Henry Watson Bartlett (AM0375)

Henry was born in East Bridgewater MA on March 3, 1821, son of Lewis (1787-1859) and Keziah Leach (1791-1823). He died during his whaling voyage on PEARL in1862, exact date not known. His will, reciting him “of Wareham MA, was probated in November 1962. He married Mary Barker on June 3, 1856 in Wareham MA. They had a son Charles who was born in Cambridge MA in 1857 and died there in 1876. The Federal census for Wareham lists Henry’s occupation as “sailor.’

Henry served on the crew for at least two whaling voyages: CERVANTES (AS10610) for her 1843-1844 voyage and ALERT (AS0834) for her 1845-1847 voyage.

Henry was master for one voyage on each of four ships with a home port of New London.

BLACK WARRIOR (AS0987): (bark, 231 tons, built in Duxbury MA in 1825, went ashore in Baja California in 1859). Departed July 14, 1851 for theNorth Pacific and stopped in Honolulu where she was condemned in November 1853. She was sold there in December 19, 1854, according to Decker for $11,000. The agent was Williams & Haven. AV01886

NORTH AMERICA (AS2056): (bark, 388 tons, built Kensington PA in 1810, condemned and sold in Hobart, Tasmania in April 1861). Departed June 3, 1851 for the Pacific and Indian Oceans, returned on April 20, 1855. The agent was Williams & Haven. Henry Mason (AM3350) was her master when she sailed. At some point under circumstances not known he left the ship and was replaced as master by Henry. AV10595

​​JULIUS CAESAR (AS1737): (ship, 347 tons, built in 1812). Departed October 11, 1856 for the South Atlantic and Indian Oceans, returned on May 28, 1859. On her return she was “sold and broken up 1859” (Starbuck) or “sold out of the business at home in 1859” (Wood Abstracts 3-559). In either case, Henry was her master for this the last of her 19 voyages out of New London from 1831-1859. The agent was E.V. Stoddard. AV07957

PEARL (#AS2158) (bark, 195 tons, built Medford, MA 1838, burned by SHENANDOAH in April 1865). Departed October 15, 1859, destination not reported, returned in September 1862. Henry was master when she departed but left the ship and died under circumstances not reported. Wood Abstracts (3-570) records his death but not the circumstances. Neither Starbuck, Decker nor Colby mentions his death. _________ Bailey (AM0215) replaced him as master. The agent was Williams & Haven. AV11339.

Sources: see sidebar and sources cited in text.

George Shaw (Mystic Seaport Museum) June 2023