Arctic Regions Bibliography

Select Books on the Arctic Regions in the G.W. Blunt White Library, Mystic Seaport Museum, 2018

American Geographical and Statistical Society. The polar exploring expedition : a special meeting of the American Geographical & Statistical Society, held March 22, 1860. New York: Printed for the Society, 1860.  Subjects: Hayes, I. I (Isaac Israel), 832-1881.; Arctic regions; Arctic regions—Discovery and exploration

Anonymous. The Arctic World: its plants, animals, and natural phenomena, with a historical sketch of Arctic discovery. London; New York: T. Nelson, 1876. Subjects: Natural History—Arctic regions; Whales; Eskimos; Arctic regions

Back, George, Sir,. Narrative of the Arctic land expedition to the mouth of the Great Fish River : and along the shores of the Arctic Ocean in the years 1833, 1834, and 1835. Rutland, Vt: J. Murray, 1836. Subjects: Northwest Canadian; Arctic regions

Barrow, John, Sir,. A chronological history of voyages into the Arctic regions ; undertaken chiefly for the purposes of discovering a northeast, north-west or polar passage between the Atlantic and Pacific, from the earliest periods of Scandinavian navigation to the departure of the recent expeditions under the orders of Captains Ross and Buchan. London: John Murray, 1818. Subjects: Frobisher, Martin, Sir, ca. 1535-1594; Arctic regions—Discovery and exploration—Chronology; Northeast Passage; Northwest Passage

Barrow, John, Sir,. Voyages of discovery and research within the Arctic regions, from the year 1818 to the present time: under the command of the several naval officers employed by sea and land in search of a Northwest passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific; with two attempts to reach the North Pole / abridged and arranged from the official narratives, with occasional remarks, by Sir John Barrow. New York: Harper, 1846. Subjects: Northwest Passage; Arctic Regions

Beechey, Frederic, William. A voyage of discovery towards the North Pole, performed in His Majesty’s ships Dorthea and Trent, under the command of Captain David Buchan, R.N.; 1818, to which is added, a summary of all the early attempts to reach the Pacific by way of the Pole. London: R. Bentley, 1843. Subjects: Buchan, David, b. 1780; Dorothea (Ship); Trent (Ship: 1818); Arctic regions

Beechey, Frederick William. Narrative of a voyage to the Pacific and Bering’s strait : to co-operate with the polar expeditions: performed in His Majesty’s ship Blossom, under the command of Captain F. W. Beechey … in the years 1825, 26, 27, 28 … . London: H. Colburn and R. Bentley, 1831. Subjects: Blossom (Ship); Voyages and travels—19th century; Oceania; Pacific Ocean; Arctic regions

Bliss, Richard W. Our lost explorers : the narrative of the Jeannette Arctic expedition as related by the survivors, and in the records and last journals of Lieutenant De Long / revised by Raymond Lee Newcomb ; with an introduction by Rev. W. L. Gage. Hartford, CT. : American Publishing Company, 1883.  Subjects: De Long, George W. (George Washington), 1844-1881; Jeannette (Ship); Arctic regions; Siberia—Description and travel

Bockstoce, John R. High latitude, North Atlantic: 30,000 miles through cold seas and history. Mystic, CT: Mystic Seaport, c2003. Subjects: Bockstoce, John R.—travel; Arctic regions—Description and travel; Newfoundland and Labrador—Description and travel

Brown, John. A sequel to the North-west passage, and the plans for the search for Sir John Franklin : a review. London: E. Stanford, 1860. Subjects: Franklin, John Sir, 1786-1847; Fox (Ship); Northwest Passage; Arctic regions—Discovery and exploration

Burn Murdoch, W.G. Modern whaling & bear-hunting: a record of present-day whaling and up-to-date appliances in many parts of the world, and of bear and seal hunting in the Arctic regions / by W. G. Burn Murdoch; with 110 illustrations chiefly from drawings & photographs by the author. Philadelphia: J.B Lippincott, 1917. Subjects: Whaling; Hunting—Arctic regions; Sealing—Arctic regions

