the Olympics. Events for canoeing and kayaking have been in the Olympics since the 1936 games in Berlin. Papers related to the Olympic and United States Olympic Committee series primarily cover the games in 1960 to 1976 and can be found in boxes 38 through 42. The papers include minutes and reports of the U. S. O. C., correspondence and notes related to forthcoming Olympics, trials or fund raising for U. S. canoeing team, as well as ephemera and race results from Olympic games. More specific papers related to U. S. O. C. committees, the constitution, proposals, membership lists, or newsletters can be found in a miscellaneous series in alphabetically by subject and then chronologically. Due to the fact that the United States Olympic Committee also planned and scheduled the Pan American Games, papers associated with these games can be found disbursed throughout the Olympic and U. S. O. C. series. Often at the Quadrennial or Biennial meetings both the Olympics and Pan American Games were discussed. Various undefined papers relating to the Pan American Games can also be found in its own folder in the miscellaneous section, as well as a small series of the Pan Pacific Games.

Youth Training and Boy Scouts of America

The American Canoe Association has been involved in training youth in order to expand and preserve canoeing competition. Papers related to this include youth camps, Boy Scouts of America, as well as correspondence and planning for general youth training programs. This series can be found in box 43.


Materials that are not easily associated with previous series have been placed in this miscellaneous series. This assortment of papers are arranged into three different categories; brochures, catalogs, etc. related to canoes and canoe supplies; personal papers of the collectors, Walwin Barr, William Beute, and Roger I. Wilkinson; and general miscellaneous papers. In each case the material is arranged alphabetically.


The eight volumes of this collection primarily are related to the first thirty years of the American Canoe Association. Volumes include, membership lists, minute and record books. There is also a record book of the Associated Canoe Clubs of Sheepshead Bay and a record book labeled as “Cruises and references,” which is cruise log of bodies of water and A.C.A. members’ addresses.

For more information on the organization of the American Canoe Association, see Hoffmann, Ronald C. “The History of the American Canoe Association, 1880-1960” Ph. D. diss., Springfield College, 1967. (GV 785 A6 H6)

For more information on the organization of the International Canoe Federation see, Vesper, Hans Egon, 50 Years of the International Canoe Federation International Canoe Federation, Florence, [1984]. (GV 785 I5 V4.7)

American Canoe Association website

International Canoe Federation website page 7/24/2003

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Restrictions on Use

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Index Terms

This collection is indexed under the following headings in the catalog of the G. W. Blunt White Library. Researchers desiring materials about related topics, persons or places should search the catalog using these headings.


Barr, Walwin
Beute, William
Wilkinson, Roger I.

Corporate Bodies (Including Vessels):

American Canoe Association
Boy Scouts of America
Canoe Cruisers Association
Neversink Canoe Sailing Society
New York Canoe Club
U.S. Olympic Committee
Yonkers Canoe Club


Canoes and canoeing
White-water canoeing

Document Types:

Membership lists
Minutes book

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Coll. 291, Manuscripts Collection, G. W. Blunt White Library, Mystic Seaport Museum, Inc.

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Detailed Description of the Records

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.

