Watrous and Bacon Family Collection

Manuscripts Collection 301

Overview of the Collection

Repository: G.W. Blunt White Library, Mystic Seaport
Creator: Watrous and Bacon (Mystic, Conn.)
Title: Watrous and Bacon Family Collection
Dates: 1897-1915
Extent: 1500 pieces, 00 vol.
Abstract: The Watrous and Bacon Family Collection contains the papers of the Watrous and Bacon Manufacturing Company, and the family papers of Phebe and Miner H. Bacon. It also contains the legal papers of Jabez Watrous, Esq, and the legal papers of Jabez Whipple, cousin to the Watrous family.
Identification: Coll. 301

History of the Watrous and Bacon Families

Stephen Watrous was born in New London, Conn. on Sept 11, 1830 and died on July 10, 1901. Miner H. Bacon was his business partner and cousin by marriage. Miner H. Bacon was born in New London, Conn. in 1832 and died after 1914, he was married to Phebe A. Watrous. Jabez Watrous Esq. was Phebe’s brother. He was an attorney and also the clerk of Mystic National Bank.

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Scope and Content

The Watrous and Bacon business papers consist primarily of correspondence with various customers, but also includes receipts and invoices. Their business included the manufacting of glass moulds and in later years an automatic hanker for cordage companies. The business papers of Jabez Watrous, Jr., include stock records from his tenure as clerk of the Mystic National Bank and as executor of the estate of his cousin Delight Crouch, also papers concerning the Lantern Hill Silex Company. The family papers consist of land deeds for the Watrous family; the correspondence of Phebe and Miner H. Bacon, as well as their children Miner J. and Mary. Also the papers of Jabez Whipple, a cousin to the Watrous and Crouch families.

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Restrictions on Access

Available for use in the Manuscripts Division.

Restrictions on Use

Various copying restriction apply. Guidelines are available from the Manuscripts Division.

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Index terms

This collection is indexed under the following headings in the catalog of the G. W. Blunt White Library. Researchers desiring materials about related topics, persons or places should search the catalog using these headings.


Bacon Family
Bacon, Miner H.
Bacon, Phebe
Cheesebrough, Daniel
Crouch, Delight
Haley, Warren
Watrous Family
Watrous, Jabez
Watrous, Stephen
Whipple, Jabez

Corporate Bodies (Including Vessels):

A.R. Bremer Co
Arthur V. Briesen Patent and Law Office
Bartlett Brothers and Smith
D.M. Dickinson and Co.
Ellenville Glass Co.
Fort Trumball Glass Works
George W. Foster Co.
Lantern Hill Silex Co.
Massachusettes Glass Co.
Mystic National Bank
Oneida Mfg.
Plymouth Cordage Co.
Samson Cordage Works
Tennessee Line and Twine Co.
The Ingersoll-Sergeant Drill Co.
Thomas D. Pope and Brother
Travers Brothers
Whipple Bros. Co.


Boston, Massachusetts
Mystic, Connecticut
New London, Connecticut
New York, New York



Document Types:

Business letters
Family letters invoices



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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Coll. 301, Manuscripts Collection, G. W. Blunt White Library, Mystic Seaport Museum, Inc.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.


