BLACKSTONE, ship, of Groton. Built at Somerset, Massachusetts, 1827. 258 40/95 tons: 89′ 6″ x 25′ 9″ x 12′ 10 1/2″. Two decks, three masts, square stern, billet head. Previously registered (temporary) at New York, New York, November 10, 1831.

Registered, New London, no. 15, July 3, 1833.

Re-registered, New London, no. 12, June 17, 1835.

Re-registered, New London, no. 12, July 7, 1837.
Home port changed to Mystic.

Re-registered, New London, no. 6, may 18, 1839.

Re-registered, Stonington, no. 5, June 17, 1843.

Re-registered, Stonington, no. 8, July 5, 1845. Rig changed to bark. Document surrendered at Cape Town, March 21 1846. Vessel condemned.

Beebe, Silas
Chester, Braddock
Cottrell, Joseph
Denison, John, Jr.
Faile, Thomas H.
Faxon, Elisha
Faxon, Elisha, Jr.
Fordham, Charles
Haley, George
Haley, Simeon, Jr,
Hyde, James S.
Holmes, Jeremiah
Langwortby, Samuel, Jr.
Mallory, Charle
Mason, Joseph D.
Mason, Joseph D., Heirs of
Palmer, Benjamin F.
Pendleton, William
Stoddard, Benjamin F.
Todd, William W.
Trumbull, Gurdon
Waldron, Jonathan C.
Williams, Charles P.

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