Cook, Frederick Albert. My attainment of the Pole.  New York: Polar Publishing Co., 1911.  Subjects: Arctic regions; North Pole

De Long, George W. The voyage of the Jeannette: the ship and ice journals of George W. De Long, lieutenant-commander of U. S. N., and commander of the Polar expedition of 1879-1881. Boston: Houghton, Mifflin, 1883.  Subjects: Jeannette (Ship); Arctic regions; Siberia—Description and travel

Fisher, Alexander. Journal of a voyage of discovery, to the Arctic Regions : performed between the 4th of April, and the 18th of Nov., 1818, in His Majesty’s ship Alexander, Wm. Edw. Parry, Esq. lieut. and commander / by an officer of the Alexander. London: Printed for Richard Phillips by G. Sidney, [1819].Subjects: Parry, William Edward, Sir, 1790-1855; Alexander (Ship); Voyages and travels; Arctic regions—Discovery and exploration, British

Franklin, John, Sir,. Narrative of a journey to the shores of the polar sea, in the years 1819-20-21-22 : with a brief account of the second journey in 1825-26-27. London: J Murray, 1829. Subjects: Natural history—Northwest Territories; Scientific expeditions; Northwest Territories—Description and travel—To 1900; Arctic regions

Franklin, John, Sir,. Narrative of a journey to the shores of the polar sea, in the years 1819, 20, 21, 22 / by John Franklin … ; with an appendix on various subjects relating to science and natural history. London: J. Murray, 1823.  Subjects: Natural history—Northwest Territories; Histoire naturelle—Territoires du Nord-Ouest; Northwest Territories—Description and travel—To 1900; Arctic Regions

Franklin, John, Sir,. Narrative of a second expedition to the shores of the polar sea in the years 1825, 1826 and 1827. : Including an account of the progress of a detachment to the eastward .  Edmonton: J. Murray, [1828]. Subjects: Northwest passage; Arctic regions; Northwest, Canadian—Description and travel—1821-1867.

Gilkerson, William. American whalers in the western Arctic : the final epoch of the great American sailing whaling fleet : a portfolio of watercolors & drawings / by William Gilkerson ; introduced and related in text by John R. Bockstoce. Fairhaven, Ma.: E. J. Lefkowicz, Inc., 1983. Subjects: Whaling—United States—History—19th century; Whaling—Arctic regions—History—19th century; Whaling—Arctic regions—Pictorial works; Whaling in art

Godfrey, Wm. C. Godfrey’s narrative of the last Grinnell Arctic exploring expedition in search of Sir John Franklin, 1853-4-5: with a biography of Dr. Elisha K. Kane, from the cradle to the grave. Philadelphia: J.T. Lloyd & Co, 1857. Subjects: Kane, Elisha Kent, 1820-1857; Grinnell Expedition (2nd: 1853-1855); Northwest Passage

Great Britain. Admiralty. Report of the Committee appointed by the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty to inquire into and report on the recent Arctic expeditions in search of Sir John Franklin : together with the minutes of evidence taken before the Committee, and papers connected with the subject. London: Printed by Eyre and Spottiswoode for H.M.S.O., 1851. Subjects: Franklin, John, Sir, 1786-1847; Arctic regions

Hall, Charles Francis. Arctic researches and life among the Esquimaux: being the narrative of an expedition in search of Sir John Franklin, in the years 1860, 1861, and 1862. New York: Harper, 1877.  Subjects: Arctic regions; Eskimos; Franklin, John, 1786-1847; United States—Discovery and exploration

Hayes, I. I. An Arctic boat journey in the autumn of 1854. Boston: Brown, Taggard and Chase, 1860. Subjects: Grinnell Expedition (2nd : 1853-1855); Arctic regions

Hayes, I. I. The open polar sea : a narrative of a voyage of discovery towards the North Pole, in the schooner “United States.”  New York: R. Worthington, [1869?]. Subjects: United States (Schooner); Arctic regions

