• A
  • Lester J. Arnold, Sr., Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 82)
    This collection consists of 225 drawings, representing 133 design. In addition to plans, it includes a notebook, dating to 1930-1931, which contains vessel specifications and statistical data is included. The material is from the personal collection of Lester Arnold, Sr. It includes plans for recreational, commercial, and some military craft; a small group of Sea Sled material is included.
  • B
  • James Backus Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 144)
    Original plans drawn  by James Backus for, primarily, pleasure craft.
  • Bailey & Staub (Ships Plans Coll. 84)
  • Morgan Barney Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 86)
    This collection spans the years 1886 to 1925. The designs include yachts in power and sail, commercial vessels in power and sail, fishermen, military and government craft, and alterations to existing vessels. It includes some plans by Mr. Barney other designers such as B.B. Crowninshield, F.D. Lawley and H.C. Wintringham.
  • John S. Barry Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 119)
    This plans range in date from 1944 through 1962 representing recreational and military vessels. The vessels include the work of Mr. Barry and other designers.
  • Ralph E. Barry Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 8)
    These blueprints and original plans were drawn and collected by Mr. Barry. They are for large ship- and bark-rigged commercial sailing vessels. Date ranges from 1884 to 1941.
  • Benjamin Adelbert Barstow Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 105)
    These plans include drawings for business use, words of other designers and drawings Mr. Barstow and others produced as members of the WPA watercraft documentation project. This entire collection represents vessels ranging in date from an 1832 half model to early- 20th-century recreational craft. Plans drawn by Mr. Barstow range in date from 1932 through 1957.
  • David D. Beach Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 110)
    The small boat plans drawn by Mr. Beach included in this collection date from 1946 to 1966. A small groups of copy play plans for vessels designed at the office of William Gardner are also included.
  • Reynolds Beal Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 48)
    These early plans from the 1880s represent student work produced at Cornell.
  • Capt. Robert P. Beebe Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 125)
    The Capt. Robert P. Beebe collection consists of plans and manuscript material from the personal collection of vessel designer, Capt. Robert P. Beebe.
  • Robert S. Blumenstock Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 122)
    The plans for the yachts represented in this collection range in date from 1928 to 1969..
  • Kathy L. Bray (Ships Plans Coll. 60)
  • Breck Marshall (Ships Plans Coll. 58)
  • Brewington Research Material (Ships Plans Coll. 93)
  • Britt Brothers Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 118)
    These yacht plans represent a selection of sailing vessels build by Britt Brothers from the work of various designers. Inclusive dates are 1933 to 1937.
  • Burgess-Donaldson Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 11)
    Primarily large and small sailing yachts during several partnerships dates ranging from mid-1920's to mid-1930's. Some military work is also represented. Drawings for the America's Cup defenders Enterprise (1930) and Rainbow (1934) are included.
  • Burgess-Wolff Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 43)
    This is a miscellaneous collections of plans by William Starling Burgess which includes designs in power and sail. A few plans from other designers also included.
  • C
  • Giovanni Cardelli Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 44)
    This personal collection of Giovannii Cardelli includes plans for racing and cruising yachts, both power and sail. The dates range from 1934 to 1978. This collection represents plans from various designers including John Alden, a few from his own firm Cardelli & McCarthy Associates, and others.
  • Albert E. Condon Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 35)
    Includes drawings by Conlon for the period 1929-1951. Collected plans of other designers date from 1892. Includes fishing draggers, scallopers, other commercial cargo carriers, and yachts.
  • Consolidated Shipbuilding-Lane Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 104)
    These plans represent vessels produced by the firm from 1905 to 1946. These plans include plans for motor cruisers, launches, runabouts, yacht tenders, and standard detail drawings, such as steering gear used for various vessels. Once the Gas Engine & Power Co., and Charles L. Seabury & Co., Consolidated the firm in 1919 became known as the Consolidated Shipbuilding Corporation. In Progress.
