• A
  • Records of the Bark ALBION (Manuscripts Coll. 17)
    The whaling bark ALBION was built at Fairhaven, Massachusetts in 1816. A. Elsenbrock and Albert A. Thomas were masters of the vessel.
  • Gurdon S. Allyn Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 169)
    Gurdon Spicer Allyn (1816-1876) was born in Ledyard, Connecticut, and was a carpenter, and he built and operated a successful ice house as well as a fish processing business on Mason's Island (Mystic, Connecticut).
  • American Canoe Association Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 291)
    The American Canoe Association is a member of the International Canoe Federation and is recognized by the latter as governing the competitive branches of the sport in the United States.
  • Records of the American Seamen’s Friend Society (Manuscripts Coll. 158)
    The archives of the American Seamen's Friend Society, based in New York City, circa 1828-1975.
  • Henry H. Anderson Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 341)
    This collection includes a variety of unbound logs, narratives, and journals as well as correspondence concerning Anderson's pleasure voyage from 1911 Nov-1912 on the bark FOOHNG SUEY, from New York to Hawaii.
  • Henry Ashbey Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 39)
    Henry Ashbey (1800-1879) was a shipmaster from Groton, Connecticut. he commanded the bark C.S. WILLIAMS, and the schooners ORIENT and FRANCES AMY.
  • Records of the Schooner ATLANTIC (Manuscripts Coll. 268)
    The ATLANTIC, a three-masted racing schooner, was built in 1903 at the Townsend and Downey shipyard for Wilson Marshall. She achieved her greatest honor by winning the "Ocean Race" and its large trophy presented by Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany.
  • Averill Family Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 260)
    Capt. Frank Averill and his wife, Margaret resided in Rockland, Maine where Frank commanded several coasting schooners including the UNION, LUCY AMES, and BENTON.
  • B
  • D.G. & W.B. Bacon & Co. Letters (Manuscripts Coll. 107)
    D.G.&W.B. Bacon was one of the largest shipping firms in Boston between 1861 and 1866. They were primarily involved in the East India trade.
  • Hiram A. Balch Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 90)
    Hiram A. Balch was a merchant businessman in Trescott, Maine.
  • Eric T. Ball Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 73)
    Eric T. Ball was an oyster planter and member, and later chairman, of the Connecticut State Shellfish Commission.
  • Morgan Barney Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 207)
    Morgan Barney attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology, graduating in 1900 with a degree in Naval Architecture. He went to New York, working first for the naval architect, H.C. Wintringham, and then opened his own office where he developed designs for many large motor yachts. He also designed several cruising sailboats.
  • James Barron Correspondence (Manuscripts Coll. 12)
    James Barron was the commander of the Navy Yard at Philadelphia at the time of the construction of the ship RELIEF, store ship for the exploring expedition commanded by Charles Wilkes.
  • John S. Barry Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 239)
    Barry was naval architect and engineer who worked for the Hickman Sea Sled Company and the United States Coast Guard.
  • John E. Barstow Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 67)*
    John E. Barstow was a shipmaster from West Farms, New York.
  • Robert Bartlett Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 132)
    Robert "Captain Bob" Barlett was born in 1875, and was a noted Arctic explorer and was master of the vessel ROOSEVELT for Peary's 1906 attempt to reach the North Pole.
  • Matthew Bartlett–John F. Brooks Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 157)
    John F. Brooks was in partnership with Matthew Bartlett, a shipping agent in Boston who conducted an active trade with numerous West African ports.
  • Records of James M. Bayles & Son (Manuscripts Coll. 343)
    Collection icludes records for over 50 ships built by the firm. The majority consists of building contracts, but also includes bills of sale, notes on certain vessels, insurance policies, and letters between the firm and their customers.
  • Collection of Howard W. Beach (Manuscripts Coll. 139)
    Howard W. Beach was the president of the Oyster Institute of North America, and the Oyster Growers and Dealers Association of North America (Shellfish Institute of North America).
  • Records of J. & D. D. Beckwith (Manuscripts Coll. 38)
    Jason Beckwith and his six brothers began their shipbuilding activity before the Revolutionary War in the New London area.
  • Capt. Robert P. Beebe Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 286)
    Captain Robert P. Beebe was a a United States Army officer, an amateur yacht designer, and author of Voyaging Under Power, published in 1975.
  • Beebe Family Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 40)
    The Beebe family resided in Groton, Connecticut for several years, earning their living in the maritime trades, ice production and farming.
  • Forest Bennett Diaries (Manuscripts Coll. 251)
    Forest Bennett was born and raised on Thames Street in Norwich, Connecticut. In the diaries contained in this collection, Mr. Bennett not only notes personal events, but also includes many comments on world politics, and its effect on the New London region.
  • Timothy M. Benson Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 201)*
    Timothy Manter Benson (b.1839-d.1890) was a shipmaster from Carver, Massachusetts.
  • John W. Bentley Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 16)
    John W. Bentley was master of the U.S.S. SHENANDOAH and the U.S.S. BAINBRIDGE. He also served as prize master for the schooners MARY ALICE and MARY STEWART, and the ship AMELIA.
  • John Bernet Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 122)
    John Bernet was a shipmaster from Rockland, Maine.
  • Charles A.K. Bertun Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 216)
    Correspondence, logbooks, reminiscences, and other papers of Charles Anton Knutson Bertun, particularly his activities as captain of the steam yacht IOLANDA (out of New London, Conn.) and friend of its owner Morton F. Plant, and friendships with F. Marion Crawford and members of the Russian royal family.
  • Gilbert Billings collection (Manuscripts Coll. 131)
    Gilbert Billings (1768-1856) was master of the brig REBECCA, the ship TWO FRIENDS, and the schooner ALLIGATOR. In the early 1800's he retired from the sea to North Stonington, Connecticut. He later became extensively involved in real estate throughout Southeastern Connecticut and in Chenango County, New York. Billings subsequently moved to Griswold, Connecticut.
  • Records of N. & W.W. Billings (Manuscripts Coll. 233)
    N. & W. W. Billings was established in 1823 and ceased operations in 1851. During this period the company managed at least twelve whaling vessels which, by the end of business, had made it one of the most successful whaling agencies in New London.
  • George W. Bliven Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 108)
    George W. Bliven was a whaling master from New Bedford, Massachusetts.
  • Collection of P. A. Bonney (Manuscripts Coll. 134)
    Post cards, clippings, and articles pertaining to American and foreign lighthouses.
  • Records of William R. Bowers & Co. (Manuscripts Coll. 24)*
    William R. Bowers & Co. of Providence, Rhode Island, were merchant shippers and agents.
  • Records of Britt Brothers Boat Builders (Manuscripts Coll. 316)
    Correspondence, business cards, letterhead, timesheets, and clippings for the Britt Brothers Boatbuilders of West Lynn and Saugus, Massachusetts.
  • John H. Brower Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 41)*
    John H. Brower was a commission merchant, of New York City.
  • Lorenzo Bryant Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 106)
    Lorenzo Bryant of Round Pond, Maine, was master of the schooners MARK GREY, NIMBUS, GEORGE & ALBERT, and CARRIE E. WOODBURY.
  • Buddington Family Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 257)
    Members of the Buddington family have lived in the Groton, Connecticut area since 1689. The most notable members of the family represented in this collection are Captains James M. Buddington, James W. Buddington, and Sidney O. Buddington.
  • George C. Bugbee Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 143)*
    Between 1866 and 1869 George C. Bugbee shipped as a ordinary seaman aboard the Ship PREMIER of Bangor, Maine, and the Bark LOCH LAMAR of Stockton, Maine.
  • James Burgess Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 7)
    James Burgess was a shipmaster from Boston. Between 1855 and 1864 he was master of the barks OCEAN BRIDE and KREMLIN.
  • W. Starling Burgess Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 193)
    W. Starling Burgess was born in 1870, and was an aeronautical engineer and naval architect.
  • Milton J. Burns Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 186)
    Milton J. Burns was an illustrator for St. Nicholas Magazine, Scribners Century, Literary Digest, and made many trips to illustrate for Harpers.
  • C
  • Records of the Yacht CARITAS (Manuscripts Coll. 61)
    The 157-foot steel motor yacht CARITAS was designed by Cox and Stevens, and built in 1925, in Keil, Germany, for Joseph Percy Bartram.
  • Records of Carpenter & Edson (Manuscripts Coll. 87)
    Carpenter & Edson were manufacturers in Canterbury, Connecticut, producing mast hoops for fore-and-aft rigged vessels.
  • Capt. John W. Carter Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 204)
    John Carter was a shipmaster from Manchester, Massachusetts. During the period covered by this collection he was master of the Ship ADALINE (1874-1875), and the Bark RAMBLER (1878-1880).
  • Stephen B. Chace Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 14)
    Stephen B. Chace was a mariner and shipmaster. He was master of the ship VALENTINE, of Providence, Rhode Island.
  • Records of the Bark CHARLES W. MORGAN (Manuscripts Coll. 19)
    The CHARLES W. MORGAN was built at New Bedford, Massachusetts in 1841 and is the last surviving example of the 19th century American whaling fleet.