Bacon and Watrous family papers 1797-1915, n.d.
Box Folder
1 1 Watrous property records; 1797-1838 (19 pieces)
2 Watrous property records; 1840-1849 (12 pieces)
3 Watrous property records; 1851-1857 (26 pieces)
4 Watrous and Bacon property records; 1860-1867 (11 pieces)
5 Watrous and Bacon property records; 1870-1876 (11 pieces)
6 Watrous property records; taxes 1912-1914, n.d. (6 pieces)
7 Legal papers: Stephen Watrous vs. Warren Haley 1855-1856 (9 pieces)
8 Receipts and accounts; 1912-1914 (7 pieces)
Box Folder
2 1 Correspondence about Watrous genealogy 1896-1906 (29 pieces)
2 Correspondence about Watrous genealogy 1906-1914 (25 pieces)
3 Watrous family letters 1857-1893 (15 pieces)
4 Watrous family letters; Misc. items 1855, n.d. (5 pieces)
5 Bacon family letters 1860-1889 (25 pieces)
6 Bacon family letters 1890-1898 (22 pieces)
7 Bacon family letters 1899 (20 pieces)
8 Bacon family letters 1890-1893; n.d. (23 pieces)
9 Miscellaneous family papers, Mystic Civil War monument phamphlet 1883, 1890; n.d. (6 pieces)
10 Family account ledgers 1858-1889 (9 pieces)
Jabez Watrous Esq, legal papers 1859-1898
Box Folder
3 1 Estate papers, Zephaniah Watrous, Alfred Whipple and others; Quakertown Hall Society documents. 1859-1901 (30 pieces)
2 Estate papers, Delight Crouch (cousin) 1859-1905 (40 pieces)
3 Estate papers Alfred Whipple (cousin). 1880-11905, n.d. (27 pieces)
4 Jabez Whipple’s (cousin) Business Correspondence, legal papers, receipts; deeds. 1836-1872 (32 pieces)
5 Jabez Whipple business correspondence and legal papers. 1873-1902 (30 pieces)
6 Legal papers Lantern Hill Silex Co.; Mystic National Bank. 1846-1898 (26 pieces)
7 Jabez Watrous Clerk, Mystic National Bank Stockholder Power of Attorney letters. Aug 1833-Dec. 1833 (23 pieces)
8 Jabez Watrous Clerk, Mystic National Bank Power of Attorney letters. Jan 1834-Jan 1851 (27 pieces)
Watrous and Bacon Business Correspondence 1859-1910
Box Folder
4 1 Business correspondence concerning patents and manufacturing agreement. 1859-1910 (12 pieces)
2 Business correspondence, orders for glass moulds including some sketches. 1865-1866 (6 pieces)
3 Business correspondence, orders, and some sketches. Jan. to July 1867 (18 pieces)
4 Business correspondence and orders. Aug. to Oct. 1867 (23 pieces)
5 Business correspondce and orders. Nov. to Dec. 1867 (28 pieces)
6 Business correspondence; some sketches Jan. to Aug 1868 (18 pieces)
7 Business correspondence Sept. to Dec 1868 (18 pieces)
8 Business correspondence Jan. to April 1869 (26 pieces)
9 Business correspondence May and June 1869 (31 pieces)
10 Business correspondence July to Dec 1869 (28 pieces)
11 Business correspondence Jan. to July 1870 (21 pieces)
12 Business correspondence Aug to Dec 1870 (21 pieces)
13 Business correspondence Jan. to Dec. 1871 (29 pieces)
14 Business correspondence Jan. to Dec. 1872 (25 pieces)
15 Business correspondence 1873-1874 (30 pieces)
Box Folder
5 1 Business correspondence 1876-1878,1888,1892 (15 pieces)
2 Business correspondence from various cordage companies 1893 (17 pieces)
3 Business correspondence from various cordage companies Jan to June 1894 (29 pieces)
4 Business correspondence from various cordage companies July to Dec 1894 (25 pieces)
5 Business correspondence from various cordage companies 1895 (19 pieces)
6 Business correspondence from various cordage companies 1911 (24 pieces)
7 Business correspondence from various cordage companies 1912 (32 pieces)
8 Business correspondence from various cordage compnies 1913 (23 pieces)
9 Business correspondence from various cordage companies and other manufacturing companies 1914 (11 pieces)
10 Miscellaneous business correspondence 1868,1870; n.d. (27 pieces)
11 Pamphlets, Rules and Directions from Patent Office. Small notebook with copies of letters and accounting notations. 1859,1914 (2 pieces)
Box Folder
6 1 Invoices and receipts 1856-1862,1865,1866 (20 pieces)
2 Invoices and receipts 1867 ( 31 pieces)
6 Invoices and receipts 1868 (17 pieces)
4 Invoices and receipts 1869 (43 pieces)
5 Invoices and receipts 1870 (16 pieces)
6 Invoices and receipts 1871 (20 pieces)
7 Invoices and receipts 1871 (20 pieces)
7 Invoices and receipts 1872-1873 (13 pieces)
8 Invoices and receipts 1874 (20 pieces)
9 Invoices and receipts 1875,1877,1878 (20 pieces)
10 Invoices and receipts 1879-1880,1883-1884,1888;1890 (26 pieces)
11 Invoices and receipts 1892-1893 (19 pieces)
12 Invoices and receipts 1894-1895 (27 pieces)
13 Invoices and receipts 1901-1902 (13 pieces)
14 Invoices and receipts 1908,1910,1919;1925 (5 pieces)
15 Invoices and receipts 1911 (15 pieces)
16 Invoices and receipts 1912 (7 pieces)
17 Invoices and receipts 1913-1914 (24 pieces)
Miscellaneous papers and small notebooks 1881,1904 n.d
Box Folder
7 1 Trade sheets from businesses other than Watrous and Bacon, price sheets all are manufacturing companies n.d (54 pieces)
2 Miscellaneous items, scraps of worksheets; deed from John A. Wadsworth to Franklin C. Wadsworth; presricptions 1879,1919, n.d (13 pieces)
Box Folder
8 1 Account book 1864 (1piece)
2 Account book 1902-1912 (1pieces)
Oversized material: Newspapers
Box Folder
HF 1 The Dollar Newspaper, Philadelphia April 24, 1850 to August 21, 1850 (14 pieces)
2 Contains the following newspapers: The Norwich Courier, The Norwich Bulletin, New London, Conn. Evening Day and a photostat of Chelsea Courier, Norwich. The Chelsea Courier is volume 1, number 1. 1796,1901,1909,1929,1955 (14 pieces)
3 Contains the following newspapers: The Child’s Paper, Harper’s Weekly Supplement,Harry Hazel’s Yankee Blade, Boston, New York Tribune and the Boston Daily Globe. The Boston Daily Globes dated June 7, 1893 and June 21, 1893 are about the Lizzie Borden trial. 1855,1874,1876,1893,1895 (8 pieces)

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