Walwin Barr Correspondence; 1900-1978
Box Folder
1 1 Correspondence; 1900-1927
2 Correspondence and papers re. World War I monument fund; 1922-1930
3 Correspondence; 1928
4 Correspondence; 1929
5 Correspondence; 1930-1931
6 Correspondence and papers re. Harry Quick’s testimonial dinner; 1930-1931
7 Correspondence; 1932
8 Correspondence; 1933 Jan-Jul
9 Correspondence; 1933 Aug-Dec
10 Correspondence; 1934 Jan-May
11 Correspondence; 1934 Jun-Dec
12 Correspondence; 1935
Box Folder
2 1 Correspondence; 1936-1938
2 Correspondence and papers re. Walwin Barr’s testimonial dinner; 1939
3 Correspondence; 1939-1978
4 Walwin Barr correspondence; undated
Roger Wilkinson Correspondence; 1932-1983
Box Folder
2 5 Correspondence; 1932-1933
6 Correspondence; 1934
7 Correspondence; 1935
8 Correspondence; 1936
9 Correspondence; 1937
10 Correspondence; 1938-1939
11 Correspondence; 1940-1941
12 Correspondence; 1942-1944
13 Correspondence; 1945-1946
14 Correspondence; 1947-1948
15 Correspondence; 1949-1952
16 Correspondence; 1953-1956
17 Correspondence; 1957-1959
18 Correspondence; 1960 Jan-Jun
Box Folder
3 1 Correspondence; 1960 Jul-Dec
2 Correspondence; 1961 Jan-Mar
3 Correspondence; 1961 Apr-Jun
4 Correspondence; 1961 Jul-Dec
5 Correspondence; 1962
6 Correspondence; 1963 Jan-Jun
7 Correspondence; 1963 Jul-Dec
8 Correspondence; 1964
Box Folder
4 1 Correspondence; 1965
2 Correspondence and papers re. Encyclopedia Britannica; 1965-1970
3 Correspondence; 1966
4 Correspondence; 1967
5 Correspondence; 1968
6 Correspondence; 1969
7 Correspondence; 1970
8 Correspondence; 1971
9 Correspondence; 1972
10 Correspondence; 1973
11 Correspondence; 1974
12 Correspondence; 1975
13 Correspondence; 1976
14 Correspondence; 1977
15 Correspondence; 1978
16 Correspondence; 1979
17 Correspondence; 1980-1981
18 Correspondence with Mystic Seaport; 1958-1983
19 Correspondence; undated
Edward Bean Correspondence; 1935-1938
Box Folder
4 20 Correspondence of Edward Bean; 1935-1938
William Beute Correspondence; 1955-1970
Box Folder
5 1 Altender, Ted, Jr.; 1958-1970 and undated
2 American Red Cross: photocopies of photographs and pamphlets in Japanese characters; 1964-1968
3 Apfelbeck, William A. newspaper article; 1964-1969
4 Barr/Beute/Hoffman/Sanders: correspondence;; 1964-1967
5 Braynard, Frank O.: newspaper article; 1965-1966
6 Burns, Charles F.: notes and 1941 signed American Canoeist; 1963-1965
7 Cornu, Theodore J.: “Conservation of Hudson River”; 1964-1966
8 Cousins, Doris C.: papers; 1964-1966 and undated
9 Cramphorn, Frederick A.; 1967
10 Dodge, Ray; 1963-1966
11 Friends Magazine; 1964-1965
12 Haussler, A. G.; 1964
13 Houk, Ted; 1965-1968
14 Jahn, Henry W.; 1964-1969
15 Johnson, Thomas W.; 1968-1969 and undated
Box Folder
6 1 Jones, Les: photocopies of photographs and newsletter of Western River Guides; 1964-1965
2 Jones, Marcia I.: photocopies of photographs; 1964-1968
3 Kidder, Art : correspondence and plan re. Slalom gate; 1962
4 Krienke, Arthur; 1967
5 Leggett, Leja: photocopies of photograph; 1965
6 Loomis, A. W.: photocopies of photograph and papers; 1964-1966
7 Marshall, T. C.: correspondence, photocopies of photographs and program re. Crescent Canoe Club and Amateur Rowing Association; 1964
8 Oldershaw, Bert: correspondence, papers and “Canadian Paddler” re. Canadian Canoe Association; 1964-1965
9 ONeill, Vincent J.: papers; 1963-1965
10 Ontario Voyageurs Kayak Club; 1964
11 Pataky, Art: correspondence and papers re. American Red Cross; 1964
12 Rademaker, Jack (Mrs.): photocopy of photograph; 1968
13 Reinfeld, Vincent P.: “The Helm”; 1964
14 Royal Canoe Club: papers; 1965-1967
15 Saunders, A. Fred; 1963-1964
16 Schalle, Walt: papers; 1962-1965
17 Skilling, Brian C.; 1964-1968
18 Stock, Pablo; 1969
19 Sulger, Jack; 1968-1969
20 Thelen, Henry; 1970
21 Thomas, Everett (Treasurer): “Ripplets” of Omicron Delta Canoes Association (1926-1927) and newspaper articles; 1964-1968
22 Torrence, Henry: photocopies of photographs, papers and American Canoeist (1955-1956); 1955-1965
23 Tyson, Oscars (Mrs.); 1964
24 Vorrhis, Harold V. B.; 1964
25 Wahl, Adam and August: plans; 1964-1969
26 White, Ed B.; 1962-1968
27 Whitney Operations Inc; 1968
28 Zuk, Thomas; 1964
29 Miscellaneous correspondence re. information requests; 1968-1969
30 Miscellaneous signatures from impartial correspondence; undated
American Canoe Association Papers; General Business Papers; 1893-1983
Box Folder
7 1 Board of Governors minutes; formerly bound transcription; 1894-1911
2 Board of Governors minutes; formerly bound transcription; 1911-1919
3 General Business Papers; 1893-1934
4 Club Membership Committee Papers; correspondence and constitutional changes; 1928-1929
5 General Business Papers; 1935-1958
6 General Business Papers; 1959
7 General Business Papers; 1960
Box Folder
8 1 Annual Meeting Planning; correspondence and notes; 1961
2 General Business Papers; 1961
3 Papers re. Club membership; 1961
4 General Business Papers; 1962-1963
5 General Business Papers; 1964