  • Consolidated Shipbuilding-Mason Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 89)
    The plans in the collection date from 1896 through 1950; cataloguing is in progress. The plans are of racing and cruising power yachts including runabouts, motor cruisers and launches. The firm was known as the Gas Engine & Power Co., and Charles L. Seabury & Co., Consolidated, and later as Consolidated Shipbuilding Corporation. See also Mystic Seaport Collection 40, the Charles L. Seabury Collection.
  • Cox & Stevens, Inc. Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 34)
    This collection dates from 1906-1974 and includes the works of designers Philip L. Rhodes, Bruno Tornroth, Daniel H. Cox, Irving Cox and Colonel Edwin Augustus Stevens. Included are the firms of Cox & Stevens, Gardner & Cox, Gibbs & Cox and Philips L. Rhodes. There are also plans of other well known designers included within this collection. Plans are for all size and type of vessels, sail and power, commercial and recreational. Some wartime and military conversion of yachts are included. In Progress.
  • Crosby Yacht Building & Storage Co. Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 37)
    This collection includes mylar copies made from original drawings of Crosby cat boats ranging in date from 1903-1937. RESTRICTED. For permission to examine plans or obtain copies contact the Crosby Yacht Building & Storage Company, Inc. Osterville, MA 02655
  • William F. Crosby Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 66)
    This collection includes blueprints and bluelines of 63 designs, including small outboard power and sail boats and larger vessels, including a steam tug and PT boat. Dated plans range from 1920-1947.
  • Carl C. Cutler (Ships Plans Coll. 2)
  • D
  • Lois Darling (Ships Plans Coll. 100)
  • Hector Darrach (Ships Plans Coll. 101)
  • Dauntless Shipyard Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 25)
    These plans are mostly for yachts built between 1916 and 1937. Some government work is included. This collection includes various designers.
  • William J. Deed, Jr., Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 68)
    This collection is mostly original plans all drawn by Bill Deed. It includes plans for small boats, mostly power cruisers, dating from 1950-1956.
  • Edwin L. Deveau Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 79)
    These plans are from the personal collection of boatbuilder Edwin L. Deveau. The miscelleanous plans, representing 56 designs, date to 1930-1974, and included recreational vessels, engines and machinery. The work of various designers (Phil Rhodes, Sparkman & Stephens) and companies (General Motors) are included.
  • Henry M. Devereux Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 120)
    The plans in this collection range in date from 1908 to 1970. The majority of designs are for yachts and recreational vessels in power and sail. His commercial work is also represented as are plans of other designers. In Progress.
  • David W. Dillion Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 129)
    Drawings of boats by Dave Dillion. Plans for small boats including skiffs, peapods, Rangeley boats, pulling boats and a Bindals boat.
  • William Gilbert Dunham Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 71)
    These plans are from the personal collection of Gil Dunham. The yacht plans range in date from 1949-1967.
  • E
  • Elco-General Dynamics Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 78)
    This collection includes 85 drawings, representing 17 designs. The plans date from ca. 1939-1949 are mainly for stock features such as wiring, rudder assembly, and windshields for the later series of yachts. Some profiles are provided, but very little construction information is included. Most of the drawings are by Elco Yacht Division, Electric Boat Company, but are by the Elco Works.
  • Eldredge-McInnis, Inc. Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 94)
    The plans in this collection range in date from 1926, when the Eldredge-McInnis design firm was founded, to 1952; cataloging is in progress. The designs are primarily tenders, power cruisers, commercial fishermen, stock boats, and government watercraft. In addition to Mr. McInnis, the work of well-known designers employed by the design firm is also represented.
  • F
  • Frederick A. Fenger Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 91)
    The vessels represented date from 1931 to 1962 and are primarily for recreational sailing vessels.