  • Percy Chubb II; America’s Cup Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 194)
    This collection is comprised of materials compiled by Commodore Percy Chubb II, of the New York Yacht Club from 1962 through 1974. These papers are relative primarily to the America's Cup trial races.
  • Records of Churchill, Brown & Manson Company (Manuscripts Coll. 162)
    Churchill, Brown & Manson Co. was active in trading primarily with Cuba. The main office was in Portland, Maine, but in 1867 an active branch office was started in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Charles P. Clark Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 135)
    Charles Peter Clark was born in Nashua, New Hampshire and was owner of Charles P. Clark & Co., a shipping enterprise that operated vessels in the West African trade.
  • Benjamin D. Cleveland Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 93)
    Benjamin D. Cleveland was a active whaling master from 1883-1921, and a shipowner from New Bedford, Massachusetts. During 1916-1917 Cleveland owned the whaling bark CHARLES W. MORGAN and sailed her as master for one voyage.
  • Clift Family Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 65)
    Amos Clift (1768-1818) was a shipmaster from Mystic, Connecticut, as was his son, Amos Jr. (1808-1878). Edmund Clift, Horace H. Clift (1821-1884), sailmaker Isaac D. Clift (1824-1892), and Amos Clift III are also represented along with other family members, including shipmasters Nathaniel (1775-1837), Hiram, and Waterman Clift (1809-1890); and Frederick D., Ira H., Lemuel, and Thankful Clift.
  • Records of the Coastal Marine Salvage Co. (Manuscripts Coll. 70)
    Coastal Marine Salvage Co. was located in Hingham, Massachusetts, from 1954-1960.
  • John H. Cogswell Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 228)
    John H. Cogswell was a lumber dealer of Ipswich, Massachusetts during the mid to late 19th century.
  • Clarkson A. Collins, Jr. Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 308)
    Correspondence and research material, including typwritten notes, bibliography, published and unpublished articles, and drawings, of model ship maker, collector, and amateur maritime historian Clarkson A. Collins, Jr.
  • George Comer Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 102)
    George Comer (1858-1937) was a whaling and sealing captain from East Haddam, Connecticut.
  • Records of Concordia Company (Manuscripts Coll. 350)
    Records, 1938-2001, of Concordia Company. Includes records for twenty-three 17' sloops, ninety-eight yawls, and twenty-three other boats. The collection also includes business correspondence, bills of sale, building contracts, notes, IOR ratings, and other miscellaneous records.
  • Records of Connecticut Maritime Courts, 1777-1783 (Manuscripts Coll. 371)
    Photocopies of maritime court records of New Haven, New London, Hartford and Fairfield counties. There are separate indices for each county. The records include names of ships, libellants, claimants, and jurors. Also lists of prize inventories which include British goods, livestock, food stuffs, small watercraft, and slaves.
  • Collection of Howard E. Cornell (Manuscripts Coll. 84)
    Howard E. Cornell was a marine engineer and naval architect who acted as the receiving officer for the Neafie and Levy Ship & Engine Building Co. in Philadelphia when it went out of business in the early 1900's.
  • Cottrell, Gallup & Company Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 76)
    Cottrell, Gallup & Co. were lumber dealers in Mystic, Connecticut.
  • Edwin S. Cramp Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 275)
    Edwin S. Cramp was a Vice-President and member of the Board of Directors at the William Cramp & Sons Ship and Engine Building Co. in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • Latham Cross Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 136)
    Latham Cross was an early 19th century merchant captain and whaling master from New Bedford, Massachusetts.
  • William L. Crothers Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 282)
    William L. Crothers has researched house flags since 1935.
  • Records of the Cruising Club of America (Manuscripts Coll. 303)
    Records of the Cruising Club of America, 1921-2005, including race records, correspondence, historical files, governing officers'; and committees' files, s, rules and etiquette, clippings, and yacht logbooks. Also included in the collection are the Parkinson Papers, the William W. Nutting Collection, and the Arthur B. Homer Records.
  • Joseph T. Cruttenden Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 310)
    Blueprints, maps, charts, architectural drawings correspondence, advertisements, catalogs, building specifications, and inventory forms for the Crescent Beach Land Company development in Niantic, Connecticut. (The blueprints, maps, charts and drawings are currently unprocessed. See librarian for use policies.) Also, correspondence, speicifications, and advertisements for yachts bought and sold by Joseph T. Cruttenden, who headed the Crescent Beach Land Company.
  • David Cushman Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 254)
    David Cushman was master of the vessels PROSPERO, DELPHOS, and KINGFISHER.
  • Custom House Document Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 292)
    The collection consists of various documents of the Customs Houses, primarily from ports on the eastern seaboard, from the late 1700's until 1866.
  • Carl C. Cutler Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 100)
    Carl Cutler (1878-1966) was born in Kingston, Michigan, and was one of the three founders of the Marine Historical Association, now Mystic Seaport.
  • D
  • Records of the Schooner Daniel Webster (Manuscripts Coll. 117)
    The schooner DANIEL WEBSTER was built in 1838 near Poughkeepsie, New York, and was owned in the 1870's by Lawrence & Co., of New London, Connecticut.
  • Lois Darling Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 267)
    Modelmaker, author, illustrator and HMS Beagle enthusiast
  • Charles G. Davis Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 253)
    Charles G. Davis was a naval architect, model builder, author and illustrator of numerous maritime books.
  • Collection of Fred Erving Dayton (Manuscripts Coll. 296)
    Facsimiles and transcripts of port records in Kingston Jamaica for sailing vessels seized by the British during the Revolution.
  • Rupert Decker Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 242)
    Rupert Decker served in the United States Merchant Marine from 1927 to 1947.
  • Denison-Rodgers Family Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 356)
    Personal and business papers, relating to several members of the Denison and Rodgers families, including Gideon and Henry Denison, William P. Rodgers, Robert S. Rodgers and Commodore John Rodgers; naval correspondence and papers of Henry Denison, Commodore John Rodgers and Lieutenant Commander John Rodgers
  • Hezekiah Dickens Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 33)
    Hezekiah Dickens (1811-1889) was a shipowner and shipmaster from Stonington, Connecticut.
  • George W. Dow Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 29)*
    George W. Dow was master of the brig WENONAH of Bucksport, Maine.
  • Drummond Family Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 190)
    The Drummond family from the Sagadohoc/Georgetown/Long Reach Settlement (present day Bath, Maine area) figured in the building of wooden ships on the Kennebec River until 1867.
  • Raymond H. Dubrule Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 298)
    The collection consists of documents, originally part of a scrapbook, assembled by Raymond Dubrule during his service with the Naval Armed Guard from 1943 through 1946. Mr. Dubrule served aboard the liberty ships BERNARD M. BAKER and JERRY S. FOLEY.
  • William Butler Duncan Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 215)
    William Butler Duncan, known as Butler Duncan, was born in New York in 1853, and was connected with America's Cup races on VIGILANTE, DEFENDER, COLUMBIA, CONSTITUTION, SHAMROCK II, RELIANCE, and VANITIE.
  • Records of Thomas Dunham’s Nephew & Company (Manuscripts Coll. 196)
    The firm of Dunham & Dimon, which became the firm of Thomas Dunham's Nephew & Co. upon the retirement of Frederick Dimon and Thomas Dunham, was a prosperous New York shipping agency in the middle nineteenth century with net earnings from its vessels of approximately $112,000.
  • E
  • William Earle Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 28)
    William Earle was a shipowner and merchant from Providence, Rhode Island.
  • Eliza T. Edwards Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 248)*
    Eliza T. Edwards was a member of the Wheeler family of Sag Harbor , New York. In 1857 she left her home to live in the Hawaiian Islands while her husband, Captain Eli H.Edwards, hunted whales in the Osktosck Sea.
  • James W. Egleston Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 276)
    James W. Egleston was a Connecticut native who left home at the age of 16 and spent the remainder of his life in Peru.
  • Jeff Eldredge Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 331)
    Photocopies of ship registrations, captain's journal and ships' accounts collected by Jeff Eldredge for research relating to sailors and ships associated with Chatham, Massachusetts.
  • Elam, George, and Thomas Eldridge Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 62)
    Elam (1793-1870), George (1803-1881), and Thomas Eldredge (1807-1889) were shipmasters and mariners from Mystic Bridge, Connecticut.
  • Records of the Electric Launch Company (Manuscripts Coll. 213)
    From 1892 up to the time of its closing in 1949, the Electric Launch and Navigation Company, later known as Electric Launch Company ("Elco"), designed and built-or had built-more than 6,000 pleasure boats ranging in size from an 18 foot gig or yacht tender to cruising power boats up to 127 feet in length. It also built craft for the government of the United States and of other countries including lifeboats for the U.S.Coast Guard, launches and tenders for various navies, anti-submarine motor launches in World War I, and PT boats in World War II.
  • George Elliott Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 338)
    Elloit began his maritime career on a sealing voyage aboard the schooner PENGUIN, out of Stonington, Connecticut. Several voyages later he had prospects of being a whaling master, but these were never realized. After further unproductive attempts at whaling, and work as a machinist, Elliott returned to the United States and pursued a variety of occupations in Connecticut, elsewhere in the Northeast, and in the South including mechanic, blacksmith and inventor.