6 General Business Papers; 1965
7 General Business Papers; 1966-1967
8 General Business Papers; 1968
9 General Business Papers; 1969
Box Folder
9 1 General Business Papers, bound minutes, notes, reports and miscellaneous newsletters; 1970
2 General Business Papers, includes revisions and discussions of bylaws and constitution; 1970
3 General Business Papers; 1971
4 General Business Papers; 1972
5 General Business Papers; 1973
6 General Business Papers; 1974
7 General Business Papers; 1975
8 General Business Papers; 1976
9 General Business Papers; 1977-1983
10 General Business Papers, miscellaneous from Beute collection; undated
11 General Business Papers, miscellaneous from Wilkinson collection; undated
American Canoe Association Papers; Reorganization; 1968-1971
Box Folder
10 1 A.C.A. reorganization plans, important documents; 1968-1969
2 A.C.A. Constitution and By-Law changes; notes and correspondence; 1968-1969
3 A.C.A. Constitution and By-Law changes; notes and correspondence; 1970
4 A.C.A. Constitution and By-Law changes; notes and correspondence; 1971
American Canoe Association Papers; Miscellaneous Business Papers; 1889-1971
Box Folder
10 5 A.C.A. membership applications from Atlantic Division; 1889-1890
6 A.C.A. membership application from Central Division; 188?
7 A.C.A. membership applications, including some various blank forms; 1964-1968
8 Correspondence re. A.C.A. divisional membership transfers; 1968
9 A.C.A. application request form and papers re. general membership; ca. 1960-1975
10 A.C.A. papers re. archives committee; 1972-1973
11 A.C.A. Constitution and By-Laws; 1880-1971
12 A.C.A. Constitution and By-Law revisions; 1880-1976
Box Folder
11 1 A.C.A. History notes; undated
2 A.C.A. Historical Records, Meets and Officers, Trophy and Championship Winners; 1940-1955
3 Correspondence re. Honorary Life Members; 1960
4 A.C.A. Membership Directory; 1970
5 Notes re. membership dues; ca. 1961
6 A.C.A. Minutes and Financial Reports; 1954-1961
7 A.C.A. Minutes and Financial Reports; 1962-1968
8 Correspondence and papers re. proposed amendment for the appointment of an Olympic Canoeing and Kayaking Committee; 1975
9 A.C.A. Property and Privileges with Rules and Regulations; 1939
10 A.C.A. stationary; undated
11 A.C.A. papers re. tax reduction and non profit status; 1967-1973
12 A.C.A. Yearbooks; 1961-1969
13 A.C.A. yearbook papers; ca. 1965
American Canoe Association Papers; Divisions; 1910-1978
Box Folder
12 1 Atlantic Canoeist; 1941
2 Atlantic Division “Canoe Sport”; 1972-1983
3 Atlantic Division Metropolitan Canoe Championship papers; 1930-1931
4 Atlantic Division Metropolitan Canoe Round-Up Papers; 1961
5 Atlantic Division Metropolitan Canoe Round-Up Papers; 1962
6 Atlantic Division Metropolitan Canoe Round-Up Papers; 1963-1979, undated
7 Atlantic Division News; 1940-1941, 1961-1964
8 Atlantic Division newsletters; 1955-1956, undated
9 Atlantic Division correspondence and notes of Vice Commodore Roger Wilkinson; 1941-1943
10 Atlantic Division Papers; 1910-1947
11 Atlantic Division Papers; 1948-1960
12 Atlantic Division Papers; 1961-1967
13 Atlantic Division Papers; 1968-1982, undated
14 Atlantic Division correspondence re. 1970 Commodore candidates; 1969
Box Folder
13 1 Central Division Papers; 1913-1962
2 Dixie Division Papers; 1971
3 Eastern Division Papers; 1889-1962
4 Eastern Division “Old Eastern Canoeist”; 1935-1937
5 Middle States Division “Tom-Tom”; 1960-1963
6 Northwest Division “Northwest Canoeist”; 1967-1968
7 Pacific Division Papers; 1961
8 Pacific Division Bulletins; 1965-1971
9 Rocky Mountain Division Papers; 1960-1961
10 Western Division Papers; 1912, 1933, 1960-1974
11 Western Division “Echo”; 1932-1934
American Canoe Association Papers; Divisions; Atlantic Division Purser papers; 1888-1903
Box Folder
14 1 Correspondence; 1888-1889
2 Correspondence; 1890 Jan
3 Correspondence; 1890 Feb
4 Correspondence; 1890 Mar
5 Correspondence; 1890 Apr
6 Correspondence; 1890 May
7 Correspondence; 1890 Jun-Jul
8 Correspondence; 1890 Aug-Dec
9 Correspondence; 1891-1892
10 Atlantic Division membership cards; 1889-1890
11 Atlantic Division Purser ledger; 1889
12 Atlantic Division receipts; 1890 Apr-May
13 Miscellaneous Haviland Papers; Atlantic Division stationary, newspaper clippings, photocopy of photograph; ca. 1890-1903
American Canoe Association National Paddling Committee News Bulletins; 1969-1974
Box Folder
15 1 National Paddling Committee News Bulletins; 1969
2 N. P.C. News Bulletins; 1970
3 N. P.C. News Bulletins; 1971
4 N. P.C. News Bulletins; 1972
5 N. P.C. News Bulletins; 1973-1974
American Canoe Association National Paddling Committee Papers; 1953-1974
Box Folder
15 6 National Paddling Committee Papers; 1932-1960
7 N.P.C. correspondence; 1960-1961
8 N.P.C. papers (from a RIW notebook); 1961
9 N.P.C. tentative agenda for 1962 Jan 21; 1961
10 N.P.C. notes and correspondence, includes Price of Ray Dodge Imported Boats and War Canoe Program (from RIW notebook); 1962-1963