  • Miscellaneous Fishermen Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 18)
    The miscellaneous fishermen collection contains plans for boats of any period or nationality, propelled by any method, and used for the primary purpose of commercial fishing. It does not include recreational boats used for sport fishing. The collection represents the work of a wide variety of designers and builders, some of whom are still in business. Most of the plans are copies, rather than originals, and many of the designs do not have complete construction plans.
  • Lindsay A. Fowler Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 111)
    This is a collection of yacht plan designed and drawn by Mr. Fowler covering the time period from 1935 to 1950.
  • T. H. Franklin (Ships Plans Coll. 55)
  • Glenn E. Furness Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 63)
    This collection includes 84 designs of yachts, commercial vessels and some military craft. Many were built by Hutchinson's Boat Works, Inc. where Mr. Furness was employed. The collection also includes plans for John G. Alden's Malabar I, III-X.
  • G
  • William Garden Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 96)
    This collection includes recreational vessels in power and sail, commercial fishermen and other working craft. The dates range from 1937 to 1968.
  • John Gardner Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 112)
    This collection contains the plans which Mr. Gardner drew and published in his last two books, Classic Small Craft You Can Build" and "Wooden Boats To Build and Use"."
  • Frederick C. Geiger Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 75)
    These plans are from the personal collection of Frederick Geiger. Included are 662 drawings, representing 84 designs. The collection ranges from 1930-1972, and includes plans for yachts in power and sail.
  • Henry J. Gielow, Inc. Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 117)
    These plans are from the design firm and brokerage of Henry J. Gielow In. These plans include yachts and commercial craft in both power and sail, and range in date from 1896 to 1950.
  • Gildersleeve Shipbuilding Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 27)
    The Gildersleeve family operated a shipyard at Gildersleeve (now Portland), Connecticut, between 1821 and 1932. The collection includes plans for commercial craft including barges, lighters and scows.
  • Gordon & Hutchins Sail Loft Sail Plans (Ships Plans Coll. 20)
  • H
  • Cy Hamlin (Ships Plans Coll. 126)
  • Carl E. Hammond Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 72)
    These plans are from the personal collection of Mr. Hammond and includes blueprints and other copies of plans for cargo and passenger vessels, tugs, tanks, and other commercial vessels. The plans date from 1886-1959.
  • L. Francis Herreshoff Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 38)
    This collection dates from the 1920's through the 1960's. The designs represented in this material include racing and cruising yachts, canoes, kayaks, and other small craft. Other designers are included as well as early work for W. Starling Burgess (1878-1947) and illustrations from Norman L. Skene's (1978-1932) book "Elements of Yacht Design". Certain designs in this collection are restricted. Please contact the office for more information.
  • Henry R. Hinckley Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 97)
    This material contains the plans for wooden and fiberglass yachts from the 1950's through the 1970's. Alterations appear for the 1980's. The fiberglass designs in this donation are restricted to research use only. Written permission must be obtained for the use of fiberglass designs in any vessel construction. Contact the firm at
  • Hingston Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 21)
    The collection contains scows, barges, lighters, dredges, mostly unidentified ranging in date from 1890 to 1923
  • I
  • International Star class Yacht Racing Association (Ships Plans Coll. 103)
  • J
  • Frank J. Jerabek (Ships Plans Coll. 74)
  • Eads Johnson Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 24)
    This collection of tug and ferryboat plans range in date from 1914 to 1961.
  • Frank Bowne Jones (Ships Plans Coll. 107)
  • K
  • Carol W. Kimball (Ships Plans Coll. 54)
  • Francis S. Kinney (Ships Plans Coll. 114)
  • Kochiss – Upson (Ships Plans Coll. 92)
  • Louis L. Kromholz Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 10)
    The plans collection includes vessels in power and sail, yachts, military, and commercial vessels. The dates range from 1915 to 1960 and include designs by other designers.
  • L
  • Louis J. Larsen, Inc., Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 81)
    This collections consists of individual plans and bound volumes totaling 440 drawings, representing 353 designs. The drawings were collected from the Larsen Sailmakers firm from the designers or were drawn by the Larsen staff as necessary. The collection dates from ca. 1900-1981, and includes small and large yachts.