  • George A. Erskine Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 199)
    Captain George A. Erskine lived in Stockton and Bucksport, Maine, and was master of the schooners ELLA, CHARLESTON, JOHN DOUGLASS, HATTIE H. BARBOUR, EMMA C. LORD and the MELBOURNE P. SMITH, as well as owning shares in other Maine coastal vessels.
  • F
  • Frederic A. Fenger Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 223)
    Frederick A. Fenger was a yacht designer, sailor, and author of Alone in the Caribbean, about his voyage sailing the canoe YAKABOO in the Caribbean. His main contribution to yacht design are his use of the dhow-form hull, the wishbone rig, and the main trysail rig.
  • Fish Family Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 43)
    The Fish family were among the first settlers in Groton, Connecticut, in the 17th century, and by the 19th century were widely involved in farming, shipping, shipbuilding, merchandising, and law. This is a collection of correspondence (1810-1864) and 12 diaries (1811-1868). Persons represented include Asa Fish (son of Deacon Sands Fish), Dr. Asa Fish, Asa Fish III, Benjamin Fish, Emeline (Beebe) Fish, John Dean Fish, Prudence Fish, Capt. Nathan Fish, Sands Helme Fish, Silas Fish, and Fanny Dean (Fish) Woodhull.
  • Fish Family Letters (Manuscripts Coll. 178)*
    Chiefly letters written to Simeon G. Fish (son of shipbuilder Nathan G. Fish, owner of Maxon, Fish & Co.), containing descriptions of social life and daily activities in Mystic during the mid-19th century. Other persons represented include members of the Miner and Randall families.
  • Fish Family Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 211)
    This collection is largely comprised of domestic correspondence between James Deane Fish (eldest son of Asa and Prudence Fish), his brother and sister, his children, and other relatives and friends. In addition there are three volumes, which are diary/account books kept by James D. Fish and Herman E. Street.
  • Nathan G. Fish Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 252)
    Captain Nathan Gallup Fish (1804-1870) was one of Mystic's most successful shipping investors.
  • Henry Wadsworth Fletcher Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 32)
    Henry Wadsworth Fletcher was a shipowner and master of Boston, Massachusetts. He served as master of the EMMA, EMMA ISADORA, JENNIE, and SUSAN.
  • Forbes Family Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 293)
    Primarily logbooks, account books, crew lists, passenger lists, protests, and sailing orders for the ships FRANCIS DEPAU (1836-1843) and SULLY (1833-1835), masters Cleaveland A. Forbes and Thomas Forbes. The collection also includes correspondence, estate papers, diaries, records for the family farm in Perth Amboy, and other family materials.
  • Forseth-Tift Family Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 277)
    The Forseth and Tift families lived in the Southeastern region of Connecticut. The collection is composed primarily of family correspondence.
  • S.S. FRANCONIA World Cruise Diary (Manuscripts Coll. 256)
    Although the keeper of the diary in this collection is not precisely identified, internal evidence indicates that it was quite possibly written by Miss Adeline E. Brown.
  • Records of T.H. Franklin (Manuscripts Coll. 187)
    Thomas H. Franklin was a shipbroker of New York City.
  • Archibald E. Fraser Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 161)
    Archibald E. Fraser (d. 1976) was a yacht broker in Stonington, Connecticut, 1945-1975. In addition to selling yachts he also chartered vessels and acted as an agent for marine insurance.
  • Albert L. Freeman Letters (Manuscripts Coll. 118)
    Albert L. Freeman worked for Fogg Brothers, a New York merchant house, between 1847 and 1861. In January 1855 he helped establish H. Fogg & Co. in Shanghai, China. Descriptions of New York City, London, Shanghai, San Francisco, and other places are present, accompanied by accounts of Bethel activities, missionary work, medicine, and the latest news from "home." Freeman comments on the progress of our Civil War, and offers his opinions on the arts and religion.
  • Joseph J. Fuller Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 104)*
    Joseph J. Fuller (1839-1920) was a whaling and sealing captain who sailed out of New London, Connecticut.
  • G
  • William Garden Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 299)
    Correspondence, business papers, published articles, photocopies of photographs and miscellaneous papers of William Garden, naval architect and author of several books on boat design.
  • Ernest F. Gates Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 218)
    Ernest F. Gates was born in New London, Connecticut and was a letter carrier and Curator of the "Museum" of the Jibboom Club No. 1 in New London, a social organization begun in the 1870's by local whaling captains, that had been reorganized in 1891.
  • George W. Gates Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 153)
    George W. Gates of Groton, Connecticut, was master of the ships WILLIAM H. WHARTON, NATIONAL GUARD, TWILIGHT I, TWILIGHT II, the bark GALVESTON, and the steamer NEVADA. Collection includes letters written by his wife Julia.
  • David Gelston Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 170)*
    David Gelston was the Collector for the Port of New York from 1801 through 1820. During the 25 years prior to this appointment he had a political career which included terms in the New York Assembly and Constitutional Convention, the Continental Congress of 1789, and the New York State Senate. He and a partner, Gilbert Saltonstall, also had a New York merchant shipping firm during the last decade of the eighteenth century.
  • Records of Henry J. Gielow, Incorporated (Manuscripts Coll. 345)
    Includes vessel descriptions and drawings of the yachts designed by Henry J. Gielow, Inc., business correspondence regarding military vessel and atomic power plant construction.
  • George Dunn Gilderdale Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 44)*
    George Dunn Gilderdale (1824-1902) was a shipmaster from Mystic, Connecticut.
  • Records of the Gildersleeve Shipbuilding Company (Manuscripts Coll. 113)
    The Gildersleeve Shipbuilding Company operated out of Portland, Connecticut.
  • Levi B. Gillchrest Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 147)
    Levi B. Gillchrest was a shipmaster and shipowner from Thomaston, Maine, during the mid-19th century, and was involved in coastwise and transatlantic trade.
  • Goddard Family Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 238)
    William Warren Goddard was the owner of a shipbuilding firm in Boston.
  • Records of Goodwin & Coues (Manuscripts Coll. 220)
    This collection consists of papers chiefly relating to the ships MARY & SUSAN, WOODSIDE, FANEUIL HALL, and CATO, managed by the firm of Goodwin & Coues of Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
  • Henry Grinnell Letters (Manuscripts Coll. 8)*
    Henry Grinnell (1799-1874) was a principal in the firm of Grinnell, Minturn & Company, which became one of the strongest mercantile houses in New York City. He was also a supporter of several Arctic expeditions.
  • H
  • William C. Hall Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 54)
    William C. Hall was a merchant shipper from Middletown, Connecticut.
  • Records of the Sloop HANCOCK (Manuscripts Coll. 11)*
    The sloop HANCOCK, during the period covered by these papers, operated as a privateer out of Stonington, Connecticut.
  • Records of the Ship HANOVER (Manuscripts Coll. 219)
    The ship HANOVER sailed out of Bath, Maine with James Drummond as master.
  • John F. Harden Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 111)*
    John F. Harden was a shipmaster involved primarily in the coasting trade. He made voyages between Boston, New York, Washington, New Orleans, and Calais, aboard several vessels, including the Schooners ADELAIDE and VENDORI.
  • Thomas C. Harding Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 97)
    homas C. Harding, of Chatham, Massachusetts, was a shipmaster who sailed out of Boston.
  • Edward W. Harkness Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 145)
    Edward W. Harkness was a master mariner living in Camden, Maine, and was master of the bark J.H. BOWERS and the ship RAPHAEL.
  • Harlow Family Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 287)
    Frederick Pease Harlow was the author of "The Making of a Sailor," and "Chanteying Aboard American Ships".
  • John Jones Harlow Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 349)
    Includes a logbook from the whaling brig LEONIDAS, papers relating to whaling and other personal papers. Memoirs and logbook contain descriptions of whaling mutinies, injury at sea as well as shipboard life.
  • Records of the Hartford & New York Transportation Company (Manuscripts Coll. 127)
    The Hartford & New York Transportation Company was organized by Charles C. Goodrich in 1877 as a towboat company/steamboat line, and established passenger service to New York in the 1880's.
  • John Haskell Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 265)
    John Haskell was a shipmaster from Gloucester, Massachusetts who commanded several voyages to China between 1815 and 1823.
  • Harman Hawkins Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 224)
    The Harman Hawkins Collection contains information relative to the United States Racing Union (USYRU), the United States Sailing Association (USSA), the International Yacht Racing Union (IYRU), the United States Sailing Foundation, and the United States Coast Guard Canvas Hangers.
  • Records of the Ship HECTOR (Manuscripts Coll. 119)
    HECTOR was a whaleship built in 1818 at New York, N.Y.
  • Records of the Schooner Helen Barnet Gring (Manuscripts Coll. 249)
    The HELEN BARNET GRING, a four-masted coasting schooner, was built in 1919 by Robert L. Bean of Camden, Maine for the Boston, Massachusetts shipping firm of Crowell and Thurlow.
