… Bailey (AM0215)

This Mr. Bailey, about whom no definitive information could be found, is listed as replacement master on two ships:

PEARL (AS2158): (bark, 195 tons, built Medford, MA 1838, burned by SHENANDOAH in April 1865). Departed October 15, 1859, returned on September 1862. Destination not reported. The original master was Henry W. Bartlett (AM0375) who left the ship and died. Mr. Bailey replaced him as master. He does not appear on the crew list for this voyage. Agents: Williams & Haven. AV11339.

EMMA JANE (AS1297): (schooner, 86 tons, built Dorchester MD in 1854, condemned in 1865). Departed June 27, 1872 for Heard’s Island (a long distance southwest of Perth, Australia), returned May 5, 1877. The original master was William T. Swain. Mr. Bailey appears as replacement master but no indication was found of Swain’s departure. Note: The crew list for EMMA JANE shows a Charles Bailey as crew member listed below Swain’s name. Agents: Williams & Haven. AV04453.

Sources: See sidebar and sources mentioned in text.

George Shaw (Mystic Seaport Museum) December 6, 2021