11 N.P.C. papers; 1964-1965
Box Folder
16 1 N.P.C. Papers; 1966 Jan-Apr
2 N.P.C. Papers; 1966 May-Dec
3 N.P.C. correspondence and related papers; 1967
4 N.P.C. Papers; 1967
5 N.P.C. correspondence (Beute); 1968
6 N.P.C. correspondence re. Chairman’s Banquet (Beute); 1968
7 N.P.C. correspondence and related papers (RIW); 1968
8 N.P.C. Papers; 1968 Jan-Mar
9 N. P.C. Papers; 1968 Apr-Dec
Box Folder
17 1 National Paddling Committee correspondence and related papers; 1969
2 N.P.C. Papers; 1969 Jan-Jun
3 N.P.C. Papers; 1969 Jul-Dec
4 N.P.C. Papers re. Oct 5 meeting with enclosures; 1969
5 N.P.C. correspondence; 1970
6 N.P.C. Papers; 1970
7 N.P.C. correspondence; 1971
8 N.P.C. Papers; 1971
9 N.P.C. Papers; 1972-1974, undated
American Canoe Association National Paddling Committee Miscellaneous related papers; 1933-1972
Box Folder
18 1 National Paddling Championship Papers; 1933-1934
2 National Canoe Racing Championship Papers; 1957-1967
3 North American Canoe Racing Championship Papers; 1957-1966
4 N.P.C. Racing Rules for Paddling (Olympic Class Canoeing); 1966
5 Schedules and results from various 1966 races; 1966
6 North American Canoe Racing Championship Papers; 1968 Jan-Aug 15
7 North American Canoe Racing Championship Papers; 1968 Aug 16-Dec
8 Schedules and results from various 1968 races; 1968
9 N.P.C. proposal for canoeing and kayaking Olympic Development Program for the U. S. Olympic Development Committee; 1967-1972
American Canoe Association Sailing Committee (Racing Board, General and National); 1924-1983
Box Folder
19 1 Racing Board; Sailing Division Papers; 1903-1925
2 Racing Board Papers (includes Sailing and Paddling Division papers); 1926-1929
3 General Sailing Committee Papers; 1933-1934
4 General Sailing Committee Papers; 1935
5 General Sailing Committee Papers; 1936-1937
6 General Sailing Committee Papers; 1938-1939 Jul
7 National Sailing Committee Papers; 1939 Sep-1940
8 National Sailing Committee Papers; 1941
9 National Sailing Committee Papers; 1942
Box Folder
20 1 National Sailing Committee Papers; 1945
2 National Sailing Committee Papers; 1946-1947
3 National Sailing Committee Papers; 1948
4 National Sailing Committee Papers; 1949-1975
5 National Sailing Committee Papers; 1976
6 National Sailing Committee Papers; 1978-1983
American Canoe Association National Sailing Championships; 1957-1979
Box Folder
20 7 National Sailing Canoe Championship Papers; 1941-1959
8 National Sailing Canoe Championship Papers; 1967
9 National Sailing Canoe Championship Papers; 1970
10 National Sailing Canoe Championship Papers; 1971-1974
11 National Sailing Canoe Championship Papers; 1975-1976
12 National Sailing Canoe Championship Papers; 1978-1979
American Canoe Association Miscellaneous sailing papers; 1932-1967, undated
Box Folder
20 13 International Canoe Sailing Championships; 1933
14 General Sailing Committee mail-in vote re. sail area; 1934-1935
15 General Sailing Committee papers re. Official Measurer; 1934-1937
16 General Sailing Committee papers re. Codification; 1934-1938
17 General Sailing Committee papers re. Oct 10th meeting; 1936-1937, undated
Box Folder
21 1 General Sailing Committee Papers re. Racing Rules Regulations; 1937
2 General Sailing Committee papers re. Tyson’s protests including minutes and supporting reports; 1937
3 National Sailing Committee subcommittee Papers including Olympic and International Rules; 1946-1947
4 A.C.A. Rules and Regulations for sailing; 1940-1964, 1978
5 National Sailing Committee international correspondence re. sail area; 1948-1950
6 National Sailing Committee mail-in vote re. sailing rule changes; 1949-1950
7 National Sailing Committee International Challenge Cup papers; 1959
8 General Sailing Committee race forms; undated
9 General Sailing Committee miscellaneous papers; undated
American Canoe Association Papers related to published materials; 1932; 1959-1976
Box Folder
22 1 Book publisher correspondence; 1967-1968
2 “Canoe” Magazine; 1932; 1974-1976
3 Canoeist correspondence; 1959-1964
4 Canoeist correspondence; 1965-1972, undated
5 Canoeist papers; 1941-1973
6 Canoeist papers; undated
7 Canoeist editor, helpful hints; undated
8 Construction Drawings sold by A.C.A.; undated
9 A.C.A. monographs (alphabetical); undated
10 A.C.A. monographs (Ted Alteneders stock); undated
11 Notes and drafts re. published monographs; 1961-1963, undated
12 A.C.A. pamphlets; undated
13 Reference reading; lists of books on canoeing; undated
14 Safety publications; undated
15 A.C.A. “Wham”; 1933-1934
American Canoe Association Sugar Island and other annual camp papers; 1881-1982
Box Folder
23 1 Chart of St. Lawrence River with notation of “Chisamore’s Farm”; 1936 and undated
2 A.C.A. annual camp circulars; 1881-1966
3 A.C.A. entertainment circulars and songs; undated
4 A.C.A. Camp Site Committee Report; 1897
5 Sugar Island Papers; 1906-1946
6 Sugar Island Papers; 1947-1959
7 Sugar Island Papers; 1960
8 Sugar Island Papers; 1961
9 Sugar Island Papers; 1962-1966, undated