  • L. Francis Herreshoff Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 138)*
    L. Francis Herreshoff was a yacht designer and author of Marblehead, Massachusetts.
  • Muriel Vaughn and L. Francis Herreshoff Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 339)
    Collection, 1926-1988, contains the business and personal correspondence, poetry, drafts of "Rudder" magazine articles, school papers, Coast Guard ID, and personal journals of L. Francis Herreshoff collected by Muriel Vaughn as well as Mrs. Vaughn's personal and business correspondence.
  • Henry W. Hiller Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 77)
    Henry Winans Hiller (1838-1926) of Hudson, New York, was a whaler, an agent for William H. Boardman & Co., a U.S. Consul in Russia (Nicolaivsk, Siberia), and later a buyer for Tiffany & Co. in New York.
  • Hillman Shipyard Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 9)*
    The Hillman Shipyard was located in New Bedford, Massachusetts, and was owned by Jethro and Zachariah Hillman. Among the many vessels built at this yard was the Whaleship CHARLES W. MORGAN, launched in 1841.
  • Isaac Hinckley Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 184)
    Isaac Hinckley was a shipmaster from Hingham, Massachusetts who had gone to sea as a young boy, and acquired his first command at an early age.
  • Enoch Hobart Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 174)
    Enoch Hobart was a Philadelphia merchant and shipowner during the middle years of the 18th century, and was actively involved in that city's trade with the West Indies.
  • Elisha H. Holmes Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 36)
    Elisha H. Holmes of Windham, Connecticut, was a partner with George Randall and John C. Haskell in a firm that was variously known as Randall, Haskell, and Holmes; Holmes & Co.; Mud Boat Co.; or the Dredging Machine Co.
  • Hiram C. Holmes Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 175)
    Hiram C. Holmes was a ship master, merchant, and businessman in Mystic Bridge, Connecticut.
  • Joseph Holmes Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 142)*
    Joseph Holmes was a shipbuilder and merchant of Kingston, Massachusetts. He originally owned shipyards at Taunton and Bridgewater, Massachusetts.
  • Records of the Holmes’ Shipyard (Manuscripts Coll. 46)*
    Josiah Holmes (1779-1859) was a shipbuilder from Mattapoisett, Massachusetts.
  • Captain Alexander Hallett Holway Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 297)
    This collection consists of the papers relating to the voyages of Alexander Hallett Holway (1824-c. 1909) as captain of the trading vessels ARETHUSA (Bark), ALEXANDER (Ship), BOSTON LIGHT (Ship), and ORPHEUS (Ship) between 1852 and 1864.
  • Hotchkiss-Gray Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 89)
    Captain Horatio Nelson Gray (1829-1882) was born in North Yarmouth, Maine, and was a shipmaster until retiring in the early 1860's to command a steamer on the Yangtze River. Levi Hotchkiss of Gloucester was a shipmaster, and his daughter Emma married Captain Gray and accompanied him to China.
  • Houche-Lamphere-Flint Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 329)
    The Houche-Lamphere-Flint Collection contains Houche and Flint business and family correspondence, as well as Lamphere genealogy.
  • Records of the Ship HOUND (Manuscripts Coll. 4)
    The clipper HOUND was built by Charles Mallory in 1853 at Mystic, Connecticut.
  • Jesse Hurd Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 66)
    Jesse Hurd (d. 1831) was a shipbuilder, merchant, and shipowner from Chatham, Connecticut.
  • I
  • Records of the Intercollegiate Yacht Racing Association (Manuscripts Coll. 222)
    The Intercollegiate Yacht Racing Association was formed June 16th, 1930, during an annual racing series.
  • Records of the Interscholastic Yacht Racing Association (Manuscripts Coll. 221)
    The Interscholastic Sailing Association (originally known as the Interscholastic Yacht Racing Association, abbreviated as IYRA, now as ISYRA) was founded in 1930 by a group of eastern preparatory school headmasters.
  • Records of A. Irving & Co. (Manuscripts Coll. 22)
    A. Irving & Co. was a shipbuilding firm in Mystic, Connecticut.
  • Charles Oliver Iselin Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 85)*
    Papers relating chiefly to America's Cup races and yachts DEFENDER and COLUMBIA and the Lord Dunraven/Charles Iselin controversy.
  • J
  • Records of Isaac Jeanes & Co. (Manuscripts Coll. 10)
    Isaac Jeanes & Company was a mercantile house in Philadelphia.
  • Records of the Jibboom Club (Manuscripts Coll. 206)
    The Jibboom Club No.1 of New London was a social club founded in the 1870's by officers of whaling vessels.
  • Eads Johnson Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 82)
    Eads Johnson, a naval architect of New York, was primarily a designer of ferryboats.
  • Irving and Electa Johnson Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 240)
    The papers of Irving (1905-1991) and Electa (1909- ) Johnson who sailed the world aboard various vessels named YANKEE. Irving also wrote several books and articles about their travels
  • Frank Bowne Jones papers (Manuscripts Coll. 229)
    Frank Bowne Jones was a yacht broker, of New York, N.Y. around the turn of the 20th century.
  • Records of the Ship JOSEPH CONRAD (Manuscripts Coll. 42)
    The ship JOSEPH CONRAD was built at Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1882. Originally named GEORG STAGE, the vessel was designed as a sail training ship for cadets in the Danish merchant service, and operated in this role until 1934. Under the command of Captain Alan Villiers, the JOSEPH CONRAD circumnavigated the globe from 1934-1936. Since 1947 the ship has been a featured exhibit at Mystic Seaport, and continues to house sailing students after nearly 100 years afloat.
  • Collection of Neil D. Josephson (Manuscripts Coll. 88)
    Neil D. Josephson of New Britain, Connecticut was long associated with, and served as an officer of, polar philately societies.
  • Andrew T. Judson Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 247)*
    Andrew T. Judson lived in Canterbury, Connecticut, and served the state of Connecticut as a public official holding the offices of States Attorney for Windham County, Representative to the Connecticut House and U.S. District Court judge. From 1839 to 1840 Judson presided over the trial of the AMISTAD captives.
  • Records of the ship JULIUS CAESAR (Manuscripts Coll. 167)
    The JULIUS CAESAR was built in Sag Harbor, New York. During the period covered by these papers she was registered at New London, Connecticut, and owned by N.& W.W. Billings.
  • K
  • Alpheus B. Kenyon Diaries (Manuscripts Coll. 205)
    The collection consists of three small diaries written daily by Alpheus B. Kenyon in 1864, 1865 and 1866 when he was living with his parents and his brother, Myron, in the Old Field Section of West Mystic, and working at the Maxson shipyard.
  • Kermit Family Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 68)*
    Captain Henry Kermit (d. 1813) was a shipmaster and later owned a store and wharf in New York. His sons Henry and Robert, merchant shipowners, traveled extensively in Europe and America making business contacts for future enterprises.
  • Jim B. Kilroy – Kialoa Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 382)
    The Kilroy-Kialoa Collection is a significant collection of 20th-century yachting materials that documents the sailing career of John B. “Jim” Kilroy Sr. and his five yachts named KIALOA.
  • Joseph King Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 64)*
    Joseph King was a seaman, supercargo, and shipmaster from New York.
  • Arthur Knapp, Jr., Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 357)
    Papers, 1909-2008, collected by, created by or regarding Arthur Knapp, Jr.
  • Edward E. Knapp Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 171)
    Edward E. Knapp of Mystic, Connecticut wrote a history of Noank, Connecticut entitled "The Smacks of Noank".
  • Collection of Howard A. Krumwiede (Manuscripts Coll. 47)*
    Howard A. Krumwiede (d.1954) was a scholar and stamp collector of trans-ocean stamps.
  • L
  • Legal Records of the Smack L.A. Macomber (Manuscripts Coll. 45)*
    The smack L.A. MACOMBER was built at Noank, Connecticut. While lying at anchor off Nantucket shoals on June 17, 1863 she was captured and destroyed by the Confederate bark TACONY.
  • Isaiah Larabee Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 255)*
    Isaiah Larabee was a shipmaster from the Penobscot region of Maine. Between 1855 and 1878 he commanded the Bark AMANDA (captured by the Confederate raider C.S.S. ALABAMA), the Bark MONITOR, and the Brigs EUGENIA, CAROLINE EDDY, and HARRY STEWART.
  • Timothea Larr; USYRU Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 241)
    Correspondence, notes, memos, minutes, and related papers, collected by Larr, chiefly relating to the organization's involvement in the Australia II keel controversy during the 1983 America's Cup.
  • Latham Family Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 281)
    The Latham family lived in Phoenixville, Conn. Captain Latham commanded several commercial vessels.
  • James A. Latham Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 83)
    James A. Latham (1808-1902) was a shipbuilder and master carpenter in Noank, Connecticut.
  • Alexander G. Law Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 261)
    Alexander G. Law was a miniature ship modeler from Englewood, N.J. a former commercial artist who turned to model-making in 1933.
  • Lawley Family Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 279)
    The Lawley Family Collection includes both personal papers and papers of the four generation family business; George Lawley and Son.
  • Records of Lawrence & Co. (Manuscripts Coll. 25)*
    Lawrence & Co. was a whaling, sealing and commercial firm of New London, Connecticut. Lawrence & Co. began around 1819 and continued operations until 1887.