  • Frederic D. Lawley Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 39)
    These plans are for yachts and government work. They range in date from 1900 to 1937 and represent designs by F.D. Lawley and other designers.
  • Ward Line (Ships Plans Coll. 77)
  • Frederick K. Lord Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 76)
    This collection contains blueprints, original drawings, and notebooks by F.K. Lord. There are 1523 drawings, representing 475 designs and three bound volumes in the collection. Included are designs for power and sail yachts; early power racing craft, and naval vessels.
  • M
  • Sally W. and Donald Malin Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 64)
    This is a collection of 17 designs from the firms of Ford & Payne, Ford, Payne and W.J. Roue, and Ford, Payne and Sweisguth, and William J. Roue. The plans date from 1908-1935.
  • Mallory Sail Plan Book (Ships Plans Coll. 6)
    Sail plans were for vessels both large and small, yachts, and commercial sail and steam. Sloops, schooners, barks, ships, steamships and one tug are included. Drawings are attributed to both Charles and Charles H. Mallory.
  • Clifford D. Mallory, Sr., Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 61)
    This collection of blueprints and other copy plans for yachts and commercial vessels is from the personal collection of Charles D. Mallory, Sr. (1881-1941).
  • Daniel Marcus Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 88)
    These plans are for rowing and sailing craft dating from 1980 to 1990 built or designed for Echo Bay Boats.
  • Marine Engines & Machinery (Ships Plans Coll. 19)
  • Thomas F. McManus Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 108)
    The plans in this collection range in date from 1901 to 1927. Included are fishing and racing schooners such as the Henry Ford, draggers, and yachts including the Surprise.
  • Mills Family Sail Plans Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 90)
    These plans show the work of both the Robert Mills Sail Loft and the William J. Mills & Company. They depict sails for yachts, ferry boats, and a variety of working watercraft including fishing vessels, from 1867 to 1931.
  • Miscellaneous (Ships Plans Coll. 22)
  • Benjamin Moore & Co. Sail Plan Books (Ships Plans Coll. 3)
    Book 1 contains sail plans for commercial sailing vessels of American or British Registry (1881 - 1917) Only 67 pages contain drawings. Book 2 depicts commercial vessels ranging in date from 1877 to 1916. Book 2 also contains individual loose drawings found between the pages.
  • Clifford H. Mosher (Ships Plans Coll. 106)
  • Charles D. Mower Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 9)
    The plans include his original drawings for yachts in power and sail, sloops, yawls, cat boats, schooners, ketches, cutters, and power launches, ranging from 1889 to 1939. Some one-design classes are included.
  • Mystic Seaport Vessels & Small Craft (Ships Plans Coll. 7)
  • Mystic Shipyard (Ships Plans Coll. 32)
  • N
  • Miscellaneous Naval Power Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 15)
    This group is composed of miscellaneous plans that depict any type of military vessel propelled by an engine.
  • Miscellaneous Naval Sail Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 14)
    This group is composed of miscellaneous plans that depict any type of military vessel propelled by sail.
  • Henry B. Nevins, Inc. Shipyard Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 28)
    Most of these plans are blueprints produced by a variety of well-known designers. The dates on these plans range from 1913 to 1942.
  • P
  • Franklin A. Park (Ships Plans Coll. 98)
  • Seth Persson Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 121)
    This collection includes the drawings of Howard Merrick Smith, Jr. and other designers and are believed to have been used to build boats, and repair and maintain vessels in the Persson yard. The plans in this collection range in date from 1907 to 1955." mystic_collections"
  • John D. Pitcairn, Jr. (Ships Plans Coll. 50)
  • Franklin G. Post & Son, Inc. Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 67)
    This collection dates from the 1920's to 1956 and includes sail and power, commercial, recreational, and government work. Most of the plans were designed and built by Franklin G. Post & Son, Inc., although miscellaneous plans from other designers (Alden, Eldredge-McInnis, etc.) are also included. See also Mystic Seaport Collection 70, the Post-Seaport Marine Collection, for more of this firm's work.