10 Sugar Island Papers re. Sugar Island Plans; 1972-1974
11 Fire Protection Report for Sugar Island; 1932
12 Sugar Island Photographs (photocopies); 1934-1956, undated
13 Reprint of 1885 “The Century Magazine” Camp Grindstone article on ACA National Encampment; 1970
14 New York Times story on Sugar Island; 1982 Feb 28
15 Sugar Island Papers; undated
Amateurism; 1929-1975, undated
Box Folder
24 1 Amateur correspondence; 1929
2 I.C.F. statues re. amateur rules; 1950
3 Papers re. amateurism; 1955-1961
4 Papers re. amateurism and Clyde Jones; 1960
5 Amateurism references (RIW notebook); 1961-1967
6 National Advisory Committee Report re. amateurism; 1963 Nov
7 Papers re. “professional” status of Tom Johnson; 1966-1967
8 Papers re. amateurism; 1967-1968
9 Papers re. amateurism; 1969-1970
10 Papers re. amateurism in marathon racing; 1971-1972
11 Papers re. amateurism; 1971-1975, undated
Canoeing, General Paddling Papers; 1936-1969
Box Folder
25 1 President’s Cup Regatta (paddling); 1936
2 Christmas Paddling Clinic; 1969
3 Miscellaneous papers re. paddling; undated
Canoeing, General Sailing Papers; 1931-1982
Box Folder
25 4 Sailing sketching and notes; 1931-1975
5 Sailing sketching and notes; undated
6 Papers re. sailing canoes; 1932-1965
7 Papers re. sailing canoes; 1966-1982
8 Papers re. sailing canoes, miscellaneous; undated
9 Sailing reprint “Yachting” ‘Democracy Afloat’ by Francis A. Dugan; 1932 Mar
10 Commodore’s Cup Papers; 1932-1934
11 Royal Canoe Club Sailing Rules; 1933
12 Papers re. sailing class “C” canoes; 1934-1954, undated
13 Sailing Canoe Dixie Class “C” vs. Cruising class boat specifications papers; 1946-1958
14 Sailing Decked Canoe Papers; 1947
Box Folder
26 1 Canoe Sailing in America, RIW slide show commentary; 1960-1967
2 Sailing Canoe Articles; ca. 1962-1976
3 Sailing lecture notes re. rounding marks; 1940-1967
4 Sailing Canoes regulations and rules; undated
5 Famous Canoe Sailors of the A.C.A.; undated
Canoeing, General Slalom/Whitewater Papers; 1946-1973
Box Folder
26 6 Papers re. Slalom/white water canoeing; 1946-1959
7 Papers re. Slalom/white water canoeing; 1960
8 Papers re. Slalom/white water canoeing; 1961
9 Papers re. Slalom/white water canoeing; 1962-1966
10 Papers re. Slalom/white water canoeing; 1967
11 Papers re. Slalom/white water canoeing; 1968-1970
12 Papers re. Slalom/white water canoeing; 1971
13 National Slalom Committee Papers including team selection; 1970-1972
Box Folder
27 1 Papers re. Slalom/white water canoeing; 1972-1973
2 Papers re. Slalom/white water canoeing; undated
Canoeing, General Miscellaneous Papers; 1933-1976
Box Folder
27 3 Articles re. canoes or boating; 1878-1965
4 Articles re. canoes or boating; 1965-1973, undated
5 Article re. Canoe and Kayak Sailing Rigs by Bruce E. Clark; 1965-1966
6 Constitution and By-Laws of A.C.A. General Cruising Committee; 1933
7 Description of canoe races and events; Novelty Canoe Regattas by Nathan Mallison; 1962
8 Description of canoe trip from Northport to Nantucket and back by Morton D. Benton; 1964
9 Manual on River Canoeing; 1962-1963
10 Papers re. canoe cruise information, arranged by state; undated
11 Papers re. canoe cruises in Canada from the Department of the Interior, Canada; includes maps; undated
12 Papers re. canoeing in Los Angeles, both LA County and City departments of Parks and Recreation, including information on synchronized canoeing routine; 1961-1962
13 Papers re. cruising committee and survey of New Jersey rivers; 1960-1961
14 Papers re. Kayel Canoe designs (C-1, K-1); 1961-1970, undated
15 Papers re. miscellaneous canoe races; 1969, 1975-1976
16 Papers re. miscellaneous topics related to canoeing; including transportation, storage, building and training instructions; 1933-1972, undated
17 Papers re. war canoes; ca. 1960-1971
18 Rules and regulations re. tilting tournaments; 1929-1955
19 Rules re. International Canoe Poling for Whitewater and Flatwater; ca. 1967
Clubs and Associations; Associated Canoe Clubs of Sheepshead Bay; 1929-1975
Box Folder
28 1 A.C.C.S.B. log book markings; 1929-1932
2 A.C.C.S.B. papers; 1931-1935
3 A.C.C.S.B. papers; 1936-1941, 1975
4 A.C.C.S.B. papers re. YMCA meeting; 1939 Feb-Mar
5 A.C.C.S.B. papers re. 2nd YMCA meeting; 1939 Mar-Apr
6 A.C.C.S.B. papers re. 3rd YMCA meeting; 1939 May
7 History of Canoe Racing at Sheepshead Bay; 1928-1931
8 A.C.C.S.B. papers (1st half); 1931-1932
9 A.C.C.S.B. papers (2nd half); 1931-1932
10 A.C.C.S.B. papers; 1931-1934
11 A.C.C.S.B. papers; 1932-1933
12 General file of A.C.C.S.B.; 1932-1934
13 A.C.C.S.B. photographs (photocopies); 1933-1934, undated
14 A.C.C.S.B. miscellaneous papers; undated
Clubs and Associations; all others
Box Folder
29 1 Amateur Athletic Union Papers; 1928-1962
2 Amateur Yacht Research Society Papers; 1967-1979
3 American Camping Association Papers; 1960-1962
4 American Whitewater Affiliation Papers; 1963-1971
5 Appalachian Mountain Club Papers; 1961
6 Blue Water Sailing Club; 1967