  • Philip LeBoutillier Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 352)
    Scrapbooks and loose papers pertaining to several yachts owned by yachstman, businessman and philanthropist Philip LeBoutillier (1880-1972) including STORMY WEATHER (built 1934), VIKING (built 1930), ALSUMAR (built 1930) and NANCY (built 1932).
  • George W. Lee Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 23)
    George William Lee (1776-1850) was a shipmaster and merchant shipowner from Norwich, Connecticut.
  • Jacob Little Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 137)
    Jacob Little, of Newbury, Massachusetts, was a merchant and shipowner-agent engaged in British and European trade during the Jeffersonian embargo period.
  • Edwin F. Littlefield Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 92)
    Edwin F. Littlefield, of Winterport, Maine, was a ship owner and agent between 1854 and 1898.
  • Alfred F. Loomis Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 164)
    Alfred F. Loomis (1890 Aug 23-1968 Mar 26) was a distinguished yachtsman and writer. He was a member of Yachting magazine's staff for 34 years, and was senior associate editor for that publication at the time of his death.
  • Lord Family Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 140)*
    The bulk of this collection relates to the business activities of Daniel W. Lord (1800-1880), a prominent ship owner and merchant from Kennebunkport, Maine (formerly Massachusetts). However, there are significant portions of material that pertain to Lieutenant Tobias Lord, Nathaniel Lord, Tobias Lord, and William Jefferds.
  • Harrison Loring Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 226)
    Harrison Loring established the City Point Works, one of the first shipyards in the United States devoted to the construction of iron steamships, engines, and boilers.
  • James Lowell Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 35)
    James Lowell was a shipmaster and shipowner of Bath, Maine engaged in coastwise and West Indies trade.
  • Jonathan P. Lund Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 49)
    Jonathan P. Lund (1796-1874) was a manufacturer of tinware in Acushnet, Massachusetts. He was also in partnership with Charles W. Morgan (candle paper making) and owned shares in New Bedford, Massachusetts whaling vessels.
  • Edward Lupton Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 110)*
    Edward Lupton's papers relating to cost overruns during construction of the U.S. gunboat LENAPEE.
  • Thomas Bowen Lynch Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 347)
    Thomas Bowen Lynch (1832-1920) was a seafarer whose career included delivering British troops to the Crimean War, surviving ship wrecks, participating in the blockade of Southern harbors during the Civil War and sealing in the Antarctic.
  • Hatsell P. Lyons Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 225)
    Hatsell P. Lyons was a Union soldier, of Bernardston, Massachusetts. Collection consists of letters to family members and diaries (1862-1870) describing Lyon's experiences during the Civil War and his later life in Vermont; together with a typewritten account (1903) of Hatsell's Civil War service written by his son, Arthur H. Hatsell.
  • M
  • Records of T. Magoun & Son (Manuscripts Coll. 230)
    Thatcher Magoun and Sons was a highly successful mercantile firm operating out of Boston, Mass, and actively trading in ports throughout the world for much of the nineteenth century.
  • Mallory Family Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 5)*
    The Mallory Family Collection depicts the business activity of an important American shipping and shipbuilding family. The business operated in Mystic, Connecticut and New York and the collection covers the years 1808 to 1958.
  • Marine Jurisprudence Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 98)
    Items in this collection pertain to 28 cases of marine jurisprudence involving litigation at Portland, Cumberland County, Massachusetts (now Maine), between 1798 and 1809.
  • Records of the bark Marques (Manuscripts Coll. 244)
    The Brigantine MARQUES was built in 1917 near Valencia, Spain, and was employed in the fruit trade between the Canary Islands and Northern Europe. Since 1983 the American Sail Training Association had been working with the China Clipper Society to place trainees aboard the MARQUES for the 1984 Sail Training Races, and during that race MARQUES was lost after being caught in a squall, along with 19 members of her 28-member sail-training crew.
  • Nathaniel Mathews Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 79)
    Nathaniel Mathews was a shipmaster from Yarmouth, Massachusetts.
  • Hiram Hamilton Maxim Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 351)
    Collection, 1925-1989, consists mainly of logbooks and notebooks kept by Hiram Hamilton Maxim for his boats, GANNET and GANNETT II (built 1939), as well as several logbooks kept by his father, Hiram Percy Maxim.
  • William Ellery Maxson Diaries (Manuscripts Coll. 166)
    William Ellery Maxson (1818-1895) was in partnership with Nathan G. Fish and seven others, establishing the Maxson, Fish & Company shipyard at a point in West Mystic known as Oldfield.
  • Richard Columbus Mears Collection/Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 311)
    Includes letters to and from Mears and primarily his daughter Nellie Goodsell Mears. The collection also contains personal accounts that include purchases Mears made on his many journeys for himself and his family and friends, papers detailing an inheritance dispute, and bills his daughter paid in his absence. There are several journals detailing his time abroad while serving as master on over 17 different vessels as well as store accounts from his later years as a grocer in Greene, New York.
  • Gerald W. Mefferd Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 212)
    Gerald W. Mefferd was a yachtsman, of Des Moines, Iowa, who took a world cruise with Ray Kauffman during the 1930s.
  • Thomas C. Mendenhall Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 263)
    Thomas C. Mendenhall was the recognized authority on the history of American collegiate rowing.
  • Records of the Merritt-Chapman & Scott Corporation (Manuscripts Coll. 2)
    Scattered papers of the Merritt-Chapman & Scott Corporation of New York, and three of its predecessors, Coast Wrecking Company; Merritt's Wrecking Organization; and Merritt & Chapman Derrick & Wrecking Company. The company was involved in marine salvage and wrecking operations.
  • Collection of Louis F. Middlebrook (Manuscripts Coll. 50)*
    Louis F. Middlebrook was a scholar of maritime history who assembled this collection of port and custom papers for ten vessels from Middletown, Connecticut.
  • Records of John Middleton & Company (Manuscripts Coll. 173)
    John Middleton & Co. was an exporter of goods from the orient to the United States. Although it was an American company, most of the business was conducted through their office in Yokahama, Japan. By 1900 they were involved in supplying American-made machinery and heavy equipment to customers in Japan and China
  • Records of the Minneford Yacht Yard (Manuscripts Coll. 234)
    The Minneford Yacht Yard was a yacht yard in City Island, New York.
  • Carleton Mitchell Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 250)
    Carleton Mitchell is a sailor, photographer, and author of several books and many articles on sailing.
  • Model Yachting Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 284)
    Collection, 1898-1998, of papers of various model yachting organizations and influential people in the development of model yachting in the United States.
  • Daniel Sackett Moore Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 144)
    Daniel Sackett Moore was a shipmaster from Long Island, New York, during the late 18th century. He was master of the ships BETSEY, MARY, TRUMBULL, AND CERES.
  • Joseph H. Moore Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 63)
    Joseph H. Moore of Warren, Massachusetts, was a sailor, and these papers document his attempt to obtain a pension as a result of an injury suffered aboard the USS WINNIPEC during the Civil War.
  • Charles W. Morgan Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 27)*
    Charles Waln Morgan (1796-1861) was a businessman and shipowner. He became a partner in the whaling/shipping firm owned by William Rotch, Sr., and Samuel Rodman. In 1841 he built the whaleship CHARLES W. MORGAN.
  • Asa P. Morse Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 101)
    Asa P. Morse of Boston was engaged in the manufacture, sales, and distribution of cooperage material along the eastern seaboard.
  • Records of the Mystic Fire District (Manuscripts Coll. 159)
    The Mystic Fire District was organized in 1879 by the community in order to sustain their volunteer fire fighting force through property tax revenues.
  • Records of the Mystic River National Bank (Manuscripts Coll. 48)
    The Mystic River National Bank was established in August 1851 with Charles Mallory as president and many Mystic businessmen as stockholders. It was converted to a national bank on December 1, 1864.
  • Mystic River Railroad Drawbridge Log (Manuscripts Coll. 214)
    Logbooks kept at the railroad drawbridge over the Mystic River in Connecticut, which was owned and operated by the railroad company. Logs record the names of vessels passing through the bridge on their way in and out of the river.
  • Mystic Seaport Chart and Map Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 376)
    This collection consists primarily of American and British charts for the 19th and 20th centuries. Record contains a URL for the listing of the 10,209 charts that make up the collection.
  • Mystic Seaport Museum, Inc; Internal Logs for Museum Owned Vessels (Manuscripts Coll. 232)
    Records of vessels owned by the museum including schooners BRILLIANT, and L.A. DUNTON, smack EMMA C. BERRY, steamboat SABINO, ship JOSEPH CONRAD, tugboat KINGSTON II, and bark CHARLES W. MORGAN.
  • Mystic Seaport Sailing Card Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 112)*
    Sailing cards were used to advertise vessel qualifications and sailing dates, particularly during the competitive period of the 1850's when clipper ships carried much needed products.
  • Records of the Mystic Shipyard (Manuscripts Coll. 188)
    Sea Sled Corporation reorganized as Mystic Shipyard in the early 1930s. The company liquidated in August 1971.
