Warren Andrews, Jr. (AM0149)

In all probability, Warren, master of two vessels for four voyages, is the Warren Andrews who was born March 25, 1807 in Preston, CT, son of Warren Andrews (1781-1848) and Honor Andrews (1777-1841).  After Honor died, Warren Sr. married Abigail Green on January 4, 1842. Warren Sr. is buried in Palmer Cemetery in Preston. Warren Jr. was one of nine children. He married Emeline Merritt (1805-1881) on April 16, 1833.  There is no record of any issue of that marriage. Crew lists for three of his voyages records him as born in Preston and describe him as 5’6” or 5’9” tall, of light skin and light hair. He died in Preston on May 18, 1855 and is buried in Preston City Cemetery. Gravestone found at Find a Grave.

Before becoming a master, Warren served on the crew for six voyages from 1828-1833:

FLORA (AS1369) 1828-1829 and 1829-1830, CONNECTICUT (AS1144) 1830-1831 and 1831-1832, and then as mate on NEPTUNE (AS2032) 1832-1833 and 1833 ?).

After his two years as mate on NEPTUNE, he became her master and later master of one other ship with New London as home port:

NEPTUNE: (ship, 285 tons, built New Bedford in 1809). Departed 6/10/1834 to the South Atlantic, returned 4/16/1836. Thomas W. Williams was agent on this and following two voyages. AV10368.

​​NEPTUNE, departed 6/6/1836 to the South Atlantic, returned 5/11/1837. ​​​AV19297.

​​NEPTUNE, departed 6/21/1837 for the South Atlantic, returned 3/28/1839. ​​AV10370.

MOGUL (AS1958): (ship, 395 tons, built Medford, MA in 1823). Departed 9/17/1844 for Indian and Northwest Pacific, returned 4/8/1847. Williams & Barnes was agent. The logbook for this voyage is held by MSM in LOG 64. AV09943.

Colby (p. 40-41) quotes from three letters written by Mary Smith to her husband Capt. Parker H. Smith while he was at sea. The third of these letters, dated June 18, 1837, she gave to Warren three days later as he departed on his third NEPTUNE voyage with the request that he get it to her husband. The letter would be delivered to her husband several months later.

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George Shaw (Mystic Seaport Museum) January 8, 2020