7 British Canoe Union Papers including papers on “Canoeing in Britain”; 1961-1974
8 Buck Ridge Ski Club Papers; 1958-1961
9 Canadian Canoe Association Papers; 1921-1930, 1979-1980
10 Canoe Cruisers Association Papers; 1960-1966
11 Canoe Cruisers Association “Cruiser”; 1961-1967
12 Chicagoland Canoe Base Papers; undated
13 Cleveland Yachting Association Papers; 1885
14 Colorado White Water Association Papers; undated
15 Colorado White Water Association “Spray”; 1960-1964
16 Columbia Canoe Club Papers; 1964-1971
17 Dayton Canoe Club Papers; 1961
18 Eagles Canoe Club Papers; 1965
19 Fair Haven Sailing Club Papers; 1965
20 Florida Sailing Association, Gator Bowl Regatta papers; 1953-1954
21 Holmdel Boating Club Papers; 1969
22 Horseshoe Harbor Yacht Club Papers; 1955-1959
23 Ianthe Canoe Club Papers; 1891-1894
24 Inwood Canoe Club Papers; 1929-ca. 1959
25 International Star Class Yacht Racing Association; 1931
26 Kayak and Canoe Club of New York Papers; 1960-1973
27 Kayak and Canoe Club of New York Newsletters; 1961-1962
28 Knickerbocker Canoe Club of New York Papers; 1928-1939
29 Marine and Field Club Papers; 1892-1895
30 Meramec River Canoe Club Papers; 1967-1974
31 Michigan Canoe Racing Association Papers; 1963
32 Michigan Tourist Council Papers; ca. 1962
33 Miles River Yacht Club Papers; 1933
34 Monmouth Museum Papers; 1971
Box Folder
30 1 Murry Hill Papers; 1946-1960
2 Murry Hill Papers; 1961-1964
3 Murry Hill Papers; 1965-1979
4 Neversink Canoe Sailing Society Papers (including Rumson Sailing Shows); 1964-1968
5 Neversink Canoe Sailing Society Papers (including Rumson Sailing Shows); 1969-1970
6 Neversink Canoe Sailing Society Papers (including Rumson Sailing Shows); 1971-1973
7 Neversink Canoe Sailing Society Papers (including Rumson Sailing Shows); 1974-1982
8 New England Canoe Racing Associations Papers; 1935-1936
9 New England Canoe Racing Association “Necra News”; 1935-1936
10 New York Canoe Club Papers; 1885-1976
11 New York Rowing Association Papers; 1928-1969
12 North American Yacht Racing Union Papers; 1965
Box Folder
31 1 Ontario Voyageurs Kayak Club Papers; 1960
2 Pennsylvania Pleasure Boat Association, Inc. Papers; 1962, undated
3 Philadelphia Canoe Club Papers; 1965
4 Prairie Club Canoeist; undated
5 Red Cross Papers; 1961-1966
6 Red Dragon Canoe Club Papers; 1905-1937
7 Richmond Canoe Club Papers; 1964
8 Seattle Canoe Club Papers; 1973
9 Royal Canoe Club Papers; 1933-1966
10 Sebago Canoe Club Papers; 1949-1974
11 Seminole Canoe and Yacht Club (Jacksonville, FL) Papers; 1938-1970
12 Seminole Canoe Club “Pow-Wow”; 1958-1977
13 Southern California Canoe Association Papers; 1966
14 United States Canoe Association, Inc. Papers; 1969
15 United States Canoe Association, Inc. publication; 1969
16 Yacht Racing Association of Long Island Sound; 1957-1958
17 Yonkers Canoe Club Papers; 1888-1964
18 Washington Canoe Club Papers; 1929-1954
19 Washington Canoe Club “Log”; 1942-1971
20 Winnipeg Canoe Club; undated
21 Canoe Club Burgees; undated
22 Canoe Club liveries; undated
23 Canoe Club miscellaneous; 1962-1970, undated
International Canoe Federation; News Bulletins; 1960-1975, undated
Box Folder
32 1 International Canoe Federation Bulletins; 1960-1961
2 I.C.F. Bulletins; 1963-1964
3 I.C.F. Bulletins; 1965-1966
4 I.C.F. Bulletins; 1967
5 I.C.F. Bulletins; 1968
6 I.C.F. Bulletins; 1969
7 I.C.F. Bulletins; 1970
8 I.C.F. Bulletins; 1971
9 I.C.F. Bulletins; 1972
Box Folder
33 1 I.C.F. Bulletins; 1973
2 I.C.F. Bulletins; 1974
3 I.C.F. Bulletins; 1975
4 I.C.F. Bulletins; undated
International Canoe Federation; Board of Management and Congress, and misc.; 1924-1975, undated
Box Folder
34 1 International Representation of Canoe-Sport (I. R. K.); constitution and by-laws; 1924
2 I. R. K. papers; 1934-1937
3 International Canoe Federation (I.C.F.) correspondence; 1946
4 I.C.F. Racing Rules; 1956
5 I.C.F. Board of Management minutes; 1959
6 I.C.F. papers re. Congress in Rome; 1960
7 I.C.F. papers; 1960-1965
8 I.C.F. Board of Management membership cards; 1965-1974
9 I.C.F. Board of Management papers; 1966
10 I.C.F. Congress papers; 1966
11 I.C.F. Board of Management papers; 1967
12 I.C.F. correspondence; 1967-1968
13 I.C.F. Board of Management papers; 1968
14 I.C.F. Congress papers; meeting during Olympics in Mexico City; 1968
15 I.C.F. Congress notes (RIW); 1968
16 I.C.F. papers; 1969
Box Folder
35 1 I.C.F. correspondence; 1970
2 I.C.F. Board of Management re. proposals by federations to be reviewed by Board on May 1-3; 1970
3 I.C.F. Congress papers; 1970
4 I.C.F. Congress notes; including notes from Board of Management meeting; 1970 Aug 2-5
5 I.C.F. papers; 1971
6 I.C.F. statues, addresses and rules; 1971
7 I.C.F. Racing Rules Papers; 1971-1972
8 I.C.F. correspondence; 1972
9 I.C.F. Board of Management papers; 1972
10 I.C.F. Congress papers; 1972
11 I.C.F. correspondence; 1973-1974
12 I.C.F. Board of Management papers; 1973
13 I.C.F. Board of Management papers; 1974
14 I.C.F. Congress papers; 1974