  • N
  • Records of the National Whaling Bank (Manuscripts Coll. 123)
    The National Whaling Bank of New London, Connecticut, was established in 1833, acquired its national charter in 1864, and passed out of existence in February 1943.
  • New Bedford Cordage Company Correspondence (Manuscripts Coll. 75)
    The New Bedford Cordage Company was founded in 1842 by several New Bedford whaling agents. It specialized in the production of line for the whaling fleet, and other marine cordage.
  • Records of the New Haven Steamboat Company (Manuscripts Coll. 126)
    The New Haven Steamboat Company was chartered in 1822 to operate passenger and freight steamers between New York City and New Haven.
  • Records of the New London Steamboat Company (Manuscripts Coll. 129)
    The New London Steamboat Co. was established in 1882 and operated between New London, Connecticut, and Watch Hill and Block Island, Rhode Island.
  • Newman Family Naval Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 51)
    The Newman family, William D. Newman, L. Howard Newman, and William Bogert Newman, all had naval careers during the 19th century.
  • George H. Newton Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 197)*
    George H. Newton of Monson, Massachusetts, purchased a right whale carcass which he exhibited across the mid-west under the auspices of the Pioneer Inland Whaling Association.
  • Collection of S.F. Nininger (Manuscripts Coll. 269)
    Papers, 1950-1974, collected by S.F. Nininger regarding the one-design Amphibi-Con.
  • Noank Shipyard Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 353)
    Manuscripts and newspaper clippings which cover topics including Noank and Groton, Connecticut history, the development of the Noank Shipyard and its purchase by Donald Singer in 1964, the EMMA C. BERRY, the Noank Historical Society and their work, Tropical Storm Doria, the beaching of a whale in Noank, other miscellaneous boats and topics, zoning disputes over the expansion of the yard and finally its sale.
  • Carol H. Norman Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 258)
    Carol H. Norman worked for the U. S. Navy WAVES at their Naval Construction Training Center, at Camp Endicott, Davisville, Rhode Island.
  • Records of the Norwich & New York Transportation Company (Manuscripts Coll. 125)
    The Norwich & New York Transportation Company was organized in 1860 to operate passenger and freight steamers between New York City and New London and Norwich, Connecticut.
  • Records of the Norwich & New York Transportation Company (Manuscripts Coll. 172)
    37 volumes containing accounts of time and labor by employees on company steamboats. Also included is an inspector's notebook, and a volume identifying claims by owners of cargo or luggage that may have been lost or damaged during passage.
  • Benjamin F. Noyes Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 52)
    Benjamin F. Noyes (1828-1879) was a shipmaster from Mystic, Connecticut. During the period covered in this collection, Noyes was master of the brigs J.G. ANDERSON, BELLE OF THE BAY, and GENERAL BAILEY, and the schooner CHARMER of Stonington, Connecticut. Captain Noyes was also, along with Charles P. Williams of Stonington, a major shareholder in the CHARMER, and was the schooner's first master, sailing her in the coasting trade from the time she was built at Noank, Connecticut, in 1872 until his death at Savannah, George, in 1879.
  • George W. Noyes II Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 195)
    George W. Noyes II, of the Stonington side of Mystic, was the great, great grandson of the Rev. James Noyes who was called to be the first Pastor of the Congregational Church (known as the Road Church) of Stonington in 1684.
  • O
  • Records of the Off Soundings Club (Manuscripts Coll. 285)
    The Off Soundings Club was founded by Edward Southworth early in the fall of 1933 for members interested in sailing.
  • Records of the Old Colony Steamboat Company (Manuscripts Coll. 124)
    The Old Colony Steamboat Company was chartered in April 1874 to operate freight and passenger steamers between Narragansett Bay and New York, N.Y.
  • Jens Peter Olsen Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 340)
    Jens Peter Olsen was a sailor from Denmark born on June 8, 1883. During the period covered by this collection he was a sailor on the training ship GEORG STAGE (1898), the THETIS (1901), the SLESVIG (1903), the WILLIAM P. FRYE (1903-1904) and the LORENA (1905).
  • The Orne-Cushing-Baldwin-Tappan Family Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 246)*
    Business and personal papers of four related families, of Salem, Duxbury, Roxbury, and other locations in the Boston, Mass., area, principally engaged in the maritime trades, although members of the Orne and Cushing families also operated a brick works in Salem in the early 1800s.
  • Records of the Schooner Orville Horwitz (Manuscripts Coll. 344)
    The ORVILLE HORWITZ was built in West Haven in Gessner and Marr's yard in 1880. The vessel was intended for coastal trade and made many trips up and down the east coast carrying lumber and ice, but primarily coal. She was captained by Chauncey Kelsey. The schooner was abandoned March 11, 1887 when she began to take on water near Baltimore and the captain and crew were rescued by the schooner JAMES B. OGDEN.
  • Oystering Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 121)
    Miscellaneous receipts, deeds, franchises, leases, licenses, transfers, bills of sale, tax notices and returns, broadsides, correspondence, etc., involving oystering, primarily in the New Haven and Bridgeport, Connecticut, area.
  • P
  • Charles E. Packer Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 150)
    Charles E. Packer (1830-1914) was a shipmaster from Mystic River, Connecticut.
  • Mason R. Packer Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 235)
    Mason R. Packer (1800-1888) lived most of his life in Mystic, CT and was involved in a variety of maritime and business activities.
  • Collection of Charles E. Palmer (Manuscripts Coll. 149)
    Charles E. Palmer (1847-1913) was an oyster fisherman in Riverside, Connecticut.
  • John Palmer Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 53)*
    John Palmer (1747-1810) was a Revolutionary War soldier and mariner from Stonington, Connecticut.
  • Hilgard Pannes Diaries (Manuscripts Coll. 209)
    Hilgard Pannes was a seaman, of Manhasset, New York.
  • Passenger Ship Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 283)
    The collection contains the emphera, sailing schedules, rates, menus, etc., of several passenger ships and lines.
  • Nelson R. Perry Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 290)
    Collection consists mainly of magazine and newspaper articles about Eskimo life and culture, Arctic and Antarctic exploration. The majority of the articles are from National Geographic, Canadian Geographic, The Beaver, Alaska Sportsman, True, The Man's Magazine and the Explorer's Journal.
  • John B. Phillips Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 160)
    John Phillips (1867-1947) was a ship master from Sag Harbor, New York during the first two decades of the 20th century.
  • William Gano Pierce Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 375)
    William Gano Pierce left America through New York for China, living and working in Canton and Shanghai between 1849 and 1854.
  • John Kingsbury Pimer Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 26)
    John Kingsbury Pimer (1807-1884) was a sailmaker in New London, Connecticut.
  • Alfred H. Pinkham Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 74)
    Alfred H. Pinkham (1841-1885) was a shipmaster from Boothbay, Maine.
  • Fred Plaisted Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 317)
    Scrapbook, clippings, and photographs on the career of champion rower Fred Plaisted.
  • Records of the Plymouth Cordage Company (Manuscripts Coll. 133)
    Established 1824 in Plymouth, Massachusetts the Plymouth Cordage Company produced rope, twine and cordage until its merger in 1965 with the Columbian Rope Company.
  • William J. H. Pollard Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 176)
    William John Henry Pollard (1824-1897) was president of the First National Bank of Stonington, as well as the Stonington town treasurer for 20 years.
  • Records of Franklin G. Post & Son (Manuscripts Coll. 200)
    In its prime, the Franklin G. Post & Son Boatyard in Mystic, Connecticut, employed as many as 80 workers, many of them skilled Nova Scotia boat builders.
  • Records of the Schooner PROVIDENCE (Manuscripts Coll. 203)
    The PROVIDENCE was a 379 ton schooner, built by G. P. Wentzel of Dennisville, N.J. in 1874.
  • R
  • Records of Ratsey & Lapthorn (Manuscripts Coll. 236)
    Ratsey & Lapthorn were sailmakers in England and the U.S. in the 18th and 19th centuries.
  • Clarence H. Rayner Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 202)
    Clarence H. Rayner lived in Stony Brook, N. Y., and during the period covered by these papers, he commanded several coasting schooners.
  • Records of Philip L. Rhodes (Manuscripts Coll. 312)
    Philip L. Rhodes (1895-1974) was a prolific, lifetime designer of all types of vessels from small recreational dinghies to large yachts, commercial cargo and military vessels. This collection contains illustrations of plans designed by Philip L. Rhodes from as early as his 1916 hydroplane to a diesel yacht of 1973.
  • Charles Lewis Richards Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 120)*
    Papers relating to claims Richards, a whale ship owner, filed before the Alabama Claims Court for losses suffered during the Civil War.
  • Records of Dragger ROANN (Manuscripts Coll. 325)
    Receipts, instructions, regulations, notes, magazine articles, and photocopies of two logbooks from the eastern-rig Dragger ROANN, a vessel in the Mystic Seaport watercraft collection.
  • Arthur C. Robb Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 191)
    Arthur Cecil Robb, M.B.E. was born in 1908 at Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, and was considered one of the great yacht designers of his generation.