Holmes, Lewis. The Arctic whaleman : or winter in the Arctic Ocean; being a narrative of the wreck of the whale ship ‘Citizen’ of New Bedford … together with a brief history of whaling. Boston : Wentworth, 1857 Subjects: Citizen (Ship : of New Bedford); Whaling—Arctic regions; Whaling—History; Shipwrecks

[Holmes, Prescott.]The story of exploration and adventure in the frozen seas. Philadelphia : Henry Altemus, 1896. Subjects: Arctic regions—Juvenile literature

Hoppin, Benjamin. A diary kept while with the Peary Arctic expedition of 1896. [New Haven? Conn.: s.n., 1897?] Subjects: Peary, Robert E. (Robert Edwin), 1856-1920; Hoppin, Benjamin, 1851-1923—Diaries; Arctic Regions

Huish, Robert. The last voyage of Capt. Sir John Ross… to the Arctic regions: for the discovery of a north west passage; performed in the year 1829-30-31-21 and 33 … London: John Saunders, 1836. Subjects: Ross, John, Sir, 1777-1856; Victory (Ship); Northwest Passage

Inglefield, E. A. A summer search for the Sir John Franklin : with a peep into the polar basin / by E. A. Inglefield ; with short notices by Professor Dickie on the botany ; by Dr. Sutherland on the meteorology and geology ; a new chart of the Arctic Sea. London: T. Harrison, 1853.  Subjects: Franklin, John, Sir, 1786-1847; Isabel (Ship); Botany—Arctic regions; Physical geography—Arctic regions; Arctic regions.

Ives, Jeffrey C. Climbing the halyards: the 1948 voyage of the schooner Bowdoin. Ithaca, NY : Ives : 2004. Subjects: Ives, Clifford A.; MacMillan, Donald Baxter, 1874-; Bowdoin (Ship); Inuit—Pictorial works; Sailors—United States—20th Century—Biography; Sailors—United States—Pictorial works; Arctic regions—Pictorial works; Canada, Northern—Pictorial works

Jackson, Frederick George. A thousand days in the Arctic / by Frederick G. Jackson ; with preface by Admiral Sir F. Leopold McClintock ; illustrated from photographs by the author and drawings by R. W. Macbeth …, Clifford Carleton, Harry C. Edwards, & F.W. Frohawk, from data furnished by the author.  London; New York: Harper, 1899. Subjects: Natural History—Franz Josef Land (Russia); Arctic Regions

Kane, Elisha Kent. Arctic explorations : the second Grinnell expedition in search of Sir John Franklin, 1853, ’54, ’55 / by Elisha Kent Kane ; illustrated by upwards of three hundred engravings, from sketches by the author. Philadelphia: Childs & Peterson, 1856. Subjects: Grinnell Expedition (2nd : 1853-1855); Northwest Passage; Arctic regions

Kennedy, William. A short narrative of the second voyage of the Prince Albert in search of Sir John Franklin. London: W.H. Dalton, 1853. Subjects: Franklin, John, Sir, 1786-1847; Prince Albert (Brig); Arctic regions—Discovery and exploration—British

Kingston, William Henry Giles. Peter the whaler : his early life, and adventures in the Arctic regions and other parts of the world. New York: C. S. Francis, 1852. Subjects: Whaling—Fiction; Seafaring life—Fiction

Laing, John, surgeon. An account of a voyage to Spitzbergen : containing a full description of that country, of the zoology of the North, and of Shetland Isles, with an account of the whale fishery. / By John Laing. London: J. Mawman; [etc., etc.], 1815. Subjects: Zoology—Arctic regions; Whaling; Spitzbergen—Description and travel; Shetland (Scotland)—Description and travel London: R. Bentley, 1843.  Subjects: Buchan, David, b. 1780; Dorothea (Ship); Trent (Brig: 1811); Arctic regions

