Arctic-related Items from the Mystic Seaport Museum for Educators website


A narwhal tusk coat rack made in the 1870’s by Captain John O. Spicer and donated to the Museum in 1964

A photograph of Captain Spicer in Inuit clothing.

A stereograph of a pair of wax models of two Inuit, Ebierbing and Tookoolito, created for the 1876 centennial in Philadelphia.

A photograph of an Inuit family, consisting of Chimoakio (more familiarly called “Johnnibo”), Annie Kimilu, and their daughter Kudlarjuk.

A waterproof gutskin parka.

A walrus-skin covered boat called an umiak.

A photograph of whaleman Capt. George Comer who lived among the Inuit during the winter while waiting for the ice to thaw enough to go whaling again.

A painting of Capt. Comer’s schooner ERA frozen in the ice.

One of many photographs of Inuit taken by Capt. Comer during his time in the Arctic.