  • Roy G. Roberts Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 337)
    This collection consists mainly of U.S. Merchant Service instructor training manuals for Sheepshead Bay, New York, New York and officer's training at Fort Trumbull, New London, Connecticut.
  • S
  • Samuel A. Beebe, Jr., Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 274)
    35 journals detailing daily activities during fishing trips and trading voyages, as well as his life onshore at home and in ports. Beebe recorded the numbers and types of fish caught, the types of cargo carried in trade, his personal feelings about being absent from home, and various sites that he visited in the coastal cities.
  • Collection of Rosanna Duncan Sanderson (Manuscripts Coll. 273)
    The Collection of Rosanna Duncan Sanderson contains the notes of her research into late-seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth century shipping, drawn from various printed and manuscript sources along the U.S. eastern seacoast, and in Hawaii and Australia.
  • Redford Webster Sargent Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 103)
    Redford Webster Sargent (1844-1901) was a shipmaster from Kittery, Maine.
  • Saunders Family Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 262)
    The Saunders family were Rhode Island shipbuilders and shipyard owners from the early Nineteenth century until 1960.
  • William F. Saunders Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 333)
    Correspondence, correspondence transcript, letter book, diary copy, and scrapbook of William F. Saunders and his career as a keeper of the Quonochontaug Life Saving Station during the late nineteenth century.
  • Everett A. Scholfield Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 148)
    Everett Augustus Scholfield was born in Lowell, Massachusetts and practiced photography in Mystic, Connecticut, and the surrounding area.
  • Scoresby Family Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 55)
    This collection is relative primarily to the activities of William Scoresby, Sr. (1760-1829), a shipmaster from Whitby, England, who, between 1791 and 1822 commanded thirty whaling voyages into Arctic waters.
  • Records of the T.A. Scott Company, Inc. (Manuscripts Coll. 1)
    T.A. Scott Company, Inc. was a company engaged in marine salvage and construction, run by Thomas A. Scott, and later by his son, Thomas A. Scott, Jr. This collection consists primarily of the company "wreck file".
  • Records of the Bark SEA QUEEN (Manuscripts Coll. 56)*
    Records of the whaling bark SEA QUEEN's last voyage to the South Atlantic.
  • Collection of Seaman’s Examinations and Related Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 280)
    Seamanship examinations, notes, and related information possibly belonging to O. Wilhelmsen, a shipmaster with the Esso fleet during the 1940's.
  • Records of the Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club (Manuscripts Coll. 198)
    The Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club was founded in September 1871.
  • Philo S. Shelton Letters (Manuscripts Coll. 34)
    Philo S. Shelton was a merchant doing business in Boston, Massachusetts. He was involved in trade with Brazil, Europe, and the West Indies.
  • Lucille M. Showalter Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 334)
    Collection, 1851-1994, contains research papers for Lucille M. Showalter's graduate work. Includes information on Schooner POLARIS (built as AMERICA, 1864) and the Arctic voyage in which Captain Charles F. Hall mysteriously died. Also includes, information about the Inuit and members of the POLARIS crew as well as information on other Arctic voyages and whale men. Materials include photocopies of government reports, books, private journals and Showalter's manuscripts. The oversize materials consist of Arctic maps and excerpts from 19th century newspapers.
  • H. Prescott Shreeve Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 313)
    Papers collected by H. Prescott Shreeve as a president and member of Lake Hopatcong Ice Yachting Club and as a member of the Eastern Ice Yachting Association.
  • Enoch Silsby Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 6)*
    Enoch Silsby (1810-1841) was a merchant shipowner and agent from Boston and Bradford, Massachusetts. During the period covered by this collection, Silsby managed several large vessels and was involved primarily in the transatlantic trade from Boston and New York.
  • Charles C. Sisson Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 114)
    Charles Sisson (1827-1885) was a shipmaster from Mystic, Connecticut, who worked for Williams and Guion, Samuel Thompson's Nephews, and Thayer and Lincoln. Sisson was master of the ships BRIDGEWATER, JEREMIAH THOMPSON, and THOMAS DANA.
  • William T. Skiddy Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 304)
    William T. Skiddy was an artist, naval architect, ship captain and an entrepreneur.
  • Joseph H. Skillman Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 109)
    Joseph H. Skillman was a whaling agent in Greenport, New York, during the mid-19th century.
  • Fulwar Skipwith Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 78)*
    Fulwar Skipwith (1765-1839) was U.S. Consular Agent at Paris, France, in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The collection contains papers pertaining to case histories of French Spoliation Claims.
  • Anthony Smalley Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 13)
    Anthony Smalley, of Nantucket, Massachusetts, was master of the bark JENNIE CUSHMAN, and the schooner EMMA C. LATHAM.
  • Records of Jeremiah Smith & Sons (Manuscripts Coll. 185)
    Jeremiah Smith started his oyster business in 1850 as a grower, purchasing seed oysters from southern waters and planting them along the coastal shallow water around New Haven. His sons, Elwood H. and William H. Smith, joined him, and upon his retirement in 1900, took over the running of the firm.
  • Chester Smith Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 314)
    Personal journal and seamanship information kept by Chester Smith (QM-3) aboard the S.S. CHEROKEE.
  • Stephen Smith Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 237)
    Stephen Smith was born and raised in New Bedford, Massachusetts, and for a time acted as supercargo for Minturn & Champlin, a New York merchant and shipping firm.
  • William Smyth Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 165)
    Major William Smyth was born in 1887 in Ireland and was considered by many to be one of the finest boatbuilders in the United States.
  • Elihu Spicer Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 3)
    Elihu Spicer was from Noank, Connecticut, and was a shipmaster, shipper, and ship owner.
  • Everett St. John Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 326)
    Plans for marine instruments and vessels, correspondence, and research of Everett St. John, a twentieth century designer based in southern Connecticut.
  • Oscar F. Stanton Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 57)
    Oscar F. Stanton (1834-1924) entered the U.S. Navy in 1849 and retired in 1894.
  • Records of Samuel Staples & Son (Manuscripts Coll. 94)
    Samuel Staples & Son were merchants and shipowners of Lubec and Trescott, Maine.
  • Records of the International Star Class Yacht Racing Association (Manuscripts Coll. 208)
    The Star Class was founded at Port Washington, Long Island, in 1911.
  • Claire L. Starr Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 330)
    Personal correspondence and genealogical research of Claire L. Starr, a New London local historian and genealogist who was the daughter of fisherman Samuel A. Beebe, Jr., and granddaughter of Captain Samuel A. Beebe.
  • Steamboat-Inspection Service Certificates and Licenses (Manuscripts Coll. 130)
    Certificates and documents issued to steam-powered water craft by the Steamboat Inspection Service, Dept. of Commerce and Labor, primarily through the districts of New London and New Haven, Connecticut.
  • Olin J. Stephens II Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 266)
    Olin J. Stephens is a yacht designer and authority on yachts and yachting theory.
  • Roderick Stephens Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 163)*
    Roderick Stephens, Jr. (1909-1995) was a renowned yachtsman of the twentieth century.
  • William P. Stephens Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 91)
    William Picard Stephens (1854-1946) was a designer and builder of yachts and canoes.
  • Edward P. Stinson collection (Manuscripts Coll. 96)*
    Edward P. Stinson was a shipmaster from Bath, Maine.
  • Records of the Stonington Steamship Company (Manuscripts Coll. 128)
    The Stonington Steamship Company was organized in 1867 by the Stonington Railroad Company, and others, to operate between New York City and Stonington, Connecticut.
  • Calista M. Stover Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 105)*
    Calista Meader (b. 1838) was born in Dover, Maine. Between 1878 and 1892 Calista and her children spent a total of twelve years at sea, the only interruption being the birth of her second child, Edward, in 1880.
  • Isaac Henry Strauss Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 348)
    Includes a variety of government documents from Strauss's time in the United States Navy, primarily concerning the sinking of the USS POLLUX in Placentia Bay, Newfoundland on 1942
  • Collection of George W. Stretch (Manuscripts Coll. 71)
    This collection contains charter parties for vessels and cargoes, issued primarily by Messrs. Furness, Withy & Co. Ltd. in New York, and preserved by Mr. George W. Stretch.
  • Peter Strickland Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 69)*
    Peter Strickland (1837-1922) was a diplomat, merchant businessman, and shipmaster.
  • Robert Bruce Strout Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 210)*
    In early life Robert Bruce Strout of Wakefield, Rhode Island went on whaling voyages to the Pacific Ocean on the ship ALICE MANDELL, Bark SALAMANDRE, Bark CLEONE as second mate and Bark MARTHA from 1855 to 1862. From 1865 to 1866 he was master of the Brig JOHN PIERCE and from 1866 to 1871 he was master of the Brig CAMILLE engaged in the West Indies trade.
  • T
  • Portia Takakjian Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 289)
    Papers specific to the ship Raleigh relating to its commissioning, construction and the men involved, materials used, stores, captains, crew and voyages. In addition to material on the Raleigh there is limited information on other ships that Takakjian either had an interest in or built, material related to the publication of the "Anatomy of the Ship", and her references.