  • Post-Seaport Marine Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 70)
    This collection dates from ca. 1913 to 1959 and includes sail and power, commercial and recreational work. See also Mystic Seaport Collection 67, The Franklin G. Post & Son Collection, for more of this firm's work.
  • Miscellaneous Commercial Power Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 13)
    This group is composed of miscellaneous plans donations that are of any type of commercial vessel propelled by an engine, of any period or nationality, carrying passengers or cargo, ocean or costs. Fishing vessels are not included. The collection represents the work of a wide variety of designers and builders. Most of the plans are copies, rather than originals, and many of the designs do not have complete construction plans.
  • R
  • Ratsey & Lapthorn Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 53)
    The designs of prominent naval architects and the sail plans for all types of large and small yachts are among the thousands of drawings included within this collection. Information is provided for the contents of each of the 47 gore books. Collection in progress.
  • George E. Reynolds (Ships Plans Coll. 65)
  • Philip L. Rhodes Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 80)
    This large collection (cataloguing is in progress) dates from 1916-1970, and includes the work of Phil Rhodes, and the work of many well-known architects employed at Cox & Stevens (later Philip L. Rhodes). All types of vessels, except military, are included in this collection. This collection complements the time line within the Cox & Stevens, Inc. Collection (Mystic Seaport Collection 34).
  • Arthur C. Robb Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 31)
    Robb's drawings date from 1948-1964. It includes yacht plans, commercial, and government work. This collection includes drawings of other designers dating as early as 1901.
  • Rudder Magazine (Ships Plans Coll. 56)
  • S
  • Miscellaneous Commercial Sail Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 12)
    This collection is composed of plans received individually or in groups small enough that the creation of a distinct collection is not required. This collection will continue to grow and expand as additional plans are received.
  • Unidentified Sail Plan Book of the 1870s (Ships Plans Coll. 5)
  • John A. IV & Laura Saunders (Ships Plans Coll. 69)
  • Saunders Gore Book (Ships Plans Coll. 87)
  • Henry A. Scheel Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 23)
    The collection contains plans of Henry Scheel's yacht designs ranging in date from 1938 to 1964. Some wartime work as well as reference plans of other designers were included.
  • Schock Family (Ships Plans Coll. 123)
  • Charles D. Schock Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 113)
    This is the personal collection of Charles D. Schock (grandson of Edson B. Schock). The plans range in date from 1903 to 1958. It includes yachts in both power and sail by Frederick Nock, Eldredge-McInnis, Sparkman & Stephens, and A. Cary Smith.
  • Edson B. Schock and Edson I. Schock Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 49)
    The vessels copied on these plans range from an 1848 cutter to a schooner of 1900.
  • Charles L. Seabury Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 40)
    These plans range in date from 1891 to 1918 and are from the Charles L. Seabury & Company which later merged and became the Gas Engine & Power Company and Charles L. Seabury & Co., Consolidated. Plans for motor yachts, commercial and military vessels, engines and marine machinery are included. See also Mystic Seaport Collection 89, Consolidated Shipbuilding-Mason Collection, for plans of the later period of this firm.
  • Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club (Ships Plans Coll. 102)
  • Miscellaneous Naval or Government Small Craft Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 16)
    This group is composed of miscellaneous plans that depict any type of military or civil government craft, sail or power, under 60 feet overall length.
  • Townsend J. Smith Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 85)
    The plans range in date from 1893 to 1940. They include commercial carriers such as tankers, oil barges, and freighters, passenger steamers, and military vessels.
  • Howard M. Smith, Jr., Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 73)
    This collection includes 112 designs, consisting of blueprints and original plans. Most are by Howard Merrick Smith, Jr. The plans represent commercial, fishing, and recreational craft from 1918-1966; Mr. Smith's designs date from 1922-1956.
