LION, schooner, of Mystic. Built at Stonington, Connecticut, 1849. 82 52/95 tons: 59′ 8″, x 18′ 5″ x 8′ 9″. One deck, two masts, square stern, billet head.

Enrolled, Stonington, no. 7, March 10, 1849.
Home port, Noank.

Re-registered, Stonington, no. 7, August 18, 1852.
Home port, Mystic.

Reregistered, Stonington, no. 3, July 25, 1853.

Surrendered at Department of State, February 12, 1855.
Vessel wrecked near Montivideo.

Built by Irons & Grinnell

Armesbury, Charles H.
Ashby, Benjamin
Ashby, Roswell
Avery, Joseph S.
Burrows, Daniel E.
Burrows, Denison
Collins, Benjamin F.
Cottrell, Joseph
Eldredge, Thomas
Fish, Asa
Fish, Nathan G.
Holmes, Benjamin F.
Holmes, Jeremiah
Lambs Nathan
Mallory, Charles
Mallory, Charles H.
Mallory, David D.
Manning, Mason
Miner, Isaac D.
Noyes, Jesse D.
Palmer, Benjamin F.
Stark, Sanford
Tift, Amos C.
Whiting, Nathan P.
Wilbur, Jeremiah
Williams, Charles P.

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