  • Talbot Family Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 151)
    The Talbot Family Papers is a collection of sundry bills, receipts, notes, and correspondence relative primarily to Silas Talbot, with lesser numbers of similar material pertaining to George W., Theodore F., Henry, Charles N., Charles R., George A., and Violetta Talbot.
  • Silas Talbot Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 18)*
    Silas Talbot was a U.S. naval officer during the Revolution and afterwards, shipping merchant (Providence, R.I., and Bristol County, Massachusetts) farmer, land speculator, state legislator, and U.S. representative from New York.
  • Bror Tamm Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 288)
    Bror Tamm (1890-1981) was superintendent of the Lawley shipyard and head of the spar and rigging department. While at the yard, he worked on famous yachts like YANKEE (Sloop) and WHIRLWIND (Sloop). He was assistant general manager of the Lawley yard from 1938 until the yard closed in 1947 but continued to build and design boats for his friends and himself.
  • Tate Family Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 81)
    William Tate (d. 1877) was a shipowner in New London, Connecticut.
  • Records of the Thames Shipyard (Manuscripts Coll. 155)
    The Thames Shipyard was established in New London, Connecticut around 1900.
  • Records of the Third School District, Stonington, Connecticut (Manuscripts Coll. 80)
    Records of the Third School District (Mystic Bridge), Stonington, Connecticut, include receipts, accounts, bills, notices, letters, subscribers' lists, and promissory notes. In addition, two record and account books contain minutes of meetings, tax lists, bills payable, and pupil lists.
  • Samuel Thompson’s Nephew & Co. Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 60)*
    Samuel Thompson's Nephew & Co. was a shipping and mercantile business in New York City.
  • Maria W. Tibbetts Bills of Sale (Manuscripts Coll. 99)
    The papers include thirty-four bills of sale for twenty-two vessels, transferring ownership to Maria W. Tibbetts of Camden, Maine.
  • Tillotson Family Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 355)
    Papers primarily regarding Richard Tillotson, a shipmaster from Long Island, New York, during the last half of the 19th century.
  • Records of E.P. Treat & Co. (Manuscripts Coll. 30)
    E.P. Treat & Co. were merchant shipowners and agents doing business in Frankfort, Maine.
  • Collection of William H. Tripp (Manuscripts Coll. 58)
    This collection pertains primarily to the subject of whaling and was assembled by William H. Tripp (1880-1959) of New Bedford, Massachusetts, former Curator of the Old Dartmouth Historical Society and the Bourne Whaling Museum in New Bedford.
  • Records of Daniel Trowbridge & Company (Manuscripts Coll. 227)
    Daniel Trowbridge & Company was a New Haven, Connecticut shipping firm that operated during the 1860's-1880's.
  • John Turner Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 31)*
    John Turner was a shipowner and master of New London, Connecticut.
  • Larkin Turner Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 95)
    Larkin Turner (b. 1781) was a shipmaster born in Grafton, Massachusetts.
  • Records of the Ship TUSITALA (Manuscripts Coll. 72)
    The TUSITALA, formerly the INVERUGLAS, the SOPHIE, and the SIERRA LUCENA, was built at Greenock, Scotland, in 1883. She was the last full-rigged merchant ship to fly the American flag.
  • U
  • Records of the Union Insurance Company (Manuscripts Coll. 146)
    The Union Insurance Company was involved in marine underwriting in New London, Connecticut in the 19th century.
  • Records of the United States Army Watercraft Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 346)
    Records, 20th century, including certifications, datasheets, reports and photographs of various Army watercraft
  • Research Collection for “The Centennial History of the United States Sailing Association” (Manuscripts Coll. 270)
    Henry H. Anderson, the historian for the United States Sailing Association, compiled this collection during his research for the book, "The Centennial History of the United States Sailing Association".
  • Frank F. Upson Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 115)
    Frank F. Upson was a sailmaker in New Haven, Connecticut, during the early 20th century.
  • V
  • Daniel Ventres Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 116)*
    Daniel Ventres was a shipping agent for various granite and stone quarries in the Haddam, Connecticut area.
  • W
  • Wakeman Family Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 156)*
    Papers relating to the New York shipping interests and western land speculation of the Wakeman family, including Jesup Wakeman and his sons Maurice and Zalmon.
  • Robert J. Walker Letters (Manuscripts Coll. 180)*
    As Secretary of the Treasury, Walker worked for a more independent treasury system, and the tariff bill of 1846 was largely a product of his "tariff for revenue only" philosophy. A major development of Walker's term was the establishment of a warehousing system for the various customs districts to handle imports. This collection contains letter from Walker to C.W. Lawrence, customs collector for the port of New York.
  • Samuel Ward Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 271)
    Samuel Ward was a Lieut. Colonel, First Rhode Island Regiment. He also became a distinguished merchant, settling first in New York and then East Greenwich, Rhode Island where he died in 1832.
  • Winthrop L. Warner Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 259)
    Winthrop L. Warner was a naval architect specializing in the design of wooden cruising yachts.
  • Records of the Warren Insurance Company (Manuscripts Coll. 183)*
    Marine insurance company chartered and operating from Warren Rhode Island, 1801-1846
  • Washington Insurance Company in Providence Marine Insurance Policies (Manuscripts Coll. 21)
    One of the first of two insurance companies of Providence, Rhode Island, the Washington Insurance Company in Providence was founded primarily to provide insurance for merchant vessels.
  • Waterman Family Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 141)
    The bulk of this material relates to Capt. Martin Waterman (1793-1860), a ship master and maritime businessman from Duxbury, Massachusetts.
  • Watrous and Bacon Family Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 301)
    The Watrous and Bacon Family Collection contains the papers of the Watrous and Bacon Manufacturing Company, and the family papers of Phebe and Miner H. Bacon. It also contains the legal papers of Jabez Watrous, Esq, and the legal papers of Jabez Whipple, cousin to the Watrous family.
  • Charles White Watson Travel Diaries (Manuscripts Coll. 179)
    The 10 diaries in this collection describe a total of 8 trips made by Charles White Watson, of Worcester, Massachusetts and New York City, who may have been sent to Great Britain and Europe by his father, to visit his aunt, meet his father's business associates, and learn about life in other countries.
  • Samuel Watts Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 152)*
    Samuel Watts ranked among the most prominent builder-owners of American merchant vessels during the last half of the 19th century.
  • Robert Weir Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 245)
    Robert Weir, Jr. (1836-1905) earned his living in the various careers of seaman, naval officer, engineer and freelance artist.
  • George Blunt Wendell Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 59)*
    George Blunt Wendell (1831-1881) was a shipmaster born and raised in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
  • Records of the White Oak Transportation Company (Manuscripts Coll. 278)
    An early twentieth century coal trading company operating between New England and Newport News, Virginia.
  • Henry C. White Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 342)
    Henry C. White (1861-1952) was an avid yachtsman who maintained an extensive correspondence with Nathanael G. Herreshoff, L. Francis Herreshoff and other members of the Herreshoff family.
  • Whitehall Boat Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 189)
    The Whitehall boat Collection is the result of research conducted by Mr. Kenneth Durant from 1958 through 1968, into the history and development of the Whitehall boat.
  • Records of Whitney, Cushing & Company (Manuscripts Coll. 168)
    Whitney, Cushing & Company was a Boston shipping firm headed by James E. Whitney and Lawrence B. Cushing.
  • Robert Palmer Wilbur Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 20)
    Robert Palmer Wilbur was born in the village of Noank, Connecticut, October 28, 1839, and followed the sea a large part of his life.
  • Records of Wilcox, Crittenden & Co. (Manuscripts Coll. 231)
    Wilcox, Crittenden & Co., Inc. was established in 1847, and by the late 1880's had become the largest manufacturers of marine hardware with the most diversified line in the United States.
  • Charles D. Williams Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 217)
    Charles D. Williams was a ship captain, of Ledyard, Connecticut.
  • Charles P. Williams Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 86)
    Charles Peter Clark was born in Nashua, New Hampshire and was owner of Charles P. Clark & Co., a shipping enterprise that operated vessels in the West African trade.
  • Isaac Williams Papers (Manuscripts Coll. 15)
    Isaac Williams (1781-1847) was a merchant, and possibly a shipping agent, from Stonington, Connecticut.
  • Joseph Williams Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 37)*
    Joseph Williams was a Norwich, Connecticut native and merchant who began his career by selling necessities to Revolutionary War soldiers but soon switched to privateering and the West Indies trade.
  • Henry W.B. Willis Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 182)
    This collection consists primarily of letters between Henry W.B. Willis and Sarah Freeman Willis from 1852 to 1860, and offer a view of family relationships and domestic activities for two New York/New Jersey families during the middle years of the 19th century.
  • Records of O.C. & K.R. Wilson (Manuscripts Coll. 243)
    O.C.& K.R. Wilson was founded as Jarrard & Wilson around 1880, and originally operated out of New Jersey, and later New York City. The firm sold goods to tugs, barges, ships and yachts.
  • Enoch Wood Collection (Manuscripts Coll. 264)
    Enoch Wood was a merchant shipowner and agent from Boxford, Massachusetts. During the period covered by this collection, Wood commanded several large vessels.