15 I.C.F. papers re. “No Slalom in the [1976] Olympics; 1974
16 I.C.F. notes; 1975
17 I.C.F. miscellaneous papers; undated
International Canoe Federation Committees; Paddling; 1961-1977
Box Folder
36 1 Europe Kayak & Canoe Championships; 1961-1963
2 I.C.F. Paddling Information (in French and German); 1967
3 I.C.F. Paddling correspondence; 1968
4 I.C.F. Paddling Committee Papers; 1968
5 I.C.F. Paddling Committee Papers; 1969
6 I.C.F. Paddling Committee Papers; 1970
7 I.C.F. Paddling Papers re. Granek’s book; 1970
8 I.C.F. Paddling World Championships in Denmark; schedule and results; 1970
9 I.C.F. Paddling Officials correspondence re. International Officials cards; 1970-1971
10 I.C.F. Paddling rules and racing regatta schedule; 1971
11 I.C.F. Paddling Committee Papers; includes minutes of meeting May 15-16, and results of Budapest Regatta of June 5-6; 1971
12 I.C.F. Paddling Committee Papers re. International Officials and “Experts”; 1971-1973
13 I.C.F. Paddling Racing Committee Papers; 1972
14 International Regatta hosted by Mexican Canoeing Federation; 1972 Jun 25
15 I.C.F. Paddling Committee Papers; 1973
16 I.C.F. Paddling Committee Papers re. World Championships in Finland July 26-29; 1973
17 Canoeing World Championships; program and schedule; 1974
18 World Canoe Championships program; 1977
International Canoe Federation Committees; Sailing; 1961-1973
Box Folder
36 19 Canoe Sailing World Championships; 1961-1972
20 I.C.F. Sailing Committee Papers; 1967
21 I.C.F. Sailing Committee Papers; 1968
22 I.C.F. Sailing Committee Papers; 1970-1971
23 I.C.F. Sailing Committee Papers; 1972-1973
International Canoe Federation Committees; Slalom; 1954-1974
Box Folder
37 1 I.C.F. Slalom Rules and questionnaire; 1954-1966, undated
2 I.C.F. Slalom Committee Papers; 1959-1963
3 I.C.F. Slalom Committee correspondence; 1967-1968
4 I.C.F. Slalom Committee Papers; 1968
5 I.C.F. Slalom expert exam; 1968-1974
6 I.C.F. Slalom Committee Papers; 1969
7 I.C.F. Slalom Committee Papers; 1970
8 I.C.F. Slalom Committee Papers re. International Officials and “Experts”; 1970-1972
9 I.C.F. Slalom Committee Papers; 1971
10 I.C.F. Slalom International Results and Team Leader Reports; 1971
11 I.C.F. Slalom Committee Papers; 1972
12 I.C.F. Slalom Committee Papers; 1973-1974
International Canoe Federation Committees; Sport Medicine; 1968-1974
Box Folder
37 13 I.C.F. Sports Medicine Committee Reports; 1968
14 I.C.F. Sports Medicine Committee Papers; 1973-1974
International Canoe Federation Committees; Touring; 1968-1973
Box Folder
37 15 I.C.F. Touring Committee Reports; 1968
16 I.C.F. Touring Committee Papers; 1973
Olympics and United States Olympic Committee; 1947-1974
Box Folder
38 1 Records of Olympic Committee; 1947
2 North American National Championships, Olympic Trials Papers; 1957-1960
3 Olympics and U.S.O.C. Correspondence;; 1960 Jan-Oct
4 Olympic Prep Finals and National Championship Program; 1960
5 Olympics and U.S.O.C. Correspondence; 1960-1962
6 Olympics and U.S.O.C. Papers, including Dec 1961 Quadrennial meeting papers; 1960-1961
7 U.S.O.C. Quadrennial Report; 1961 Dec 4-5
8 Olympics and U.S.O.C. Papers; 1962
9 Olympics and U.S.O.C. Papers; 1963
10 Olympics and U.S.O.C. Correspondence; 1963-1964
Box Folder
39 1 Olympics and U.S.O.C. Papers; 1964
2 Olympic Ephemera of 1964 Olympics in Tokyo, including photocopies of photographs
3 Olympic and U.S.O.C. Papers, including 1967 Chicago biennial meeting papers; 1965-1967
4 Olympic trials and course planning for 1968 Mexico City Games; undated
5 Olympic and U.S.O.C. Papers; 1968
6 Olympic Trial Papers, Long Beach, CA; 1968 Feb-Jul
7 Olympic Trial Papers, Long Beach, CA, includes map of Los Angles; 1968 Aug-Sep
Box Folder
40 1 Olympic Results; 1968 Oct 22-25
2 Olympic articles and newspapers, Mexico City; 1968
3 U.S.O.C. Quadrennial Meeting, Denver; 1969
4 Olympic and U.S.O.C. Papers; 1970-1972
5 Olympic travel notes of Roger Wilkinson; 1972
6 Olympic and U.S.O.C. Papers re. Munich Games; 1972
Box Folder
41 1 Olympic and U.S.O.C. Papers; 1973-1975
2 Olympic Ephemera of 1976 Olympics in Montreal; 1976
United States Olympic Committee Miscellaneous
Box Folder
41 3 U.S.O.C. Canoe and Kayak Committee Papers; 1968-1970
4 U.S.O.C. Canoe and Kayak Committee Papers; 1971-1972
5 U.S.O.C. Constitution, By-Laws and Rules; 1961-1967
6 U.S.O.C. Olympic Development Committee Papers re. “Olympic Kayak Racing Program for High Schools”; 1965-1967
7 U.S.O.C. Olympic Development Committee Papers; 1966-1970
Box Folder
42 1 U.S.O.C. Olympic Development Program Proposal; 1967-1972
2 Dan Dodge Memorial Papers; 1962-1963
3 U.S.O.C. fundraising papers and ephemera; 1952-1970
4 U.S.O.C. membership lists; 1962
5 U.S.O.C. Newsletters; 1961-1964
6 U.S.O.C. Newsletters; 1965-1968
7 U.S.O.C. Newsletters; 1969-1971
8 Olympic Souvenir Booklet Papers; 1963-1964
9 Pan American Games Papers; 1967-1974
10 Pan Pacific Games Papers; 1961, undated
11 Miscellaneous Olympic and U.S.O.C. ephemera; undated