Lyon, G. F. The private journal of Captain G.F. Lyon, of the H.M.S. Hecla, during the recent voyage of discovery under Captain Parry.  London: John Murray, 1824. Subjects: Parry, William Edward, 1790-1855; Hecla (Bark); Northwest Passage; Eskimos; Arctic regions—Discovery and exploration—British

MacNaughton, James. The expedition of the “Alert” to the Hudson’s Strait and Bay in 1885 : a paper read before the Albany Institute April 6, 1886. [Albany, N.Y.: Albany Institute, 1886]. Subjects: Alert (Ship); Hudson Bay Region—Discovery and exploration; Arctic regions

Markham, Albert Hastings, Sir,. A whaling cruise to Baffin’s Bay and the Gulf of Boothia, and an account of the rescue of the crew of the Polaris / by Albert Hastings Markham ; with an introd. By Sherard Osborn. London: S. Low, Marston, Low and Searle, 1875. Subjects: Polaris (Ship); Whaling; Arctic regions

McDougall, George F. The eventful voyage of H.M. discovery ship “Resolute” to the Arctic regions : in search of Sir John Franklin and the missing crew of H. M. discovery ships “Erebus” and “Terror”, 1852, 1853, 1854. To which is added an account of her being fallen in with by an American whaler after her abandonment in Barrow Straits, and of her presentation to Queen Victoria by the government of the United States. London: Longman, Brown, Green, Longmans & Roberts, 1857. Subjects: Franklin, John, Sir, 1786-1847; Resolute (Ship); Arctic regions

Moss, Edward L. Shores of the polar sea: a narrative of the Arctic Expedition of 1875-76. London: Marcus Ward, 1878. Subjects: Alert (Ship); Arctic regions

Mulgrave, Constantine John Phipps, Baron. A voyage towards the North pole undertaken by His Majesty’s command, 1773. Subjects: Arctic regions; Northeast Passage

Murray, Hugh. Historical account of discoveries and travels in North America; including the United States, Canada, the shores of the Polar Sea, and the voyages in search of a Northwest passage, with observations on emigration. London : Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, & Green, 1829. Subjects: Indians—Origin; North America—History; America—Discovery and exploration; United States—History—Colonial period, ca. 1600-1775; Northwest Passage; Arctic regions; United States; Canada

Nourse, Joseph E.  American explorations in the ice zones: the expeditions of DeHaven, Kane , Rodgers, Hayes, Hall, Schwatka and DeLong. Boston: B.B. Russell, [1884]. Subjects: Arctic Regions.

O’Reilly, Bernard. Greenland, the adjacent seas, and the north-west passage to the Pacific ocean : illustrated in a voyage to Davis’s Strait, during the summer of 1817. New York: Published by James Eastburn : 1818. Subjects: Arctic regions—Description and travel; Northwest passage—Description and travel; Greenland—Description and travel

O’Reilly, Bernard. Greenland, the adjacent seas, and the northwest passage to the Pacific ocean, illustrated in a voyage to Davis’s strait, during the summer of 1817, with charts and numerous plates from drawings of the author taken on the spot. London : printed for Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy, 1818. Subjects: Arctic regions—Description and travel; Northwest Passage—Description and travel; Greenland—Description and travel

Osborn, Sherard. Stray leaves from an Arctic journal, or, Eighteen months in the polar regions: in search of Sir John Franklin’s expedition, in the years 1850-1851. London: Longman, Brown, Green & Longmans, 1852.  Subjects: Franklin, John, Sir,. 1786-1847; Osborn, Sherard, 1822-1875; Pioneer (Steamship); Royal Naval Expedition (1850-1852); American Arctic Expedition (1850-1851); Arctic regions

Parry, William Edward, Sir,. Journal of a third voyage for the discovery of a north-west passage: from the Atlantic to the Pacific; performed in the year 1824-1825, in his Majesty’s ships Hecla and Fury, under the orders of Captain William Edward Parry, R. N. F. R. S., and commander of the expedition… London: John Murray, 1826. Subjects: Hecla (Bark); Fury (Ship); Natural history—Arctic regions; Northwest passage—Discovery and exploration