  • Major William Smyth Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 36)
    This collection, consisting mostly of yachts by numerous designers, range in date from 1904 to 1951. Some commercial watercraft designs are included.
  • Sparkman & Stephens Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 41)
    The plans begin with Sparkman & Stephens design #1, dated 1929, and continue in chronological order. This firm is still in business and active in the design of new vessels. The Plans are now housed at the Collections Research Center at Mystic Seaport.
  • W. P. Stephens Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 1)
    This personal collection contains plans of historic recreational craft from 1850 to 1930. Emphasis is primarily American. Mr. Stephen's collection includes plans from other designers, many of these original.
  • T
  • Portia A. Takakjian (Ships Plans Coll. 99)
  • Thomas W. Dunn Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 45)
    This collection consists primarily of plans from the firm of John H. Wells, Inc. and other designers. These plans range in date from 1909 to 1938.
  • Willis H. Todd Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 30)
    The dated yacht drawings range from 1901 to 1922. One Elco PT Boat from 1945, built when the firm was Electric Boat Co., Elco Division, is represented.
  • U
  • United Nations Plans of Inland Waterways Vessels (Ships Plans Coll. 59)
  • W
  • A. H. Waite Sail Plan Book (Ships Plans Coll. 42)
    The sail plan book covers commercial vessels from October 1860 through March 1881. Commercial vessels include barks, brigs, schooners, and sloops. The pages are stitched into a canvas cover, possible sailcloth, to create the bound volume.
  • Augustus Sprague Waite (Ships Plans Coll. 62)
  • Allan H. Waite Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 109)
    The plans range in date from 1907 to 1960. They include original drawings by Mr. Vaitses and plans he collected of other designers, as well as a small group of Hickman Sea Sled plans dated from 1945 to 1848.
  • George C. Wales Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 52)
    This collection represents plans George C. Wales drew and collected of 18th and 19th century American vessels, including military vessels of the Revolutionary War.
  • Thomas Walsh (Ships Plans Coll. 95)
  • Winthrop L. Warner Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 46)
    These drawings, created and collected by Mr. Warner, range in date from the 1890's to the 1970's and include yachts in power and sail, commercial fishermen, and other working vessels. Designs for two vessels, Typhoon and Little Gull are restricted to historical research only.
  • Watercraft & Special Types (Ships Plans Coll. 17)
  • J. Murray Watts Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 83)
    This is the most comprehensive collection of the extant plans of J. Murray Watts' designs. A fire in his office destroyed many plans; after Mr. Watts death, surviving plans were transferred to Carter & Wittholtz and later divided between the two partners. Charles W. Wittholz donated these plans to Mystic Seaport. This collection includes drawings in sail and power yachts and commercial carriers and fisherman.
  • William H. Webb Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 51)
    William H. Webb published a two-volume set of books entitled Plans of Wooden Vessels built by William H. Webb in the City of New York, 1940 - 1865 (1895). This collection is a selection of folio plates removed from copies of this two-volume set.
  • John H. Wells Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 33)
    This small selection of his work dates from 1923-1937; includes mostly motor yachts and motorsailers.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Roger Wilkinson (Ships Plans Coll. 57)
  • Daniel Williamson Sail Plan Book (Ships Plans Coll. 4)
    Bound volume includes the sail plans for yachts, commercial cargo vessels, and commercial fisherman. Brigs, barks, sloops, schooners, catboat-rigged vessels, and one steamship are depicted.
  • Ralph E. Winslow Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 26)
    The collection includes commercial work, but is mainly sailing yachts. The dates of these plans range from 1922 to 1951.
  • Y
  • Miscellaneous Yachts Collection (Ships Plans Coll. 29)
    The miscellaneous yachts collection contains plans for boats and small craft of any period or nationality, propelled by any method, and used for the primary purpose of pleasure or recreation.