12 Miscellaneous Olympic and U.S.O.C. papers; undated
Youth Training Camps and Boy Scouts of America; 1961-1969
Box Folder
43 1 Boy Scouts of America Papers; including papers re. Paddleramma; 1961-1969
2 Youth training camps by state (also contains papers from Canada which can be found at the end); undated
3 Youth training camps, miscellaneous papers; undated
4 Youth training correspondence; 1961-1963, undated
5 General youth training papers; undated
6 Youth training papers miscellaneous; undated
7 Camp canoeing committee; ca. 1962
8 A.C.A. Scholastic and Collegiate Racing Program; 1971 Mar
Miscellaneous brochures, catalogs, etc. related to canoes and canoe supplies; 1937-1978
Box Folder
44 1 Canoe reference material re. sail markers and suppliers; 1937-1959
2 Competition Canoes; 1960-1963
3 Grumman Boats; 1945-1973, undated
4 International Idea; 1961, undated
5 International Marine Paints; 1946-1968
6 Klepper Foldaways; 1961-1966, undated
7 Old Town; 1966-1978, undated
8 Zephyr; aluminum spars; 1970, undated
9 Memo re. business affiliate membership in A.C.A.; undated
10 Miscellaneous canoe literature (Beute); undated
11 Miscellaneous canoe literature (RIW); undated
Miscellaneous personal papers; 1930-1982
Box Folder
45 1 Folkstone, England article (Barr); 1930
2 “Frederic Remington: in the land of his youth” by Atwood Manley with notes and letter (Barr); 1961
3 Miscellaneous notes (Barr); undated
4 Miscellaneous personal papers; including papers re. Foggy Dews (Barr); ca. 1907, undated
5 Correspondence of the Naval Records Club (Beute); 1964-1966
6 Papers re. Tocks Island (Beute); ca. 1962
7 Inventory of A.C.A. files (RIW); 1972-1973
8 Miscellaneous notes (RIW); 1934-1982
9 Miscellaneous notes (RIW); undated
10 Miscellaneous personal papers, including papers re. Bell Telephone Laboratories (RIW); 1949-1976
11 Miscellaneous papers re. World War II from the Pacific Front including military newspapers, programs and map (RIW); 1943-1945
12 Japanese Invasion Money (RIW); undated
Miscellaneous papers; 1931-1997
Box Folder
46 1 Miscellaneous address book; undated
2 “An Appreciation of Frenchie Haussler, article by RIW, about Dr. Arthur Haussler; undated
3 Biographical information of canoeing contestants?; ca. 1964
4 “The Canoe Project, 63 Francis Avenue, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138 USA.”; 1974
5 “Canoe Project” notes re. Richard Golob; 1974
6 Department of Commerce Tide Tables; 1972
7 Miscellaneous international papers re. to canoes; 1963-1979, undated
8 Monmouth Museum Boat Show; 1971
9 Papers re. Pennsylvania Boating Law; 1961
10 Photo list of Mexico trip; does not include pictures; 1974-1975
11 Photocopies of unidentified photographs; undated
12 Photocopies of canoe plans; undated
13 “Physical Needs of Course” notes; 1964 Aug
14 Miscellaneous postcards of ships and canoes; undated
15 Miscellaneous receipts; 1931-1976, undated
16 Rules for boating, “Basics of Racing Rules” by David M. Tutelman; undated
17 “The Ship of the Line H. M. S. St. Lawrence” by Allan G. Leja; undated
18 Trophy brochures and drawings; undated
19 Trophy receipts; 1936
20 Tryouts and Results for unknown race; 1964
21 Zuk, Larry, The Story of the Carl Staley Willettes Canoe; 1997
22 Miscellaneous papers; 1938-1981
23 Miscellaneous papers; undated
Volumes; 1880-1938
1 “Cruises and References” record book; cruise log by A.C.A. members; 1880
2 Record book of the Secretary of the A.C.A., includes membership lists, dues paid, and minutes; 1881-1883
3 Record book of the Secretary Treasurer, includes minutes of Exec. Committee; 1881-1894
4 Minutes book of beginning with “The twelfth annual meeting of A.C.A.”; 1894-1909
5 Member list including member number, address, canoe and club, up to member number 1945; ca. 1890
6 Membership list (started by John Wright, Secretary); 1903 Oct-1904 Oct
7 Associate members list, starting with No. 1 Mrs. N. L. Aldern; ca. 1917
8 Record book, of “The Associated Canoe Clubs of Sheepshead Bay 1931”, which includes minutes, publicity, “The Dope”, race rules, receipts and disbursements; 1931

10 – 18






20 – 24



Official Records: Eagle Canoe Club; 1965

Yearbooks from 1880 through 1923

1883- 1890// canoe manuscript contents: description of what to take on a canoeing/camping trip (7pp), kinds of canoes w/ description of various aspects & attributes of different makes & makers (10pp). 7”x 22” 1890 map of 1000 Islands; showing water passage ways etc., tipped in. paddling, launching and upsets (9pp).  Canoe sails, aspects & uses, sailing tips (16pp). Includes 4 hand-drown diagrams,  Outfitting a canoe & comforts (5pp) w/1 page sketch of a fully outfitted canoe (w/sail).  Camping tips incl. selection of site, tents, emergencies, fires etc., (6 illus.), black fly bite prevention.


Handwritten Registers: 1880-1926 (2 volumes)

1927-1949 Sugar Island register

1886-1908 Central Division minutes

1913-1938 List of members

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