Parry, William Edward, Sir,. Narrative of an attempt to reach the north pole : in boats fitted for the purpose, and attached to his Majesty’s ship Hecla in the year 1827, under the command of Captain William Edward Parry, R. N. F. R. S. ... London: John Murray, 1828. Subjects: Hecla (Bark); Northwest passage—Discovery and exploration; Arctic regions

Payer, Julius. New lands within the Arctic circle : narrative of the discoveries of the Austrian ship “Tegetthoff,” in the years 1872-1874 / by Julius Payer … tr. from the German, with the author’s approbation. New York: Appleton, 1877. Subjects: Tegetthoff (Ship); Franz Josef Land (Russia); Arctic Regions

Peary, Robert E. Nearest the Pole : a narrative of the Polar expedition of the Peary Arctic club in the S.S. Roosevelt, 1905-1906 / by R. E. Peary ; with ninety-five photographs by the author, two maps and a frontispiece in colour by Albert Operti. New York: Doubleday, Page, 1907. Subjects: Peary, Robert E. (Robert Edwin), 1856-1920—Travel—Arctic regions; Arctic regions—Discovery and exploration

Peary, Robert E. Northward over the great ice: a narrative of life and work along the shores and upon the interior ice-cap of northern Greenland in the years 1886 and 1891-1897, with a description of the little tribe of Smith Sound Eskimos, the most northerly human beings in the word, and an account of the discovery and bringing home of the Saviksue or great Cape York meteorites. New York: F.A. Stokes, 1898.  Subject: Arctic regions

Peary, Robert E. Secrets of polar travel / by Robert E. Peary; illustrated with photographs. New York : Century Co., 1917. Subject: Arctic regions

Peary, Robert E. The Kodak at the North Pole. Rochester, NY: Eastman Press, 1893. Subjects: Eskimos—Arctic regions; Cameras; Photography; Arctic regions—Discovery and exploration

Perry, Richard. The Jeannette : and a complete and authentic narrative encyclopedia of all voyages and expeditions to the North Polar regions … voyages of Franklin, Kane, Hayes, Hall, and De Long …. Thompsonville, Conn.: Horace King, 1882. Subjects: Jeannette (Ship); Arctic regions; Siberia—Description and travel

Potter, Russell A. Finding Franklin the untold story of a 165-year search. Montreal ; Chicago : McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2016. Subjects: Franklin, John, 1786-1847; Erebus (Ship); Shipwrecks—Canada, Northern; Northwest Passage—Discovery and exploration—British; Arctic regions—Discovery and exploration—British

Revillon Frères Trading Company. Igloo life: a brief account of primitive Arctic tribe living near one of the most northern trading post of Revillon Freres. New York: Privately printed, 1923.  Subjects: Eskimos—Hudson Bay Region

[Ross, John, Sir,.] Arctic miscellanies: a souvenir of the late polar search / by the officers and seamen of the expedition. London: Colburn, 1852. Subjects: Austin, Horatio Thomas, Sir, 1800 or 1-1865; Assistance (Ship); Arctic regions

Ross, John, Sir,. Narrative of a second voyage in search of a north-west passage, and of a residence in the Arctic regions during the years 1829, 1830, 1831, 1832, 1833 by Sir John Ross… Including the reports of … James Clark Ross… and the discovery of the northern magnetic pole. London: A.W. Webster, 1835. Subjects: Victory (Steamship); Natural history—Arctic regions; Northwest Passage

Scoresby, William. An Account of the arctic regions with a history and description of the North whale-fisher… Edinburgh; London: A Constable; Hurst, Robinson, 1820. Subjects: Whaling; Arctic Regions

Scoresby, William. Seven log-books concerning the Arctic voyages of Captain William Scoresby, senior, of Whitby, England / issued in fac-simile by the Explorers Club of New York, with reproductions in color of portraits in oils of Captain William Scoresby, senior, and of Captain William Scoresby, junior, D.D. ; introductory brochure edited by Frederick S. Dellenbaugh. New York: Explorers Club, 1916-1917. Subjects: Whaling; Arctic regions

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Snelling, William Joseph. The polar regions of the western continent explored: embracing of geographical account of Iceland, Greenland, the islands of the frozen sea, and the northern parts of the American continent … together with adventures, discoveries, dangers and trials of Parry, Franklin, Lyon, and other navigators, in those regions. Boston: Printed for W.W. Reed, 1831. Subjects: Arctic regions

Snow, William Parker. Voyage of the Prince Albert in search of Sir John Franklin : a narrative of every-day life in the Arctic seas. London: Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1851. Subjects: Franklin, John, Sir, 1786-1847; Prince Albert (Ship); Arctic regions

Sonntag, August. Professor Sontag’s thrilling narrative of the Grinnell exploring expedition to the Arctic Ocean, in the years 1853, 1854, and 1855, in search of Sir John Franklin, under the command of Dr. E. K. Kane. Philadelphia: J. T. Lloyd & Co., 1857.  Subjects: Kane, Elisha Kent, 1820-1857; Grinnell Expedition (2nd : 1853-1855); Arctic regions

Sutherland, Peter C. Journal of a voyage in Baffin’s Bay and Barrow Straits in the years 1850-1851: performed by H.M ships Lady Franklin and Sophia under the command of Mr. William Penny in search of the missing crews of H.M. Ships Erebus and Terror, with a narrative of sledge excursions on the ice of Wellington Channel and observations on the natural history and physical feature of the countries and frozen seas visited. London : Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1852. Subjects: Franklin, John, Sir, 1786-1847; Penny, William, Capt.; Arctic regions

Sutherland, Peter C. Journal of a voyage in Baffin’s bay and Barrow straits, in the years 1850-1851 … under the command of Mr. William Penney, in search of the missing crews of H. M. ships, Erebus and Terror … London : Brown, Green and Longmans, 1852. Subjects: Penny, William, 1809-1892; Franklin, John, Sir, 1786-1847; Sophia (H.M.S); Lady Franklin (H.M.S); Arctic regions

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Tyson, George E. Arctic experiences: containing Capt. George E. Tyson’s wonderful drift on the ice-floe, a history of the Polaris expedition, the cruise of the Tigress, and rescue of the Polaris survivors; to which is added a general Arctic chronology. New York: Harper, 1874. Subjects: Tyson, George E. (George Emory), 1829-1906—Diaries; Polaris (Ship); Tigress (Screw steamer); Survival—Polar regions; Arctic regions–Discovery and exploration; Polar regions—Discovery and exploration

United States. Navy Department. Narrative of the North Polar expedition : U.S. Ship Polaris, Captain Charles Francis Hall commanding / edited under the direction of the Hon. G.M. Robeson, Secretary of the Navy, by Rear-Admiral C.H. Davis. Washington: G.P.O., 1876. Subjects: Polaris (Ship); Arctic regions; United States—Discovery and exploration; Arctic regions—Discovery and exploration—American

United States. Revenue-Cutter Service. Report of the cruise of the revenue marine steamer Corwin in the Arctic ocean in the year 1885. Washington: G.P.O., 1887. Subjects: Corwin (Revenue Cutter); Indians of North America—Alaska; Natural history—Alaska; Sealing—Alaska; Arctic regions; Kowak River (Alaska); Noatak River (Alaska)

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Zorgdrager, Cornelis Gijsbertsz. Bloeijende opkomst der a loude en hedendaagsche Groenlandsche visschery… Met byvoeging van de walvischvangst,…door Abraham Moubach. Tweenden druk. s’Gravenhage : P. van Thol en R.C. Alberts, 1727. Subjects: Whaling—History; Whaling—Arctic regions; Whaling—Statistics; Fisheries—Greenland; Arctic regions—Description and travel